Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday Hero Blogroll

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Elena

Chief Master Sergeant Paul Wesley Airey
Chief Master Sergeant Paul Wesley Airey
U.S. Air Force

"Chief Airey was an Airman’s Airman and one of the true pioneers for our service," said Gen. Norton Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff. "He was a warrior, an innovator… and a leader with vision well ahead of his time. His legacy lives today in the truly professional enlisted force we have serving our nation… and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude."

Chief Airey was born in Quincy, Mass., on December 13, 1923. At age eighteen, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December, 7, 1941, Airey quit high school to enlist in the Army Air Forces on November 16, 1942. He later earned his high school equivalency certificate through off-duty study. During World War II he flew as a B-24 radio operator and additional duty aerial gunner. On his 28th mission, then-Technical Sergeant Airey and his fellow crewmen were shot down over Vienna, Austria, captured, and held prisoner by the German air force from July 1944 to May 1945. During his time as a prisoner of war he worked tirelessly to meet the basic needs of fellow prisoners, even through a 90-day forced march.

Chief Airey held the top enlisted from April 3, 1967 to July 31, 1969. During his tenure he worked to change loan establishments charging exorbitant rates outside the air base gates and to improve low retention during the Vietnam Conflict. Chief Airey also led a team that laid the foundation for the Weighted Airman Promotion System, a system that has stood the test of time and which is still in use today. He also advocated for an Air Force-level Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy. His vision became reality when the academy opened in 1973, becoming the capstone in the development of Air Force Senior NCOs. Chief Airey retired August 1, 1970. He continued advocating for Airmen’s rights by serving on the boards of numerous Air Force and enlisted professional military organizations throughout the years. He was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Airmen Memorial Museum, a member of the Air Force Memorial Foundation and the Air University Foundation.

On the north wall of the Air Force Memorial in Washington D.C., Chief Airey’s thoughts on Airmen are immortalized, "When I think of the enlisted force, I see dedication, determination, loyalty and valor." The Air Force Association honored Airey with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

Chief Airey passed away on March 11, 2009 at his home in Panama City, Florida

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scouts Out!

H/T: Guidons! Guidons! Guidons!

Hell Yeah!


The Squeeky Wheel gets the Grease...

H/T: Mike V. at Sipsey Street Irregulars

There's been an awful uproar going on the last few weeks...seems DoD changed their policy on resale of expended small caliber brass...yeah well, there were alot of pissed off Americans when they found out that their orders from places like GA Arms was cancelled. And not good for GA Arms to possibly have to lay off half their workforce because the Gov, was now going to mutilate the brass and no longer make it available to ammo remanufacturers. I don't think there's much more I can say on this...everything pertinent has been said already by better folks than me.

Apparently the pissed off populace, with some help from a couple of senators managed to get that policy reversed, so it appears the anti-gun Nazis that are currrently in power have been thwarted for the time being.

It's a happy day in southern AZ!

Celebrate while you can, but be ever vigilant....

And Die with your boots on...


Wednesday Hero Blogroll

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kathi
Kevin Baker
Kevin BakerU.S. NavyKevin George Baker, a disabled Navy veteran, had been riding his hand-propelled bicycle from his hometown through Washington, D.C. and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Marseilles, Illinois to support a new flag designed to honor fallen members of the military. His trip began at his home on Saturday, March 7 and sadly ended on March 13 when he passed away in his sleep. Baker, who is unable to use his legs due to a neurological impairment, was flying the Honor and Remember Flag from his bike and encouraged people along the way to sign a petition urging Congress to adopt the flag as a new national symbol by passing HR Bill 1034.
You can read the rest of Baker's story hereThese brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People LivedThis post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Thought For the Day....

Actually I believe this is something to contemplate long and hard about....

"When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden, it's yellow..."

Die with your boots on...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone You Should Know

This is SGT. Philip Shratwieser.

He is currently deployed to the sandbox with the 112th INF

I've just come into contact with SGT Shratwieser in the last couple of days. Our moms were good friends when we were just young uns' and we barely rememebred each other. But I was quite proud of the way ol' Philip turned out. God Bless you brother.

