Monday, August 23, 2010

AZ primaries...

Y'know, I'm pretty disappointed with Arizonans this year.
The focus has been on McCain and Hayworth.

What about Deakin?

Y'know, if John McCain was a real conservative, he'd throw his weight behind Deakin. Hayworth? jeez...seriously?

He's a snake oil salesman. And the AZ Tea Party has endorsed him. Doesn't give me a whole lot of hope for that fledgling organization. Hayworth is worthless, and is most certainly NOT the conservative he's claiming to be. The lies and deception coming form the Hayworth campaign is frought with corruption.

McCain, he's not done much except attack Hayworth. Anyone that has been paying any attention would notice this. And anyone that actually paid attention to the republican debate wouold see that Deakin had a focused and honest message and the other two yayhoos did nothing but sli9ng mud at each other.

I keep hearing about the anti-incumbent message and "vote them all out", yet we're gonna maybe bring back a freakin charlatan in place of McCain because the Tea partiers can't see past the last couple of years? Hayworth scammed people out of millions of dollars, give or take a few, while he was an elected official in the past...have they all forgot this?


Well, I'm voting for Deakin, and I hope the rest of you in AZ do too, if I even have any readers in AZ...LOL.
Seems the only readers I actually know I have are Rev. Paul in AK, Brigid somewhere in the midwest and Kaveman...somewhere north and west of me...I think.

Anywho, If you all really want to see less gov't in our future, thinka bit before you vote. Do you're damn duty as a citizen and research the candidates. Vote for the candidate that represents your values.

We can try and turn the country around at the ballot box, because if we don't....the cartridge box it is, and I don't think most of us really want it to come to that...

Die with your boots on....


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque...I'm weighing in on it now...

Well, I've been pointedly remiss in keeping up with my blog, mostly due to being ridiculously busy, but also because I'm just weary....

The Ground Zero Mosque.

Should we let them build it? Well, constitutionally, we really don't have much choice.

Should they build it? Emphatically no.

SO the leftists in this country are all about the religious freedom thing, I think mainly because they know it pisses off the republicans to let a muslim group go ahead and build something that pisse sus off. And the fact that they have no FUCKING clue what this "community center" is really all about.

First off, calling this thing the "Cordoba Initiative" is pretty much saying, yeah we blew up your buildings and killed a buncjh of you filthy infidels and we're gonna build an islamic shrine to commemorate it.

For those of you ignorant fucks out there, the cordoba Mosque in Spain, was the Moors basically enshrining their victory over the infidels (Christians). And it basically remodeled an existing structure (cathedral) at Cordoba, Spain and made it into a Mosque.

Somehow that little tidbit made it past the freaking dunbed down leftist educated folks in this country.

I've been watching this for a bit and I've been reading the opinions of leftists and "the right wing conspiracy" here and although I shouldn't be surprised, I am.

Folks, these assholes have been at war with us since the founding of this country. Don't believe me? Just read the lyrics of the Marine Corps song. And no You're gonna have to works for that one if you don't already know it.

The Barbary Pirates...hmmm... alot like the somalian pirates today, except we actually took the battle to them and annihilated them. But that was when this country had a set of nuts. Something we are sorely lacking today. Let me qualify that; something our GOV'T is sorely lacking in today.

These hoodlums will not rest until they have a fucking global caliphate. We've already seen instances where sharia law is creeping into our legal system on local levels. We've seen how they will use our own tolerance and laws against us to achieve their goals. And the fucking leftists are playing the useful idiots. Yeah and they really are idiots because they'll be the first to get rounded up and executed. How ironic is the organization, Queers for Palestine? boggles the mind. really.

So my opinion is this.

The construction worker guy in NYC, yeah he's going around and basically the workers in the area, won't do it. so if they're gonna build it, they're gonna have to import labot to make it happen.

I don't think about 9/11 on a daily basis anymore, and I'm sure alot of us don't. But let me tell you something right now. I was born in NY state, lived in NY, PA and NJ during my youth and college years, went to NYC many, many, many times. I have been to the top of the former world trade center, I've flown into Newark many times and the skyline without the twin towers...

Well, let's just say, the first time I realized how much it hurt me was flying into newark in September of '03...2 years after. The first time I'd been home in 3 years. I baled my eyes out, And I'm fighting back the tears as write this.

This initiateive of theirs is only going to cause more violence. I knowthat if I lived there, I would make sure on a daily basis that they know they're not welcome.

It's the most base form of rudeness and indecency they could come up with. And it is likely they will get to build this travesty.

We need to recognize Islam for what it really is. It's not just a religion, and until we figure that out as a people,they will continue to use our own values and generosity against us.

On principle, sure, let 'em build it cause they went through the proper legal channels to do so, but this is cultural jihad on the American people...on western civilization itself. Just remeber that. And while you're at it, you ought to endorse the gay bar being planned right next door that will cater to homosexual muslims. Yeah. good one.

I'm not religious. I am not a "Christian" or a catholic or a Jew or any other weird ass religion. I just have a real problem with a violent extremist expansionist religion that isn't that really masquerades as one.

It's time for public outcry, it's time for guerilla tactics. It's time to beat them at their own game.

Any suggestions?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Frank Turner ~ Sons of Liberty

I can't believe I've never heard of this fella before. I love me some Celtic folk/rock music, Flogging Mollies, Dropkick Murphies, Shilelagh Law, Amadan...all great bands.

I am going to have to see if this guy has CD available.

Oh, and when you watch the video, the last line in the song kicks ass.

Die with your boots on!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall...

H/T: Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive

The band is called Blurred Vision, a couple of Iranian brothers.
Click the B5 Link for Uncle Jimbo's post.

The vid below: