Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Dreams of Future Past

The What Ifs….

I have had a few dreams since I got divorced about being in the military again.
I know it's not so strange to have weird dreams that recall the past, but these are more like dreams of a possible future.

I know I've had several but I only really recall with any amount of clarity a couple of them. Last night I had one that was a bad one and although I can only really recall partial glimpses of it, it was still one that has affected me.

The first one that I can recall was a really good one and oddly enough it made me feel good and also a bit sorrowful at the same time.

I had rejoined the military and was again a scout although since it had been a while since I had performed my duties a s a scout, I was forced to take scout training over again. It was naturally not at all how I remembered Ft. Knox, but it was a rewarding dream. I had graduated again and was able to retain my rank of Sergeant and some of my former buddies were in it. It was definitely a really "feel-good" type of dream. Perhaps an echo of the sense of loss I have felt ever since I re-classed as a Satellite systems operator. I never really felt the esprit-de-corps or the sense of brotherhood in the signal corps that I experienced in the cavalry. I have missed it ever since.
I have, admittedly, considered reenlisting many times since I ETS'd back in 2003. Especially in light of the fact I felt cheated in a way of not being able to participate in the Iraq Invasion as a scout and was stuck sitting on the border providing an internet link to the rear echelon command at Camp Virginia in Kuwait. I longed to be out there with my brothers and was constantly wondering how they were all doing. I know that at least a few of the guys I served with in the Cav were in the initial invasion. I thought about them an awful lot and wished I could be there to watch their back...or having them watch my back, such as the case might have been. To say that sitting on the border watching little blinking green lights for months was frustrating is an understatement. Getting a phone call from the general's TOC to drop everything and run for our non-existent bunker was irritating as well. It seems that despite having an "early warning" system to let us know of an incoming SCUD attack, the General's TOC always knew several minutes ahead of "the Voice" as it was dubbed ever sounded off, so all of us in the compound would get a phone call telling us to find cover. Our little section of satellite operators consisted initially of myself and my section Sergeant. We were kind of an afterthought and noone really knew what we did. We actually were collocated with our equipment and lived and worked in the same little tent for most of the time we were there. And we didn't ever get the time to go steal sandbags to build ourselves a bunker with. Our entire stock of sandbags was used to keep our tent from completely blowing away. So we were forced to duck in between shipping containers for cover…yeah not much cover really, especially with full battle rattle on. There was a sense powerlessness that came with each successive SCUD alert. At least as a combat arms soldier you had a small sense of some amount of control over your fate. Mostly you engaged the enemy with small arms or machinegun fire. So if you could keep your head down and shoot straight, there was some sense of control, however false it may be.
To get back to topic, the whole experience of OIF 1 was somewhat of a letdown. Couple that with the fact that I was to come home and realize I was a victim of Jody did nothing to raise my spirits. Not to mention the fiasco around my getting pinned for E-5. That is a story for another day.
So I suspect that first dream was a reflection of my longing for a happier time in my life, one that was rewarding and gave me a real sense of brotherhood.
Last night was a dream of a different color.
From what little I can remember, mostly images and partial conversations and emotions, I was again back in the CAV and was being put in a signal unit upon return from a deployment. Most of my gear was missing and I didn't even have a full set of PT's to wear. My Supply Sergeant was kind of like a Training NCO or something and I was arguing with him about being in signal unit. I can remember saying, "What part of 19D do you not understand?!" In retrospect that was a bit humorous, but in the dream I was incredibly angry, and frustrated. I also remember cussing about my (now ex-wife) cheating on me and demanding to be put back in a CAV unit. It was not a good dream, on the whole and it stirred up a lot of bitter emotions at a lot of things in my life that are probably best left washed away under the bridge. It's been a couple of years since I got divorced and even longer since I separated from the Army. Some things just stay embedded in our subconscious I guess. I still harbor a lot of resentment for the signal corps. My time there was one big nightmare. I think what really upset me was that from the time I signed the reenlistment contract to change MOS, things changed for me. My commander (who was a jackass anyway) black listed me and kept me form getting my spurs, despite having been in the unit for almost 3 years and shooting TopGun in the last gunnery. I was, and still am proud of my time as a Scout. To be honest, I still consider myself one. I have reflected on this before, but like "once a Marine, always a Marine", I feel that way about the cavalry. I will always be a scout. Those guys I served with will always be my brothers, even the ones that pissed me off…hehe. I have since broadened my scope a bit and I consider all service members my brothers and sisters.
As far as the true origins of my anger at the signal corps a little anecdote; As most soldiers know unit affiliation is voluntary and you can get affiliated with any unit you've served with. Well, my first unit was the 17th cavalry. We were E-troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th cavalry regiment (separate). And I wanted to be affiliated with them, so I put in a 4187 for my unit affiliation which took so long to process, that I forgot about it and ended up being involuntarily affiliated with the Army Signal regiment upon graduation from SATCOM school in Ft. Gordon. It was bad enough I had to trade in my sabers for semaphore flags, but they took away my right to unit affiliation…I was more than pissed off at this. That was what really planted the seed of enmity I think.

I guess there's a reason we call it "the good old days".

Scout's Out!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Today is Arbor Day

So go plant a tree!

I am going to get a tree and plant it after work today. I have already planted half a dozen trees this spring already, but since it's Arbor day...well one more won't hurt .

I want to say a special Thank You! to Findalis' for reminding me of arbor day, since the few liberal treehuggers I do know were far more concerned with Earth day and none of them seemed to know that today is Arbor Day. Go figure.

Findalis' has a great Arbor Day post with a cute poem. Go check it out.


Contempt, Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Disrespect

KUDOS to Cassandra at Villainous Company

I can't really do justice to Cassandra's post. It is a very touching and poignant piece. And it really does hit home. I will excerpt some and link you to the rest.

And make sure you read the comments section. Just ignore Rick Schwag...he's just a lowlife troll.

Thank you cassandra for your sacrifices and for the service of your family. We all owe you a debt of gratitude...and more.

A Suspension of Contempt

"Duty is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more;
you should never wish to do less."

-Robert E. Lee

I woke this morning knowing I could no longer put this off. For well over a year a feeling has been building inside of me, but until now I could see no useful purpose in naming the thing I see everywhere I look these days.

There is an ancient superstition which whispers that to name a thing gives it power. I think part of the rationalization for this idea lies in the notion that so long as certain things remain partially hidden, never quite seen in their entirety, decent people are still ashamed to acknowledge them in the harsh light of day.

My father was a Navy man. So, too, was my father in law. Both served full careers and retired as Captains. Destroyer men, they were. Both served in Vietnam. My Uncle Mel was a Marine in WWII, my Grandfather served in the Army. I have ancestors who served all the way back to the Civil (both sides) and Revolutionary wars. So although marrying a military man formed no part of my plans as a young girl, when my husband informed me he had signed up for Marine Officer ROTC, what could I do? I had already said, "I do". I loved my husband, and I love my country. Both deserve my support, and not just when that support is easy and convenient.
A promise is a promise. I was in for the duration, either way.

The ironic thing was that during my formative years I'd watched my mother (with much love and admiration) struggle with yearly moves, sea duty, and the loneliness and worry that come with being a Navy wife. Consequently, I swore I would never marry a Navy man. No worries. It seemed Fate had a far crueler destiny in mind for me. I would go through life handcuffed to a
chicken on a beach ball.

My mind drifts back to this often now when I read the media's heart rending accounts of young Army officers "forced" to leave the service so their brides can attend college [sniff!]. This is -alas! - the only way they and their families can have a "normal" life. I wonder, as I read, what is normal like? Was my life ever normal? Would I trade one precious second of the profoundly un-normal last three decades for that more tranquil existence, for more money, for the dreamy McMansions we keep looking at, the ones with brick all the way around the house instead of just on the front facade? The ones with all the trimmings I can think up - and I can think up a lot, trust me on that one.

I can imagine a lot of tranquility, too. But are these things: college, jobs, material possessions, what make up the good life? Or
is it the friends - the connections - we gather along the way that truly matter, even if they tend to make our lives a bit hectic and messy?

Semper Fidelis Ma'am. And since I am an old cav guy...I'll treat you to a more than honorable "Scout's Out!"

Die with your boots on....

Brave Rifles...Scout's Out!

H/T: Lftbhndagn at Pat Dollard

Another Cav Scout talks about the war and how it's affected him and his family.
Great video.

Scout's Out!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kaboom...Scout's Out!

Although I stumbled across this blog a while back, I somehow never got around to adding it to my blogroll.

As a proud member of the cavalry myself, I really love reading about what my brothers are doing over in the sandbox. LT G is a very good writer. And he doesn't pull any punches.

I realize He may never visit my site, but I am proud to put him on my blogroll. I Hope you all take the time to read about him and his soldier's experiences in Iraq. So many times you see, hear and read about what's going on there, what the soldiers think or what the Iraqis think. Where is the truth?

It usually lies somewhere in the middle.

There are so many Americans against this war. What I think those people need to understand is that We are at war. The decision was made and we have to face the consequences. It doesn't matter anymore who was right or wrong. To make a bad situation better is all we can hope for.

Soldiers on the line want to do their job and come home. But they do not want to come home without completing their mission. No matter how bad it get's or how much it sucks, tey still want to get it done.

LTG says, "embrace the suck" That's pretty much what being a line soldier is all about. And don't belittle or patronize them, they are a proud caste of warriors that deserve our respect. And our support. Lest we forget, the soldiers are citizens who have volunteered, for whatever reason, some out of patriotism, some because it is a family tradition and some for the benefits. But essentially they represent a cross section of our nation, every race creed and color in the US is represented in our military. They are not a bunch of robots, they're real people with hopes and dreams, families and friends. What sets them apart is they did what their country asked them to do. The least we can do is do the only thing they ask of us. Let them finish what we've started.

I'm going to leave you all with a little piece of Cavalry tradition that I dedicate to LTG and his Gravediggers and all the rest of our Cavalry bretheren:


Halfway down the trail to hell in a shady meadow green

Are the souls of all dead troopers camp'd near a good ol' time canteen

And this eternal resting place is known as Fiddler's Green

Marching past straight through to hell

The Infantry are seen

Accomp'nied by the Engineer, Artillery and Marine

For none but the shades of Cavalrymen dismount at Fiddler's Green

Though some go curving down the trail to seek a warmer scene,

No Cavalryman ever gets to hell e're he's emptied his canteen

And so rides back to drink again with friends at Fiddler's Green

And so when man and horse go down beneath a sabre keen

Or in a roaring charge of fierce melee you stop a bullet clean

And the hostiles come to get your scalp

Just empty your canteen

And put your pistol to your head and go to Fiddler's Green

So to LTG, if you ever read this...


Die with your boots on.....

The Civil War in Darfur

From the Jerusalem Post.

In case you haven't been following this conflict...I really haven't myself.

The conflict began in early 2003 when ethnic African rebels took up arms against Sudan's Arab-dominated central government, accusing it of discrimination. Many of the worst atrocities in the war have been blamed on the janjaweed militia of Arab nomads allied with the government.

Has anyone noticed that the natives are rising up against their Arabic (Muslim) oppressors?

Is it just me, or is this a far worse crisis than Iraq? I mean c'mon people. Our bleeding hearts in the US are so concerned about human life right? So in a war that's been going on about as long as ours in Iraq, we see a death toll of somewhere between 200,000 - 400,000 people. Their own gov't is saying only 10,000 people have died due to the even if only 10,000 soldiers have been killed, that's a far cry from just over 4,000 is this heinous Iraqi debacle that the Bush administration has prosecuted in such a criminal manner (dripping sarcasm).

Why don't we see more about Darfur? Because our anti-war folks are not really concerned about war. They are concerned about Our war, they are concerned about undermining our government and projecting their freaking idiotic idea of a utopia via our old friend Marx.

Darfur should be all over the news, it should be the number one news coverage in the world since it is the most violent and bloody war in this decade, but who will go cover it? Certainly it isn't safe for journalists on the ground there so you won't see any eyewitness reporting. In a nutshell, noone cares.


Germany Stages Ant-Terrorist raids

German police staged a series of raids Wednesday in an investigation of nine German citizens suspected of trying to win over converts to their radical version of Islam, prosecutors said.
Munich prosecutors said that 16 properties in various parts of the country were searched as they sought incriminating publications and other evidence. They included the apartments of the suspects.
They said the group originated in the southern town of Neu-Ulm, at the Multi-Kultur-Haus - an Islamic center that Bavarian authorities shut in December 2005, charging that it threatened the coexistence of Germans and foreigners as well as security in the country.
A statement from prosecutors said the suspects' aim was "to Islamicize and radicalize Muslims and non-Muslims - particularly Germans who have converted to Islam." It added that they were suspected of trying to encourage those people's "readiness for Jihadist activities at home and abroad. The suspects were accused of using radical literature, audio and video material, Islam seminars and Internet discussion forums.

Gun Control issues, a small rant with some great links

I try to check the Gunslinger's blog out periodically because she always seems to have some great stuff relating to guns and gun control. My Sister-in-arms so to speak.

Since I almost never watch TV and never watch ABC anyway, I missed this "news story" they aired that was a total fabrication, full of lies and false information.

I think what pisses me off the most is how they blame the American constitution for the violence in Mexico...I know, I sort of cocked my head and said "WHAT?!" Utter nonsense, total rubbish.

First of all, while it is true that the Mexican Drug Cartels smuggle weapons to Mexico from America, it's because they steal them or buy them form someone else who stole them. It's not unusual for a drug smuggler to steal a 4WD pickup or SUV and knock over a gun store and flee back to Mexico. Sort of makes the trip over here even more lucrative.

You see Mexico has outlawed the private ownership of any handgun over a .32 caleber and even if you want to own a gun in Mexico, you have to buy it from the government. As a result, there is a large consumer base for illegal handguns. .357 and .44 are popular handguns because they have some stopping power.

The misleading information in the ABC piece is that they show military arms; Assault rifles, grenade launchers and machineguns and they are claiming that they are purchased here and smuggled there. While that may be true, they are not LEGALLY purchased here. They talk of a proliferation of AK-47's and point at us. Well, that is just ridiculous. The AK-47 is the world's most prolific firearm and is found in EVERY country of the world. If they're buying AK's here and smuggling them to Mexico, they aren't doing it legally that's for remind me again how the 2nd amendment has anything to do with this?

Quite frankly, it doesn't.

It is just another Liberal, Left-wing crock of MSM bull.

Confederate Yankee has a great critique of this "news"

And Warner Todd Huston has a great article about this misrepresentation as well.

Along the same vein as gun control and the liberal mindset. I found that there was a post that couldn't go without mention at Gunslinger as well.

You see, the BBC published this great piece about how peaceful and safe it is in America despite over 200 million guns in circulation. So in one breath he's incredulous that with so many guns there is such a peaceful and safe place and then goes on to gloat at how much safer we are here than in England.


Check out the BBC article Here.

Die with your boots on.....


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rising Food Prices and the Bio-fuel mandate

Naturally the left wants us to believe that the rising prices of fod and the shortages of food grains is due to Global Warming....

But I think it has more to do with the increased production of bio-fuel. Farmers aree more inclined to grow corn and other crops for use in bio-fuel production when the gov't gives them incentives to do so...not only that but the gov't is also issuing an E-85 mandate to all gov't vehicles that can brun E-85.

I have a little anecdotal evidence that this is a bad idea. One of the Gov't vehicles that is issued to a contractor that I work with on a fairly regular basis is E-85 compatible and so by regulation now must use E-85 exclusively as per Gov't mandate.

Since it is a Gov't vehicle, fuel consumption is logged along with the mileage. Well a truck that used to get pretty crappy 15 mpg or so has decreased in efficiency considerably. After filling up from nearly empty on E-85, we calculated that the actual mpg was that's crappy performance. As per ourt last fillup, the mpg has dropped to 7.2 mpg. We addressed this issue to our Gov't POC and were informed the mandate had nothing to do with price since it is about 60 cents cheaper a gallon currently, but because it was more environmentally friendly...hmmm.

As an additional slap in the face we arequired to go off the installation to fuel since the stations on post do not sell E-85. So just going to get fuel, we burn 2 gallons of it.

Makes no damn sense.

Peace Thugs

H/T: Jack Army

I was over at Jack Army's blog today and came across a post regarding a new watchdog site. Pretty good one too.

I checked it out and here is the "About" description of the blog site, just to give you an idea.

This site is dedicated to exposing the Peace Thugs, the protesters and activists, generally liberals, who are so caught up in their zeal, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their aim.
Their version of peaceful protests is often anything but, their ideas are extreme, and their ability to rationalize bad behavior is unparalleled. The ends justify the means.
Consider this: In the banner on the home page are two pictures. Only one is fake, yet both are unbelievable.
I have long been amused by the actions of protesters who shout for peace, then assault young women, spit on soldiers and curse the police.
I have never understood the mindset of the protesters who claim to only wish to exercise their legal right to protest, and then deface property and attack people.
Peace Thugs are those who are so devoted to their cause and belief that they are convinced that any course of action is justified, such as slapping a young female conservative blogger for having the audacity to video tape them.
This is not an assault on the 1st Amendment, this is a call to end hypocrisy.
I grant that in the world of the liberal protester there are all flavors. There are passive peaceful demonstrators who would never do anything overtly rude, harmful or aggressive.
But there are also those who deface property, assault people, curse people, show aggressive intolerance to opposing ideas and other acts of rudeness. These are the thugs I wish to highlight and expose.
I hope this site brings illumination.