Here's an Anecdote from his Facebook:

We visited 5 schools and an empty "playground" today. Anyone who wants to send a package, now would be a good time. Thanks. Some of the schools were already dismissed. THe others had older boys not interested in candy and dolls. I walked past this one classroom and there didn't seem to be a teacher, however there was this one little girl standing up front pretending to be the teacher I think. She was lecturing the kids and pretending to be mean. I've seen several kids get wacked with a stick or in the back of the head with a book by teachers here. Anyway, I stepped in and they all started giggling. Made me think kids are the same the world over. I asked if she was the teacher. She said noooo and went to her seat. I asked if anyone spoke english. They all said no. So I walked up to the board and wrote 'hello' to which they all replied "Hello". I said "See, you know english." I wrote 'How are you' and they repeated it. I wrote 'I am fine'. That stumped them. So I wrote a 1 and they all yelled ONE. 2 -TWO, 3 - THREE... I skipped six and wrote 7 but they all yelled SIX. "Ah Gotcha" and they all laughed. I wrote "My name is Philip". I had to leave but came back later and told them it was a pleasure speaking to them and said 'zora?' which is picture. They all smiled.

So what he's trying to do is round up some "stuff" for the kids. "Anything small that can fit in my pocket like little stuffed animals, candy. Also I'd like to give paper, notebooks, pens and pencils."

If you're so inclined to help him out, here's the address where you can send your "stuff".

Sgt. Philip Schratwieser

HHC 2-112th IN


Camp Liberty

APO AE 09344-3005

His facebook is here if you might be interested in being his friend.

Hooah! Sgt.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is for coop...and Petey's Powderhorn

So you know why I love these guys so much...

Die with you boots on...


"Metal & Wood"

H/T: Firehand at Irons in the Forge

"Metal and Wood"

by Dennis Bateman

The following essay was originally published at

It is a rare person who does not attach some sort of value or emotion to some physical object or to an event. A home becomes more than a building. A statue of the Virgin Mary, a crucifix, a flag or a song, or even a photograph can stir emotions greater than the value of the material item.
I have a piece of paper showing I served in the military until I was discharged honorably. But, oh, the memories that piece of paper conjures up. The friends, the fun times. The bad times. The times when we were bound closer to strangers than to our own families and, in frightening chaos, our lives hung by a thread.
Many of our friends died far from home. Ask us about the feeling of "American soil" upon returning to the land we loved. Ask those returning soldiers about America.
Remember the old, faintly humorous band of American Legionnaires, wearing out-dated military uniforms straining at the buttons. But, God how proudly they marched. Grinning, waving to friends and families, and always, always "The Flag!" Ask them if the flag is mere cloth, I dare you.
See the elderly lady sitting in a lawn chair watching the fourth of July parade. Three flags carefully folded some forty years ago into triangles now rest in her lap - one for each lost son. Ask her if those flags are mere cloth, I dare you.
Look at the old man quietly crying, leaning against the Iwo Jiima Memorial at Arlington Cemetery. As he turns to you, smiles with some embarrassment, and says in a choked whisper, "I was there." Ask him, "Is it just metal and clay?" Ask him. I dare you.
The Wall. My God, the Wall. See the young man lightly tracing the name of his father there inscribed. Ask him if its just rock. Ask him. I dare you.

My guns? They’re of little real value compared to my family and my home. They are toys, or tools, or both. But what those guns represent to me is greater than all of us, greater than myself, my family, indeed greater than our entire generation. What could be of such value?
The freedom of man to live within civil, self-imposed limitations rather than under restrictions placed upon him by a ruler or a ruling class.
Imagine the daring, the bravery of a few men to declare they intended to create a new country, independent of the burden of their established Rulers!
Those men we call our forefathers were brilliant men. They could have maneuvered themselves into positions of influence within the structure of the times, but they did not. They struggled to free themselves from tyranny. They wrote the Declaration of Independence. And they backed up their words and ideals with metal and wood.
They knew the dangers of such dreams and actions. They knew it was a frightening and dangerous venture into the unknown when they dared reach beyond their grasp for a vision - for an ideal. But they dared to dedicate themselves to achieve Liberty and Freedom for their children, and their children’s children, through the generations.
Imagine the dreams and yearnings of centuries finally being reduced to the written word. The Rights of "We the People!" instead of the "Powers of the Monarchy."
Our forefathers dared to create a new government - a new form of government. And they knew that any organization has, as its first and foremost goal, its continued existence. Second only to that it strives to increase its power. It plots, it devises, it maneuvers to achieve control over its environment - over its subjects.
Our Forefathers decided to make America different from any country, anywhere, at any time in the entire history of the entire world. This country, this new nation of immigrants, would be based upon the concept that people could rule themselves better than any single person or small group of persons could rule them.
Other countries have had outstanding documents with guarantees for its citizens - but the citizens have become enslaved. How, these great men pondered, can we ensure this new government will remain subject to the will of the People?
They wanted limits upon this new government. Therefore, our forefathers wrote limitations into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And one of those Rights was that metal and wood, as the final power of the people, would secure this country for the future generations.
Metal and wood were the means by which we won our freedom.
Metal and wood were the means by which we kept our freedom.
Metal and wood may be the means by which we regain our freedom.
Metal and wood are the final power of the people. Take away the metal and wood and the people become powerless - they can only beg, they supplicate for favors.
We are unique in our ability to rule ourselves but we are letting it slip away. Today we compromise. We try to appease man’s insatiable appetite for power by throwing him bits of our freedoms. But the insatiable appetite for power can not be appeased. The freedoms we feed him only make us weaker and him stronger. We must conquer him and again ensure the "Blessings of Liberty" won for us by our forefathers.
We must be ready to use metal and wood again, for if we are ready, truly ready, we may be able to conquer the monster with words - for in its heart it is a coward. But if we continue to feed the monster our freedoms, we will become too weak to win, to weak even to fight, and we will become a conquered people. We will have sold ourselves and our future generations into servitude.
If words fail us, we will use metal and wood, we will regain what we have lost, we will achieve what we seek, we will guarantee the America of our forefathers for the future generations.
So you see, our guns are more than metal and wood. They are our heritage of freedom. They are the universally understood symbol that the government, no matter how big and strong it may be, answers to us! They are the tools we will use to prevent tyranny in the land of our forefathers and our children. So, ask me what my guns mean to me. Ask my children what our guns mean to them.
Ask us. I dare you.

What the hells' going on in Alabama?

Posse Comitatus my ass. Listen, I am certainly not into Martial Law, but let's face it folks there is a WAR going on on the border. Mexico has deployed thousands of troops to combat the drug cartels. And is it any wonder the people seem to be happier with the cartels than the gov? Why? Cause the Gov can't keep them safe. we're sending MORE troops to Afghanistan...but we're afraid to send troops to defend our own borders from terrorist drug cartels that are using military hardware against the Mexican government...and even against our own border agents.

Yeah. well....whadda ya gonna do? Can't infringe on the drug dealers civil rights by actually shooting them. God forbid. What would La Raza think?

I'm sick of this shit. Truly disgusted. Y'know people down here on the AZ border aren't afraid of guns. most of us own several. We even know how to use them. But when a private citizen whose property actualy is on the international border with Mexico is constantly in court defending his civil rights for protecting his land and his property, what sort of message is the US justice system sending to our private citizens?

There will be an accounting before too long. Wait and see. The current administration wants open borders and yet wants to disarm the public. Using this civil unrest in Mexico as an excuse. Where do you think the guns come from that the cartels are using? Oh and the hand grenades and rockets? Not at your local gunshow or gun shop. In what world does htis make any sense? Disarming the populace because criminals are recieving stolen military hardware...from the US? Where do the damn guns come from? military armories maybe? Arms trafficking occurs all over the world and we are no exception. Just because customs and border patrol can't stop every shipment of illegal arms coming and going does not entitle the feds to take away more inherent rights of the people. And quite frankly I don't see most military that would be activated to patrol the border following an illegal order to sieze weapons from civilians. will it happen, probably in some instances, but most would refuse.

I would bet most Marines or Soldiers would rather have an armed veteran tipping them off or covering their ass if necessary. And there are plenty of us armed veterans on the border.

And if I am wrong...then just bear this in mind...and I'm sure most would agree with me:

"...from my cold dead hands..."

