Monday, July 27, 2009

A Shameless Plug for....

My good friend Jesse Mathewson.

Jesse has a great blog called Is the World ready for this?
He's a helluva constitutional scholar and he is a darn good writer.

He just recently started penning a column for the examiner.
You can find it here.

His Column is called the Cochise County Libertarian Examiner. Check it out.

And tell him I sent ya!



JackBrandt said...

He really is a good writer, and I have started following him since you plugged him on your blog... I like his articles on defining "liberals" and I can see his points albeit a bit subtle in nature.

I will continue reading and following him...

Mjolnir said...

Yeah, Jesse is a good guy, and extremely talented...thanks for commenting brother...wish I could take a road trip to the eaast coast...but that ain't happenin anytime soon unfortunately =(

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother for the plug and the kudos it does my mind good to here positive feedback occasionally. (Normally it is a bit negative - at least in emails- for one reason or another people rarely drop negative comments...)

Anyhow thank you, and I will keep posting and linking and writing!

viva la libertad!

(I love that line)