Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A small rant

Caution: there is some profanity in this post...you've been warned.

The war never ends it seems. They just won't let it go. They insist in their narrative of reality that tighter gun control laws here will somehow change the outcome of the war in Mexico between the Gov't and the Drug Cartels. Somehow it's the US citizens fault that there is a war going on that the Mexican Gov't can't seem to get a handle on despite it's own draconian gun laws. And so a former Bush Aide is coming out in support of a renewed 'assault weapons' ban. what the hell is an assault weapon anyway? I don't think they know. Actually I KNOW they don't know. If it's black and has a detachable magazine, it's probably an assault weapon to htem...to include a custom ruger 10/22 with a pistol grip, detachable 50 round magazine, polymer stock...yeah looks mean, must be mean huh? except it's a fucking .22. *sigh*

yeah next thing you know they'll be trying to call a knife with an assist for one handed opening a switchblade...oh wait they've already done that huh...or not, I know they wer trying to redefine switchblade so that a whole bunch of millions of knives would suddenly be illegal just by redefining what the item is...convenient huh?

I'm sick and tired of theis bullshit. And I'm sick and tired of being politically correct about every daggum thing. I'm just sooo fucking done. Stick a fucking fork in me.

Unfortunately, I can rant and rave and act like a freaking loon here on this blog, and there are a few folks that actually take a little time out of their day or week or month, depending on the frequency of their visits but I know all I'm doing is preaching to the choir. It's sad really. Maybe I need to go to some lefty sites and start preaching, but I doubt that'll do any good. They've most all of 'em drank the friggin' Kool-Aid already. America, the country whose embodiment is in an ideal, not a geography enshrined in the most awesome document ever devised, that I swore an oath to protect with my lifeblood if necessary has slowly eroded. her edges are frayed, her colors have begun to fade. It depresses me. alot. I don't want to see another violent civil war come to this country, but we're in the beginning stages already. We have in this country two diametrically opposed worldviews that cannot be reconciled. Unfortunately the worldview that the founders had for us is being replaced by a view that has caused the death of millions time and time again and leads to nothing but tyranny.

I hope it does not come to pass. I hope America, the freedom loving half, rise up at the ballot box and elect freedom loving men and women to represent them and change the direction this country has been heading in for decades. It's time to take back the gov't from the despots who would be our masters. For if we do not....the consequences will be dire for all concerned. And that's not something I want to even think about. At least not until I have to....

My rant for the day/week/month...we'll see..hehehe.

Keep your powder dry and always fellow patriots....

Die with your boots on!



Anonymous said...

I like your rants! Keep doing it~!

Mjolnir said...

Thanks Jesse! I will try.