Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fuck this service... I had a relativelty long post...and I lost it... Fuck Google. Fuck Blogspot. I am goign to be finding another service in the near future... Maybe wordpress....

Friday, February 14, 2014

New Beginnings...

When I started this blog, I was angry and I was motivated.
Hence why I called this blog Wrath of Mjolnir. I suppose I am still angry, but the edge has been tempered somewhat over the years.

I renamed the blog to reflect this.I am also going to try and post regularly again.
The last couple of years have not been conducive to blogging for me and although I try to keep up on the other regular reads in the blogosphere, I just haven't felt like putting fingers to keyboard all that often.

And Facebook. The slow demise of society. It sucks you in.
I am making a conscious effort to keep Facebook time to an absolute minimum.

So, what's changed? Alot actually.

I'm newly single again, well, relatively speaking, it's been a little over a month.
At times I wish I weren't, but I can say with the utmost sincerity that I am far less stressed out now.
And that is a good thing.
I'm not saying I wouldn't like some companionship, but I have learned, the hard way as usual, what I don't want. I also learned a valuable lesson from a different source. Despite being approached by an amazing woman with a very interesting story, I made myself too available and I was obviously a bit overeager to get to know her more. Crash and burn. I do that well.
But in hindsight, it was probably for the best. I need to roam solo for awhile. I know I need to.

My outlook on the world has changed drastically over the last few years. The illusion of freedom is very convincing to so many people. Once you've seen through it, there is no going back. Once you see the truth with wide open eyes, there is no going back to blissful ignorance. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being blind to the evil machinations that constantly surround us. But I can't.

The rot and corruption is so deeply embedded with tendrils creeping their way through all levels of society, it is tough to get anyone to start seeing them for what they are. The fact is, people don't want to hear unpleasant truths, they'd rather believe in pleasant lies. They don't want their perception of reality shattered, they do not want to accept the truth or the inevitable consequences of their willful ignorance. They hope and pray that they will go to their graves peacefully and not have to see or be confronted with the fruits of their ignorance or complacence.

I keep waiting for the inevitable crashing of society. The pendulum must swing back at some point.
It seems it is in the nature of humankind to seek domination, power and control over each other and the environment. I don't understand the will to dominate each other, mastering our environment is something I can understand, but creating a completely artificial environment is not the way to go, in my opinion. It seems there are those who wish to rule, and those who wish to be ruled. Most of humankind appears to fall into one of these two roles. I do not. I simply wish to be left alone. I do not want to rule and I do not want to be ruled. While I don't understand the need of some to lord over their fellow humans, I also do not understand the desire to be told what to do. And I certainly don't like the idea of someone forcing me to do their will at the threat of violence. I don't like being perpetually robbed of the fruits of my labor because I am not responsible enough to know how to best use my own assets. That some criminal enterprise better knows how to spend my money than I do. It's quite obvious they've failed at this time and again, so why do I have to keep paying them?

What does it mean to be free? This is a question that every single person should be asking themselves.
And especially here in the US where freedom is our national mantra. I challenge every person to ask themselves this. And then break down for themselves every violation of their natural rights and freedoms that occurs on a daily basis. Every piece of legislation that passes that supposedly is for our own good... what is the REAL reason it became a law? Why do so many ignore history and allow the same evils that were thrust on our ancestors continue to be thrust upon themselves?

I find it interesting that when men abandon God, they create a new religion and call it government.
Religion is the same regardless of the decorations. I was brought up as a Methodist. I do not subscribe to that ideology. I left the church when I was a teenager. I am thankful to my mother for giving me the choice to go to church or not. I was always a spiritual person and I knew the answers I sought did not lie with one very rigid dogma. I studied many religions and ultimately I concluded that religion was a deadend path. regardless of what it was. All religions whether secular or divine encourage close mindedness and rigidity that is not conducive to learning. Questioning religion is seen as "taboo". The zealots who worship at the altar of government are no different than the zealots who blow themselves up in the name of their religion. Those of us who believe in and seek to exercise our natural rights without doing harm or violence to anyone are seen as dangerous individuals by the clergy of the Government religion. Tax collectors, politicians and law enforcement personnel are all members of the government religious clergy. You must be dependent on them for everything. If you seek to be independent and self-sustaining, you are a threat to their religion and you will be labeled a heretic. The regular congregation that listens to the sermons of lies of the government priests will also see you as dangerous. They are sheep and will warn the shepherd of your presence among them, despite the fact they are more likely to be killed or maimed by the enforcement arm of the religion of government than they are of you. These modern day Knights Templar see themselves as Holy Crusaders defending the realm against the evils of those that would defy religious decree.
You just want to be left alone. But they refuse to leave you alone. they will poke at you and they hope upon hope that you will retaliate, take the bait so they can publicly justify eliminating you.
They will start rumours about you. The public will start to wonder if you really are a witch.
You just want to be left alone. How long before the crusaders swoop down upon you while the congregation looks on a videotapes your ultimate demise?