Here is the Link to Peace Thugs.

Check them out and if you can, help them out.

Die with your boots on....


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rising beer prices due to Global Warming????

It's bad enough we get to hear about all the hype of Global Warming.

But now they're going to blame rising beer prices on it? hahahha...

Jim Salinger, a climate scientist at New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, says climate changeLearning-to-Love-Global-Warming likely will cause a decline in the production of malting barley in parts of New Zealand and Australia.
“It will mean either there will be pubs without beer or the cost of beer will go up,” Salinger told the Institute of Brewing and Distilling convention.
His is a longterm prediction, looking 30 years out, although
brewersCanning-Craft-Beer around the world experienced the domino effect of a poor crop in Australia last year. China, which now consumes more beer than any country in the world, relies heavily on barley malt from Australia. When that wasn’t available prices around the world went up.
“It will provide a lot of challenges for the brewing industry,” even forcing
breweriesCraft-Beer-Investment to look at new varieties of malt barley as a direct result of climate change, Salinger said.
Similar effects are expected worldwide, and barley prices also will be affected as farmers are find it lucrative to grow crops other than intended for malt.

Personally I am more inclined to agree with Karlis'

Good Morning, and here is my environmental rant for the day. Don't usually like to discuss things like this in this blog, but this is directly related to beer. Today I received an email from Northern Brewer discussing how the supply of hops will not meet worldwide demand for the next two years. This is on top of what we have all seen with rising beer prices this year.

Now what the Northern Brewer article didn't mention, is why there is a shortage of hops? And why have beer prices overall increased as well? Of course rising petroleum costs are raising prices of everything we buy. But that's not it by itself. One of the main reasons for hops shortage is the energy trend towards biofuels like ethanol. At first glance you might not see the correlation, but it's there.

What will they think of next?....

Cheney pokes fun at Obama

This is too cool....

H/T: Pat Dollard

Yep, I'm just another bitter man clinging to my guns...hehehee


Al-Qaeda tactics revealed

H/T: Pat Dollard

Coaliton forces intercepted a letter in Iraq detailing tactics to use against the Iraqi gov't, Sunni Awakening forces and coalition forces.

By John J. Kruzel

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2008 – Use silenced guns to kill coalition forces at Iraqi security checkpoints, smuggle weapons in gradual shipments to reduce the risk of detection, and poison Iraq’s water supply with nitric acid to spread disease and death.
Such tactics were fleshed out in a terrorist letter intended for Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the foreign-born leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. But the document never reached Masri. Instead, coalition forces lifted it from the body of a terrorist they killed last month during an operation 30 miles northwest of Baghdad.
The slain terrorist and author of the 11-page missive was Abu Safyan, from Diyala, Iraq, according to military officials who made available all but two pages deemed “not releasable” on the Multinational Force Iraq Web site.

Read the rest here.

You can read the transcript of the missive here. A couple of pages have been left out for security reasons, but the bulk of the transcript is there.

I wonder how much media coverage this story will get....

Die with you boots on....


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Democrats vs. Liberalism

H/T: Wolf Howling

from the New York Post

"These days, Democrats aren't sounding very liberal. Classic liberals, after all, would support free markets, internationalism and the universal desire for constitutional government, while downplaying racial affinity. But the following examples highlight how far from these ideals today's liberals are."

Interesting assessment of the modern democratic party


Quotes worth repeating...

H/T: Gunslinger

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling, which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

- John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

"The war against illegal plunder has been fought since the beginning of the world. But how is... legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish this law without delay... If such a law is not abolished immediately it will spread, multiply and develop into a system."

—Frederic Bastiat

Die with your boots on....


A Response to a Comment

I came across Ms. Natalie Rosen's blog quite by accident, but as I am an open minded guy, I asked her to engage in some enlightened or at least some intelligent debate between a liberal and a conservative. I am always trying to understand how intelligent reasoning people can follow the democratic Party. I just haven't found any good solid reasoning as yet, but maybe there is someone who can shed some light on things. Although her comment was sort of an "in a nutshell" basic philosophy, it was pretty lengthy, so I took my time and pondered it for a while before i responded. Since back and forth commenting is a bit difficult sometimes since an actual "in-person" conversation is much more fluid sometimes things may be misconstrued or a point may be missed. If I have missed anything, I apologize. I also tried my best not sound condescending or antagonistic. Sometimes I may come across that way, If I have, I apologize for that as well.
So here is Ms. Rosen's comment and my response to it:

This latest Iraq War has been a tragedy which is still playing its hand. The consequences could be catastrophic and already have been disastrous because we took our eye off the ball which was, of course, Al Quaeda in Afghanistan, the real perpetrators of 9/11.

A lot can and has been said about the war in Iraq. And although I do believe we have not committed fully enough to the work in Afghanistan, The war in Iraq is not actually taking our eye off the ball. You are correct that the results could be catastrophic if we don't stay committed to the Iraqi people. However your assessment of it already being disastrous as a result of "taking our eye off the ball" is a bit misguided. Particularly if you look at history. This war has gone on for almost 5 years and we have taken very few casualties compared to all other wars. Another myth is that infects a lot of people's mind here in America is that of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. If you are implying that Al-Qaeda as an organization is based in Afghanistan you are sorely mistaken. Osama Bin-Laden may or may not be there. Yes he is the central figurehead, but the organization is much more pervasive than most believe. Another fact not commonly referred to is that Al-Qaeda is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. When you are talking about a terrorist organization of the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood you are talking about the "illuminati" of the Global Jihad. Going after the training camps in Afghanistan, although vitally important is like treating the symptom and not the sickness. The sickness being radical Islamism. Al-Qaeda has defined Iraq as the battleground and we aim to keep the battleground there.

There is, of course, more to the story than the fight against radical Islam. Iraq is a prime strategic asset. The whole Iraq debacle is something that will continue to be debated for years. Personally, having served in the war in 2003, I was not particularly happy about the idea since I did not know what exactly I was doing there. Having done my research and looked at the evidence to this point, I think invading Iraq and ousting Saddam Hussein was a good thing, the way we went about doing it was not so good. And I blame that on the civilian leadership. Our own military warned of what would happen if we went ahead as Rumsfeld wanted. Their opinions were quickly dismissed by an arrogant bastard. And yes lives were lost that probably should not have been. Our military was not prepared properly for that invasion. Despite basically rolling over the enemy in a matter of weeks, some operations were poorly conceived and executed due to poor leadership and improper training.
But that is the past.
What we have to deal with is the present and future.

The Iraq invasion and occupation has been prosecuted with phenominally inept leadership and begun by sheer hubris. In my opinion, although I supported the war in the beginning because I did not know that the "facts" used to justify the war were lies, much to my constant embarrasement, this war rises to the level of a war crime. The stupidity of it is staggering. The preparation for it was non existent. Our soldiers were put at great risk and our nation has paid out soon to be trillions. Our blood and our treasure has been squanderd. Billions have been lost and unaccounted for.

I know there are a lot of people out there that believe our military, Marines in particular are brainwashed stormtroopers. That could not be further from the truth. Our military is an all volunteer military. American citizens and foreign nationals striving to attain citizenship join the military to serve. Not everyone is so selfless, in fact most join for the opportunities made available by enlisting. I joined to pay for college. A lot of people join for the monetary and education benefits. But noone put a gun to their head and forced them to join. When you take the oath of enlistment, you have the opportunity to decline if you can't deal with the contract.
The US military is a professional organization no matter what branch you look at.
And although initially I will agree there has been some poor decisions made, particularly at the outset of this campaign, General Petraeus has performed phenomenally in managing the miltary's role in Iraq. General Petraeus has proven his loyalty and patriotism numerous times throughout his career and in my personal opinion has done nothing to deserve the abuse thrown at him from the idiots who enjoy their freedoms thanks to the sacrifices of men like him.
Another thing to consider when judging this war is that this is unlike any other war we have ever fought. We have had to redefine our tactics and doctrine to be able to cope with an enemy that has no regard for human life or collateral damage. An enemy that specifically targets hospitals, churches, and areas of high population density. Our military is the ONLY military in the world that bends over backwards to abide by the laws set down in the Geneva convention. And that is a cold hard truth. If you really want to bring up Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, by all means. People are not perfect and bad decisions are made. They are also punished to the full extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
By focusing only on the extremely few transgressions by our military members and not shining any light whatsoever on all the good we do, the media colors the perception of the common citizen and makes it easier to disassociate from the soldiers. Soldiers come from every walk of life and multiple racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The traditional idea that only officers are well educated is now quickly becoming a fallacy. Many enlisted soldiers get an education through their military benefits and some, like myself join to help pay off school loans. When I was a private my platoon sergeant had completed an associates, 2 bachelors and was working on a third bachelor's degree.
Our military is not just composed of the poor and underprivileged of the nation.

Unsupervised cronies such as KBR and Blackwater steal our money, perform abysmally and get away with anything they choose. I believe, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others are war criminals.

Ok, this one has leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth because the people that accuse these companies of performing abysmally have no concept of what these people do. First of all, they are supervised. That is an outright lie fostered by the media. And quite frankly, they save us money not steal it. The gov't is forced to hire contractors to perform many roles because our military is stretched to thin to handle it and costs more anyway. Most of the operators of Blackwater are former soldiers, in particular Special Forces, SEALS, Rangers and the like. And if you even dare confuse these men with Mercenaries, you are also sadly mistaken. They are extremely loyal to America and have proven their loyalty time and again. As far as performing abysmally, Blackwater has never. NEVER had a diplomat or other VIP killed or injured on their watch. I would say that they performed admirably.
Of course I know that the Iraqi gov't accused them of wrongdoing and not having enough legal control over them. That's because the Iraqi gov't did not have control of them, OUR gov't does.

So you think Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are war criminals….hmmm. What have they done illegal? Just a question, I don't know the answer to that. But if anyone could be considered a war criminal I would say Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could be considered War criminals. They have repeatedly overstepped their bounds and their roles in their repeated attempts to sabotage our war effort. And I'm not just talking about their petty beauracratic games in the capital. I'm talking about engaging our enemies personally with talks. Syria? Come on now. And Jimmy Carter talking with Hamas….I don't think there's anything that needs to be said about that…it speaks for itself.

I would never vote and never have voted Republican. I am an ardent Democrat. In my opinion, if you are not part of the top 10 percent in wealth then you have been duped by the Republican party to support a cause which is not in your interest.

What cause is not in my interest? I am a registered independent, but I believe in the US as a federated republic, contrary to what a lot of Americans think, we are not a democracy. Read the Federalist papers by John Jay it will give you some insight. Republicans believe in a smaller federal government role in our affairs. While it seems the democrats want to increase the big gov't role in our lives. I know it was not always so, but today being a democrat is synonymous with being a socialist. Socialism does not work. At least not for very long. The working middle class bears the burdens of all the "do-good" socialist programs that the democrats keep trying to put into practice. I have not been duped. I simply believe in more freedom from Gov't than you do.

Patriotism is not only wrapped in symbols and phony utterances, it truly is a commitment to the ideals of those men of the Enlightenment who knew what it meant to curtail the power of government, who knew the risk of unbridled power and who, most especially, knew the dangers of a marriage of church and state. We have come a long way since that date but we have at least within the past few decades become lost. Bush II has been, in my opinion, an American tragedy and possibly the worst president in US history bar none.