Die with your boots on...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Hero Blogroll

Spc. Brian K. Baker
Spc. Brian K. Baker27 years old from West Seneca, New York2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)November 07, 2004U.S. ArmyNear his hometown, the flag flew at half-staff outside the East Concord Volunteer Fire Department where Baker had been a junior firefighter. He joined the Army shortly after graduating from Springville-Griffith Institute in 1996 with the goal of making it his career, friends said."You might say it was his calling," said Lori Ploetz, a longtime family friend. "He was great at what he did. He was respected by his peers." Spc. Brian Baker was killed when a vehicle-borne IED detonated near his security patrol in Baghdad. He leaves behind his parents, his wife, Amy, and two daughters who were born after his death.
All Information Was Found On And Copied From MilitaryCity.comThese brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People LivedThis post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.
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Will you die with your boots on?

When I started this blog, I didn't really know where it was going, but there were a few major issues that I intended on focusing on. Of course, since it is MY blog, I post whatever the hell I want. Thank God for free speech.
I used to hate politics, mainly because I always hated politicians. I've grown a little older, and only slightly wiser, of course that's open to debate I'm sure, but I have come to understand that the things I grew up believing in were paid for by the blood of my betters. And as time goes on I've also come to the realization that despite the illusion of freedom we've got in this country, it's still the best damn country in the world. But we're on a road to enslavement. And we're going there willingly.
I spend more time reading what others have written than writing anything myself. It's easier to get a sense of the temperament of the people when you read the comments on various subjects, which, in itself is a learning experience.
I've seen a lot of unrest in the blogosphere of late, moreso even than during the presidential campaign. And it is quite understandable. What really pisses me off, and no matter how much I try not to let the trolls get to me, I can't help but get angered by anonymous posters that degrade and demonize without any valid critique of what's being posited. Although, one particular anonymous troll on one of the sites I was reading made me stop and think, which is why I'm writing this particular entry. The troll wanted to know where we dissenters have been all these years, and why now? Well, that was, of course, meant to be a condescending criticism of us as a group. But who are we all really? We are all individuals with a legitimate grievance who for the first time are able to find like minded individuals from all over the world, not just this nation. And we can communicate instantaneously. That is why, IMHO we are just now starting to rise up and speak with a somewhat unified voice, even if it is in it's infancy. Also, we're not all constitutional scholars, and although it would be nice to think we all should be, here in America, it just simply isn't the case. Many people are only now beginning to realize how much we really don't know about who we are supposed to be. We've been living in ignorance and the blinders are now off. We're making a concerted effort to educate ourselves and share information with our fellow patriots.

We're getting back to our roots.

Where do we go from here? That seems to be the overriding question of late. What are our options now? Some of us still have faith in a peaceful return to freedom. I'm not so sure that's gonna work. And a lot of folks seem sure that it will become a violent civil war. That's entirely possible. What's the problem? Our elected officials can't seem to grasp that what made America great was our self-reliance and our will to get things done despite the odds. It seems that half the country thinks the federal government can fix anything if you just throw enough money at a problem. Well, the rest of us don't buy that line. None of us alive today ever saw a small government influence. We can read about what Americans accomplished when government interference was relatively small, but none of us have actually ever experienced it. But we have experienced the major blunders of a large federal government, and students of history can point to where we're headed if we continue down the path…which we seem to be galloping down at this point.

Personal responsibility and a charitable spirit are the cornerstones of a successful America. Not a nanny-state.

Our family units have devolved and at best our loyalties for most of us are to a small nuclear family and/or our social circles. We are at appoint in our history where our loyalties need to be stronger than ever and our kinships strong. If not, we will fail. It's just that simple.

So, where are we going? What sort of American are you? And what are our options? These are very tough questions for most people, but they are questions that we absolutely must ask ourselves and decide where we stand. How long will you tolerate a tyrannical government before you say enough! Will you turn over your guns? Will you tolerate impostition on your rights to free speech? Will you tolerate being taxed to death? Where is the breaking point? For some it was reached long ago. For most, I think we're standing on that edge, just waiting to be pushed off…but will you be prepared for the inevitable? Or will you be a footnote of a footnote in the history books? If you're even mentioned at all. Even collectively.

Think about it.

And as always….Die with your boots on…


Thursday, March 5, 2009

This where the "wrath" part of my blogname comes in....

Republican Senator Mel Martinez of Florida seems to think that the courts don't have the power to force Obama to revel his birth certificate since the people voted him in.

