Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shameless Plug for my Mom, the author.

This is a bit outside the normal purview here at Wrath of Mjolnir.

My mom is a children's book author and I am going to shamelessly promote her new book here.

In fact If you have never read any of mom's books, I'm going to show you what y'all have been missing.

If you've got a youngun' you should check these out. the standard genre here is young adult historical fiction. It's a tough gig, but mom has been quite successful.

Her newest book is called Secrets of Greymoor

Secrets of Greymoor is the third in the series of Hattie books.
The first book in the series is Hill Hawk Hattie. The second book is called Hattie on her Way.

Now these are good books and they're set in the northeast US. New York and PA.
Now the Hattie books came after 3 other books she wrote. The First was Annie's Choice. The second book is called Nellie Bishop. The third book is about one of the 'characters' from the second book; Willie. And the book is called Willie and the Rattlesnake King.
The first two books are based roughly on our own family about turn of the century in Northeast Pennsylvania. The third is really about one of the characters from the second book and doesn't really have any basis in fact storywise, but the elements are historical. And, I might add the main character is a boy. Not surprisingly this one was dedicated to your's truly.

If you think you might be interested you can buy the books at Amazon or Borders.
And if you just want to find out more, you check out her blog here
Stop by, especially if any of you are aspiring writers. And tell her I sent ya.
Enjoy folks!

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