Of course a separation of church and state is necessary for our gov't to be free from exclusivity. I totally agree with this. But patriotism, especially for our military folks is in defending our constitution against all enemies…foreign and domestic. When you have a political party in this country that is actively trying to curtail our rights and freedoms granted by the constitution and the bill of rights, I would consider them the enemy.
Your choice of candidates leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion because of the 2nd fundamental right that is protected by our Bill of Rights.
I am going to clarify another thing for you. The constitution and the bill of rights does not grant us these rights. These rights are inherent. All men and women have these rights by the grace of existing. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights protects us form the gov't infringing upon them. That being said, my personal belief is that the single greatest threat to our country is the democratic party agenda. Take away private gun ownership, create more socialist programs that are paid for by our taxdollars and allow diplomatic negotiations with terrorist states that have no intention of changing or abiding by any agreement with us. Last time I checked, the US is a sovereign nation. Seems this "feel-good" attitude has caused a lot of people to forget that the rest of the world is not as "enlightened" as they are. The rest of the world will and does take advantage of our softness. We are considered weak by the ruthless of the world. And rest assured those individuals are out there and are held in check by our current superiority. To become complacent and even arrogant in our attitude that we are better than they are or we could never be conquered or usurped by those that plot against us is naïve if you would believe in a passive stance. The world is a ruthless place. Americans are spoiled.

I am hoping that the Democratic party will prevail this time and, although I was initially a Hillary Clinton supporter, I do support Obama because I believe he is the best possibility we have to utterly revamp American foreign policy and its constant penchant for war. I believe he can help change the course of this nation to one that cares about its own people and less about its own imperial power. I believe he can reintroduce to the world the America I knew and loved as a young child.

You are very misguided ma'am. And I am not trying to be patronizing. You speak of America's penchant for war. Have you looked at the world today? When was the last time a rogue political group staged a coup in Boston? Our last Civil war was over a century ago. And in case you hadn't noticed, Al-Qaeda and the radical Islamic wave has declared war on us. We are taking the fight to them. In the public's mind, we declared war on them. The fact is, we finally woke up and declared our position after war was declared on us. Declared on the entire western world. And not only us, but Asia as well. The Jihadist movement has attacked China as well. This Cult has declared war on all that is not Islam.
We became complacent and were caught with our pants down. I say, Never Again!
The entire nation was of one voice after 9/11 and has since descended into petty feuding and squabbling over what? All this dissent and divisiveness does is keep the public busy thinking about everything but the real issues.
I am curious as to why you think Obama is our best hope. Because he preaches hope and change? I haven't heard one decent policy come out of his mouth, it's all liberal do-good, feel-good talk without substance. If I have missed something, please enlighten me, I could easily have missed something since I do not hang on his every word.

That's it....

Die with your boots on.....

Global from the Eastern Front

Our media seems to love covering terrorist activities.
And as we have been so astute as to observe, Islam is attacking us Westerners in their pursuit of the world Caliphate.

What we don't see here is the other front: Asia.

In particular, the Chinese.

It's easy to overlook such goings on as we are not exactly best friends with China. First of all, China is a communist state. Those of us that were around during the Cold War era have a real distaste for commies. And with the Olympics being held in China, alot of news is centered around making the Chinese gov't look like the evil bad commies. Fair enough.

However, The Islamic Jihad has not left out the Chinese. The ethnic Uyghur population of China is close to Afghanistan and the growing unrest has caused many Uyghurs to turn to activism in the form of jihadist attacks. the diaspora communities of Uyghurs in other middle eastern countries has taken up the cause as well. In Pakistan Chinese contract workers have been targeted with assassination by the Uyghurs in an attempt to influence Chinese policy towards their Uyghur population.

Just to remind you all, of the persistence and pervasiveness of the Islamic Jihad. In case you don't think about it or don't believe it constitutes much of a threat, open thine eyes blind ones and see.

A pretty thorough article can be found here at China Brief.

Die with your boots on....

Open mouth...insert foot

Well, Obama really made a serious Faux pas with this quote:

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Rich Lowry of National Review Online has this to say about that quote.

At bottom, this is a profoundly insulting point of view. Consider Obama’s formulation. He makes it sound like no one would be a hunter or a Christian absent economic distress, that economic circumstances drive people into such atavistic habits. Has he considered that some people simply enjoy hunting? And view the right to bear arms as a guarantor of American liberty? As they used to say, “God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

The assumption is that only liberal attitudes are normal and well-adjusted: If only these small-town people could earn more income, get an advanced degree, and move to a major metropolitan area, then they could shed their chrysalis of social conservatism.

Read his whole Commentary at NRO.

George Will from Real Clear Politics has a great commentary on this as well.

Obama is an elitist liberal and has more than once shown his true colors. He is a liberal and his message of hope is all about redefining the nation's conciousness to that of Obama's liberal worldview...

Die with your boots on.....

H/T: Steve Elliot at Fire Society

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank God for America...revisited.

Well, much to my (pleasant) surprise, I received a lot of comments on this post.
I'd like to refer anyone that bothers to visit my corner of the blogosphere to ITM (Iraq The Model).

I've gotten some interesting and thought provoking feedback from some of their patrons.

I would like to take the time to share with everyone a particular comment by one of their readers. I know alot of folks that cruise through the site don't take the time to read the comments...and that's ok. But I think that what this gentlemen has said is worth repeating and worth giving it's own entry here.

I hope that Mr. Harrell does not mind my reposting this comment on the "front page" so to speak. If you do please let me know.

So without further ado, I give you the comment that Mr. Kenneth C. Harrell left on my site.

I know that the vast majority of US military men and women serving in Iraq will be grateful to know of your son's comments. Having served in the US Air Force during the War Games of South East Asia (known formally as the Viet Nam War) where the US "leadership" (johnson and mcnamara) refused to allow the US military to fight that as a war and to win, it is gratifying to know that President Bush, once he sent those brave souls into combat, allows them to take the actions necessary to win.

I hope it will continue to be the aim of the US military personnel to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and if it proves to be superior to that of others, that they refrain from any comparison of abilities and where they are able, to pass on what skills and abilities that they see lacking in others. NOT so they can claim any recognition, but so that such additional information passed on to their comrades in arms may benefit them both and the objective of their mission.