Whoa...slow down there a sec. So what you're saying senator, is that"the people have spoken". That's it!?
That's your explanation for the dozens of lawsuits filed by citizens in an attempt to get the truth about Barak Obama's birthplace!?

For shame sir! You are a servant of the people, and I do believe you also swore an oath to beaqr true faith and allegiance to the constitution. Like I did and all my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. This is a very simple request and to ignore it is criminal. Treasonous. If it's such a trivial matter, why not just make it happen? How hard is it to provide a birth certificate sir? This started way before the primaries sir. Why have the people's voices not been heard by the courts? why have we all been silenced?

Ignore us sir, if you must, but know this...if you cannot feel the revolution that is brewing. Simmering. Waiting to boil over, you deserve what you get sir. Our public servant would be wise to rememebr their role in the government, and that is as servant to the people. We are not your slaves sir and we refuse to be led to showers. There are plenty of us that understand what it means to be free. Freedom means responsibility. Freedom and independence are not just flashy catch words, they have a very deep and profound meaning for free men. And we understand that. Something you seem to have forgotten sir. Freedom form responsibility is what you and your liberal cronies have been teaching our kids and drilling into our heads. That is deception sir. A man or woman free of responsibility is not free at all sir.

I read about this at World Net Daily. The article is here.

I think it may be time to start sharpening our pitchforks....

Die with your boots on....


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Hero Blogroll

Sgt. Stephen Howell
Sgt. Stephen Howell

Sgt. Stephen Howell, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Band percussionist, races a student at Palisades Elementary School in Pearl City, Hawaii during an 11-event circuit course Feb. 20. More than 20 Marines assisted local park volunteers with manning the different events.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Hundreds of Troops arrive in Ciudad Juarez

Courtesy of Stratfor

March 3, 2009
Hundreds of heavily armed soldiers arrived in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, March 3 in a bid to restore security, Reuters reported. The soldiers will set up checkpoints at bridges running over the border and at the city’s international airport. The Mexican army expects to have 7,500 soldiers and federal police stationed in Ciudad Juarez by the end of the week, with a further 2,000 troops in the rest of Chihuahua state.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where are we going? And why am I in this Handbasket?

I'm feeling kind of lost right now.
I'm not sure how to explain it, but a lot of my fellow bloggers have been feeling a similar way to me. And some of my non-blogger friends as well. Something is brewing, something big is happening and I can feel it.

I find myself becoming more and more secretive and less open about what is bothering me in this country. I know I am probably on the watch list for my pro-American views.
So, although I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, but I am becoming more wary.

Recently three soldiers; a 1st LT, a SPC and a retired General have become plaintiffs on a case to force our new president to prove his citizenship status. I recently posted a video that I saw over at Sipsey Street Irregulars by a Marine who has had to go anonymous for fear of being punished that basically is saying there is a resistance brewing within the military itself. I am not surprised. What surprises me is that more have not spoken up. Why have only 3 soldiers stepped up to the plate? I can tell you why. Most fear persecution or are flat out snowballed. How is it we've gone so far down the rabbit hole? Why is it that even our loyal soldiers don't even know the constitution? The document they've sworn to defend with their lives.

How do we nip this revolution in the butt before it becomes something worse? How do we convince the domestic enemies of our great nation that they have it wrong? How do we make them see the light? At what point did we decide to exchange our freedom and liberty for security? Americans have historically been self-reliant and beholden to none. Our constitution is our declaration of the inherent rights of all free men. It does not grant us rights, it guarantees the God-given rights we all have as human beings. At what point did we forget this? Why does it seem to me that the further along we go, the more rights we give up. Our citizens have been dumbed down and kept ignorant. We've been distracted by entertainment, movies, sports, video games, TV. We're constantly being guilted into believing things by the leftist establishment. They appeal to our emotions rather than to reason. They tell us we need to act on things without telling us the real story. Our congress passed the largest spending bill in history recently without anyone even reading the document because we are in such a crisis that action not deliberation is needed. I just can't believe that our people allowed this to happen. As I recall, most citizens did not want the bill to go through. Not because we don't want our country to prosper, but delaying the inevitable at the expense of our grandchildren is not acceptable to us. There have been a multitude of factors that contributed to our recent economic recession. There is no one culprit. But at the root of it all is unbridled greed coupled with government interference. Why must we, the people, tighten our belts while the government lavishes itself in luxury? These ridiculous 'tax cuts' for the majority of us is offensive. They imply that I am ignorant. It shows a snobbery of our 'elected officials' that we the unwashed masses don't know what's best for ourselves, our kith and kin.

