Monday, August 23, 2010

AZ primaries...

Y'know, I'm pretty disappointed with Arizonans this year.
The focus has been on McCain and Hayworth.

What about Deakin?

Y'know, if John McCain was a real conservative, he'd throw his weight behind Deakin. Hayworth? jeez...seriously?

He's a snake oil salesman. And the AZ Tea Party has endorsed him. Doesn't give me a whole lot of hope for that fledgling organization. Hayworth is worthless, and is most certainly NOT the conservative he's claiming to be. The lies and deception coming form the Hayworth campaign is frought with corruption.

McCain, he's not done much except attack Hayworth. Anyone that has been paying any attention would notice this. And anyone that actually paid attention to the republican debate wouold see that Deakin had a focused and honest message and the other two yayhoos did nothing but sli9ng mud at each other.

I keep hearing about the anti-incumbent message and "vote them all out", yet we're gonna maybe bring back a freakin charlatan in place of McCain because the Tea partiers can't see past the last couple of years? Hayworth scammed people out of millions of dollars, give or take a few, while he was an elected official in the past...have they all forgot this?


Well, I'm voting for Deakin, and I hope the rest of you in AZ do too, if I even have any readers in AZ...LOL.
Seems the only readers I actually know I have are Rev. Paul in AK, Brigid somewhere in the midwest and Kaveman...somewhere north and west of me...I think.

Anywho, If you all really want to see less gov't in our future, thinka bit before you vote. Do you're damn duty as a citizen and research the candidates. Vote for the candidate that represents your values.

We can try and turn the country around at the ballot box, because if we don't....the cartridge box it is, and I don't think most of us really want it to come to that...

Die with your boots on....



Rev. Paul said...

Dying (with or without boots on) really isn't in my plans ... but I sure know where you're coming from. This may indeed be our last chance to reclaim what made U.S.A. great.

Mjolnir said...

Haha! Yeah I don't plan on it either, but things need to turn around fast. I remain hopeful.