We see far too much in the MSM (mainstream media) that is a total distortion of the reality of the situation in Iraq that it becomes amazing that those men and women who's lives are constantly in danger can face yet another day. The, US political party, democrats are constantly whining about "bring the troops home". Their whine has a two fold purpose. To cause the efforts, in Iraq, of President Bush to fail, and to create enough deaths of US personnel that the US public will demand an end to the war. They have no concern that their real purposes will be brought to the attention of the US public, as the MSM is in bed with the democrats and other leftist groups.

The islamofascists want an unstable Iraq so they, with the aide of Iran, build a home base for more terrorist attacks across the world. If the MSM would provide to the US public and hopefully it would be spread world wide, the aim of the group, the muslim brotherhood, the coddling and constant bowing to islamic cult gripes would cease immediately.
The aim of the islamic cult via the muslim brotherhood is basically world conquest. To force the islamic cult onto every human on the planet. Of course, they do allow an "out", you can die. The islamic cult claims that any land previously under the control of the islamic cult remains their domain.

Last week a saudi cleric gave the most revealing comment about why the muslim cult is dead set against democracy and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech, and thus thought, could cause people to question the basis of the islamic cult and thus seek other religions. It's ironic that this fool didn't realize the core fact that he put forth, there is so much hollowness to the islamic cult that when one begins to question the truthfulness of what is contained in the koran, they will see that there is much that has no basis im fact. The one that the islamic cult fears being questioned the most is murdering in the name of Allah. Christians have learned and believe that GOD does not wish man to kill and claim that as a right into HEAVEN. Killing by man is a last resort to Christians, to muslims it is almost an obligation.

The civilized world MUST wake up to this very real and ongoing threat to our civilization posed by the muslimc cult. A strong military which can eliminate the bases of the islamofascists is absolutely essential. Presidents Reagan and both Bushs recognized the requirement. Following the debacle of the attempt to rescue the US hostages in Iran in 1980 under the peanut brain's occupancy of the White House, the US military began to restructure and rebuild under Reagan. What most liberals and all anti_Americans ignore is the fact that the vast majority of military personnel do NOT want to fight. What they want is to present the image of a military that is so strong, efficient and effective that any reasonable man/government will choose to cease its hostile ways instead of continuing to provoke the US. This is what your son has seen. The effects of the training, the equipment and the will to fight for what is right. As long as these are kept at the top, the US will be able, with the courageous aide of nations such as Australia, to continue on in this endeavor. it cannot and should not be done alone. It is the duty of all freedom loving, and not mouthing, but in actions, people to stand up and reject the efforts of tyrants such as hussein, gadafhi, chavez, castro, il, ahmadinejad and these lunatic "mullahs" of the islamic cult, to control the world in the name of communism or the islamic cult, etc.

When the nation's media stands WITH the nation's military in such efforts and not against and in support of such terrorists and terrorist groups, we will have taken a significant step in the right direction. But when the media works at odds to the efforts of the military, for purely partisan political reasons, they place not only the lives of the military personnel, but their own lives and the survival of their nation at risk. Most are simply too stupid to comprehend this fact.


Kenneth C. Harrell
North Carolina, USA

.... more funny...

An Amish farmer, walking through his field, notices a man kneeling down And drinking from his farm pond.
The Amish farmer shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen." (Which means: "Don't drink the water, the cows have crapped in it.")
The kneeling man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand you. I speak Arabic and English. If you can't speak in the sacred tongue of Islam, speak in English.."
The Amish farmer says: "Use two hands, you'll get more."

The Post Turtle

A friend and Co-worker of mine sent me this in an email today and I just had to share...

The Post Turtle

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President. The old rancher said, 'Well, ya know, Obama is a 'post turtle'.'

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was.

The old rancher said, 'When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that' s a 'post turtle'.' The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain. 'You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he is up there, and you just want to help the dumb ass get down.'


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Athens School 'Attack' Proven To Be False, Girl To Be Charged

Double Dammit....
And here I actually perpetuated this falsehood...
I am going to take down the other post here in abit.
The teenager from Athens apparently made it all up. Great.

She inflicted the scratches on herself. Thank God for surveillance cameras huh? otherwise a bunch of kids coulda wound up in whole heap of trouble cause of one bigoted little girl.


The updated story is here.


Making a wish come true

At 5, he could have gone anywhere in the world and pretty much done anything he wanted to do. Gavin Cox has leukemia and the Make-a-Wish Foundation had told him he pretty much had carte blanc in that regard.
What Gavin wanted to do was to become a soldier. On March 18th the US Army made his wish come true.
The entire article is here: QandO Blog
HOOAH!!! Sgt Cox!

An Apostate Funny...

Muslims Leaving Islam In Droves

Well, I am a bit skeptical of this, but I sure hope this is a continuing trend. If this is true, there may be hope for us yet =)

H/T: Col. B. Bunny at Intergalactic Source of Truth

Friday, 4 April 2008

Muslims Leaving Islam In Droves

Andrew Walden writes at Pajamas Media:

Pope Benedict’s choice to publicly baptize the most prominent Muslim in Italy, Egyptian-born Magdi Allam, highlights a quiet worldwide exodus from Islam. In recent years, millions have moved on. With this high-profile action, Pope Benedict demonstratively blesses this massive conversion from the highest levels of the Church.
Interviewed by
al-Jazeera in 2006, Ahmad al-Qataani, leader of the Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, explains the decline:

Islam used to represent … Africa’s main religion and there were 30 African

languages that used to be written in Arabic script. The number of Muslims in Africa has

diminished to 316 million, half of whom are Arabs in North Africa. So in the section of

Africa that we are talking about, the non-Arab section, the number of Muslims does not

exceed 150 million people. When we realize that the entire population of Africa is one

billion people, we see that the number of Muslims has diminished greatly from what it

was in the beginning of the last century.