The dangers of religion. History is rife with examples.
Read history. As much as you can. Lessons abound.

If you're a US citizen, start digging. What you learned in school is what the religious zealots of government want you to know. The truth is much more complicated and not very nice. It's really too bad we had a chance once to have a society of free people and we blew it.

Despite the different ...slightly less angry tone of this blog, I still leave you with the same farewell for now...

Keep your powder dry and die with your boots on.


Friday, February 7, 2014

I've been considering creating a new blog. It seems that for some reason, the title has turned most folks off. I don't really get why, but it is what it is... So I will be re-thinking the blog...I still don't get why Mjolnir is a bad thing, but maybe on account of it being Norse, it is somehow considered a racial problem...if that is the case, then I have a message for those of you that seem to think  that is the issue....

Fuck you.

I don't discriminate by race, religion, or any other group. I judge people individually. If you can't or won't read what I decide to write, then it is your own prejudice that keeps you from it. It is your own ignorance. Not mine. So....there it is.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 is an anniversary of a few things...

Number 1 is it is my dad's birthday ....And number 2 it's the day I graduated form 19D armored reconnaissance school in the army.. (cav scout).

This is my dad....badass M'f'ker.
Miss you dad! Think about you every single day!

Thin gis that my good buddy Larry also died a few days ago last year.... Larry was like an uncle to me out here in AZ. I don't have any family here and he was closest to being that for many years....

Larry and Scotty the guy pictured in the middle here are both war vets. Scotty was a member of the last horse mounted cavalry unit in the US army...and he was wounded in combat in the pacific theater and didn't get his awards til a few years ago, thanks to Larry. Larry was a Vietnam vet and worked tirelessly to gain recognition for their sacrifice. He did a damn good job. =)

Scotty lived his life without worrying about getting any awards he missed cause he was a humble guy. Larry found out and arranged for him to receive his awards from the local CG of Ft. Huachuca...I missed the ceremony, but I was proud to have made Scotty realize how much we appreciated his service...I gave him a cavalry license plate...sounds silly to those who aren't in the to speak, but it made a  lot of difference to him. And that's what counted....

Last year I lost several good friends who were also father was the last of them to let go....I miss them all every single day. All good men and the world is less for their being gone... they all had much more to teach us...but they're gone...and there's nothing we can do about on my friends! Keep your powder dry and do the best you can! That's about all we can do about now....

Die with your boots on....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Rant...

Y'know...I really ought to post more often...I seldom feel like doing so once I get home from work excuse, I know.

I don't even know what to say much shit is happening that it is hard to just focus on one thing. NK nukes, Feinstein's Gun control, Bhenghazi, Fast & Furious, Ex-cop Dorner, Lack of a budget, damn...where to begin?

Right now, the Democrats and the Republicans are content to obfuscate things with distractions from the real issues we face. The fact that ZERO got re-elected after the Fast and Furious debacle and the Bhenghazi lie just infuriates me. This asswipe should not only have NOT been re-elected, but in light of everything so far he should be impeached. And sent to prison at the very least. Along with his AG, Eric Holder. But that isn't likely to happen.

I am taking some heart from the fact that alot of Sheriffs and even some Gun manufacturer's are pressuring the politicians to step back from their attemot to disarm us. That at least is a good thing.

However, I am getting sick and tired of the leftists trying to demonize us and the organizations that support us without any real knowledge of what they are talking about. That's about like a truck driver trying to come in and tell a software engineer how to do his job...yeah, it's like that.

I used to be afraid for my country, but I no longer am. We have allowed ourselves as a society to become as we are. Its has taken many years to reach this point, but here we are. More divided than ever, We haven't been this divided since the civil war. Seriously.

We like to think that we're the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"...I beg to differ. We are the land of the oppressed and the home of the ignorant. Kinda like the old saying....tell a lie often enough and people will believe you. Real freedom loving individuals have lost the war of ideas. Somehow, the vast majority seems to believe that rights are granted by gov't. That these inalienable rights are subject to the whim of other men. This is false. It always has been and always will be.

I have many friends that call themselves "progressive" but in fact they are only trying to do what others tried to do before them and failed miserably. History is a testament to their misguided efforts. Some truths do not need to be re-evaluated. Some truths are just that. truth. The right to self-defense. probably the single most important truth there is. The fact is that the smallest minority is the individual. The collectivists don't like it. They somehow think a minority must be based on color or religion. And they use this to their political ends. When a freedom loving individual tries to point out that all people are not the same and that as an individual, I am the smallest minority, they get all butt-hurt and refute it without any shred of evidence to the contrary, they rehash old arguments. And promote their divisive ideology.