As if they had any clue themselves. They're playing with real money. This isn't Sim City or Sim Nation. This is real people's lives and existence. But they think they can spend without repercussion? Right now we're looking at an increasing control of government over the economy. Our march toward socialism just picked up a double-time. The lack of confidence of the private sector in our government is quite telling. I have never personally seen times such as these. When there is a possibility of the only shopping mall for 70 miles shutting down, that disturbs me. If it weren't for the military post next door, Sierra Vista would already be a ghost town. And perhaps it will be in a few years, if we continue down this path.

Suffice to say I am less than thrilled about the way things are going.

How telling is it that 10 states have introduced or passed bills asserting their sovereignty according to the 10th amendment to the constitution? What about Idaho being even more specific and singling out the 2nd amendment? During the Heller vs. DC case, the Montana Lawyers Association declared that any decision by the SCOTUS that restricted the 2nd amendment would nullify their treaty with the Federal Government and they threatened secession over this. Need I remind our fellow citizens that are ignorant of their own history, that the Revolution that founded this country was waged by men who saw the dangers and acted peremptorily to insure that they would not become slaves? And these are men that everyone seems to admire, yet their actions, when compared to what us so-called 'gun-nuts' and 'fringe conservatives' are saying are worlds apart and the actions of our forefathers would today breed contempt from the leftist majority in this country.

I have had a lot of things running through my mind the last month or so…basically since the administration was ushered in with so much fanfare. As time goes on, my thoughts have become even darker than before. For many of us, our fears are being realized much sooner than even we anticipated. At what point to we stand up and say "enough is enough"?

You know it's bad when I go to Gallery of Guns to shop for a new pistol or shotgun...heck even a hunting rifle, and there are none in stock. Out of the thousands of models to choose from, maybe one in a hundred are in stock, and usually only one or two at that. Good luck trying to find anything affordable. And good luck finding exactly what you're looking for.

I've been looking for a good pistol grip shotgun for home defense. Something that is maneuverable. I have a beautiful Beretta 12 gauge Over/Under. But it's a hunting gun, in particular a bird gun, and it has a very long barrel…not easy to maneuver in close spaces, such as my home. I don't even own a pistol anymore, so I have been shopping for a .45ACP that I can afford. Something concealable. Even on the low end, price-wise, there is nothing available. I can't afford to fork over $1000-$2000 for a pistol. I'm just not that wealthy. And ammo…there's one store in town that manages to keep a lot of ammo of the most sought after calibers in stock, but again, it is becoming prohibitively expensive. And it's due entirely to a mass demand that can't seem to be met. I have to console myself with buying a few boxes on payday and hope it'll be enough when I actually need to use it. Notice I said when, not if.

Things are getting kinda scary folks. Let's hope we can keep the beast at bay before we have to resort to violence to regain all we've lost, just like our forefathers did.
Keep your powder dry and Die with your boots on...

Something Distubing...

I received a comment on my last post "The Resistance is Brewing..."
It was a bit odd, given that it was form some person presumably from the Middle East. I won't bother posting the link they left to their page. It was all in Arabic, except for some of the widgets showing the Iraqi death toll since the evil American invasion and other bullshit like that.

The really disturbing thing is that they left a link to a petition. Basically denouncing Israel as a state. On a whim I decided to actually visit this site to see what exactly this thing was all about.

Suffice to say it a whole lot of lies about the state of Israel disguised as some well-researched document. For those of you out there that may actually be interested in seeing what these shitbags have posted online I am going to post a link to their petition. At least for a a couple of weeks or so. I'd like some feedback on this from some of you. Especially Razor Sharp Claws, Findalis and Radarsite. I am not nearly so well versed in Israeli history as Findalis'. But I know enough to know this document is a complete farce.

Here is the Link: Link for Dhimmis wanting to destroy the state of Israel.

I think I'm going to email Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs as well.

Y'know it's pretty jacked up when you're a little blog like me to get so few comments and then to actually get one from a piece of shit Palestinian propogandist...Sigh...

Die with your boots on...