On the other hand, the number of Catholics has increased from one million in 1902 to

329 million 882 thousand (329,882,000). Let us round off that number to 330 million in

the year 2000.

As to how that happened, well there are now 1.5 million churches whose congregations

account for 46 million people. In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity.

Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims

convert to Christianity. These numbers are very large indeed.

The whole article can be found here: New English Review


I came across a very touching story from the father of an Australian Soldier who is deployed to Iraq. H/T:Pam Gellar at Atlas Shrugs.

There is probably no other nation on this earth that is closer to us than Australia and for good reason. We have very similar histories and a common ancestry.

God bless them all.

From an Australian whose son is in Iraq (hat tip Dave)


I am an Australian and my son is an Australian - as far as we are concerned there is not place on God's earth better than Australia , and there are no people better than Australians.
That was until the past week or so.
My son is in the Australian Army and he is currently on deployment in Iraq . I can not go into his duties in great depth, but shall we say that he and his fellow army buddies are on a glorified guard duty looking after the Australian Embassy. They don't go out looking for "action", though it is a different story in Afghanistan , there the Aussie troops chase the baddies over the hills and into the valleys..
My son and I just ended a long 'phone conversation and here are some of his comments, believe me this is what he said. We have all seen the bullshit emails written by some clown in his lounge room pretending to be at the coal face, but this is what was said.:

"Before I came over here I thought we (the Australian Army) were pretty shit hot..... was I ever wrong!....The Yanks (I hope you don't mind me using that word) are so professional from the top to the bottom that it is almost embarrassing to be in their company, and to call yourself a soldier....don't get me wrong, we are good at what we do but the Yanks are so much better.....they are complete at what they do, how they do it and their attitude is awesome....they don't complain they just get on with the job and they do it right.....I carry a Minimi (SAW) so I am not real worried about a confrontation but I tell you I feel safer just knowing that the US Army is close by....If we got into trouble I know that our boys would come running and we could deal with it but they would probably be passed by a load of Hummers. No questions asked, no glory sought, the Americans would just fight with us and for us because that is their nature, to protect those in need of protection.....We use the American Mess so you could say that we are fed by the Americans.....they have every right to be pissed at that but they don't bitch about that they just make us feel as welcome as possible....what gets to me is that the Yanks don't walk around with a "we are better than you attitude" and they could because they are, they treat us as equals and as brothers in arms. If nothing else, coming here has taught me that the Americans are a truly great Nation and a truly great bunch of people.....Let's face it they don't HAVE to be here, they could stay in America and beat the shit out of anyone who threatened them, BUT THEY ARE HERE because they believe they should be here, and the Iraqis would be screwed if they weren't here.....When I come home, you and I we are going to the US, we will buy some bikes and we are going riding...."

The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I realize that you (as a nation) must get pretty pissed with all the criticism you receive by the so-called "know it alls" who are sitting at home - safe. The reality is that they are safe, just as I am, because of America . If the world went arse up tomorrow there is f**k all we ( Australia ) could do about it, but I know that the Americans would be there putting themselves on the line for others. That to me is the sign of greatness.
The most precious thing in my life is my son, I look at him and I thank God that I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time in his company. We laugh, we discuss, we argue, we dummy spit, we have the same blood. I am not happy that he is where he is but that is his duty. He joined the Army to protect and to defend, not to play games. I mightn't like it but I accept it. My reasons for not liking it are selfish and self centered. I felt assured that he would be safe because he is in a well trained army with an excellent record, BUT NOW, I feel a whole lot better knowing that he is with your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.
Whilst he was growing up. I was always there to look after him, I would not let harm befall him and I would always put myself before him to protect him. I can't do that now. When it comes to looking after him now he and his mates will do the job, but also THANK GOD FOR AMERICA.
Gentlemen, I have rambled on for too long. but as I finish I say to you, as a foreigner and outsider, a nation is only a collection of its people and its attitude is the attitude of its people, collectively and as individuals. I am really glad you are here on this Earth and I respect you as a nation and as people.
Stand up and feel proud because you deserve it, there is no one else who will do what America does without question. The next time someone howls you down, take some comfort in the fact that America is defending their right to act like an idiot.
Finally, thank you for looking after my son.
Peter Turner

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quran on Fire

This guy has cahones...

Check out the blog and support it. Please....

Click on the pictures to go to the blog.

Die with your boots on brother!

Hat tip to Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bush Administration to Issue Waivers to Build U.S.-Mexico Border Fence

Yeah...and all the conspiracy theorists out there are up in arms about it.
In this intstance I am glad they're doing something before the Dems take charge of things.

The FOX article is here.

I have to make a comment or two on this article though. I think the most idiotic people opposed to this are the environmentalists. Using all sorts of claims of adverse affect on the the environment and the animals that will be endangered by the fence....

CHRIST! I am sick of this. If even ONE of these f**king treehuggers would take a walk along the border in our Coronado National Forest or any other desert habitat along the border they will find the detritus left behind by the illegals that are literally streaming across the border by the thousands.

You want to preserve a natural habitat?

Keep these people from illegally crossing our bordres and leaving their heaps of trash that litter our lands for miles. But the big, bad Bush and company are endagering the lives of fruit bats?

I call bullshit on this one.

Get a grip and before you start screaming and waving your "I hate Bush" signs, take a trip to the border and see for yourself. And if you can't take the time off to go visit the southern border, why don't you listen to someone who lives here and sees the effect they have on our country firsthand.

Yep this is what our deserts look like down here.

There are so many more...If you'd like, I can start photographing the trash I find left behind on the ranges of our local military installation....

And they're worried about fruit bats and fairy shrimp or some other obscure animal species...

What about the species Homo Sapiens of the Freedom loving defenders of the free world genus?

Kudos to the Gov for doing anything at all...I was beginning to wonder if we'd get anything done on this in my lifetime....

Die with your boots on...