It sickens me to witness the deliberate obfuscation of truth by such dogmatic idealogues. They continually chastise religious folk as being dogmatic and backwards, when they themselves are no better by their own criteria...

I saw a post earlier today stating that the difference between Progressives and conservatives was that progressives change their opinion based on new infromation. While under any other circumstances, i would agree, with the definitions of these labels today, I simply cannot. The leftists have officially gained control of the arguments by re-defining language to suit their ends. Case in point: Militia. Up until the 90's, the term militia was defined as the people. Then in an effort to disarm us, they made militia to look like a bunch of white supremacist paramilitary freaks. And they lumped in the constitutionalist militia movement with them as well. Although noone knew about the constitutional militia because the media had the stranglehold on the information highway at that point. Regardless the damage was done. The current Ag, Eric Holder, is on record as saying they need to brainwash kids to make them scared of firearms. The ultimate goal is disarmament. This coming from a guy who participated in the armed takeover of a building during the "civil rights" movement. Make no mistake folks, they mean to disarm us. And if, by some unfortunate stroke of fate, they actually succeed at passing a law that will take away our most valuable asset, when there is sucha large opposition to their agenda, they will ultimately fail. I find it interesting that so many leftists seem to think that a determined minority can't stand against a gov't bent on tyrrany with nothing but bolt action rifles. they are obviously ignorant of their history. Even as recently as Afghanistan, we have seen how a determined minority can thwart the will of the US military. I think the gov't overplays it's hand in thinking they can win decisively against the common man. The military is made up of the common man. And we are at home and not on some distant battlefield. If they mean to bring war to us, they will bring nothing but bloodshed and grief to an entire nation. Somehow, this makes us, the peaceful , law-abiding citizen, the bad guy....I don't see it.

They have been successful on many fronts, education being the primary one, and Law officers being the second. What happened to peace officers? We now have wannabe SWAT teams executing raids on innocent civilians and they are not held to account over this. We now have a nation of LEOs. Or Law Enforcement Officers. And the distinction is clear. The "authorities" no longer care about the safety of the people they are sworn to serve, but they place officer safety above this. And the mentality is a creeping doom. Every single day, somewhere in this country, an atrocity is commited by LEOs against peaceful citizens. Personally I have no problem with cops, as long as they remember their oath and abide by it, because like it or not people, they are us. They are human, and subject to the same weaknesses as any other human being. The same is true for military folks. we are all human. And frankly, despite our progress technologically, as arace, we have not changed one iota in our nature. I do not understand how otherwise intelligent people can reconcile trusting the gov't to handle their affairs. it makes absolutely no sense. I understand the desire for peace. I understand the desire for every human being to be taken care of. But I also understand that life is not fair, and no amount of well-wishing can change that. There was a time when if you were industrious enough and determined, you could carve out a decent living in this country because that is the premise we were founded on. Now, it is almost impossible for this to happen. Banks get bailed out by tax-payers and then refuse to lend money to them. Banks aggressively foreclose on people's homes during an economic recession and then wonder why noone trusts them either. I have learned more in the last couple of years than I did the entire 40 years previously. Freedom is a pipe dream. I was never free. I served in the military believing in the idea I was somehow a defender of freedom. I was wrong. I know this. It is fact. But one thing I also know, is that as a result of my service, I understand what it means to be free and I understand the cost.

I was born and raised in the Northeast US. A yankee. Despite this, I always was partial to the confederacy. I had some misgivings after I was taught civil war history in High school, but after educating myself on the reality of that conflict, I no longer harbor any guilt whatsoever for empathizing with the confederates. In fact My adopted family are southerners and they even tell me I am no yankee. I am proud of this. The fact is, the war was not over slavery like we were taught. The abolition of slavery was a side-effect of the war. Not all "blacks" fought on the side of the union, And not all confederates were slave owners, and not all condoned salvery. Just as Not all union soldiers were of any particular race, but most were forced into service to defend the industrialized North. many of the "movers and shakers" in the north (yankees) were not opposed to slavery and did not think "blacks" were equal to "whites" either. The facts are what they are. But we are taught a sanitized version of history, and as always, history is written by the victors. When the south lost, so did every single state in the union. They effectively lost their sovereignty to the federal gov't. Lately that has begun to change. We'll see how that pans out. The civil war was the end of the 10th amendment...or at least it effectively nullified it for a VERY long time. Their is a reason we are not the Federal Republic of Amerika. We are the United STATES for a reason.

Hell, I could go on for hours. I suppose it's a good thing noone reads my blog, I might actually disappear for this sort of expression. Oh well.

I leave you all who actually decide to read this with a last wish. Same as always...

Keep your powder dry and die with your boots on!

Scouts out!