Monday, February 4, 2008

The Fallacy of Grievance-based Terrorism

H/T to Absinthe & Cookies....

This is a great essay writen by CPT Melvin E. Lee.
CPT Lee is a Captain in the US Navy.

An excerpt....

One of the greatest challenges facing strategic leaders today is objectively examining the centuries-old roots of Islamic jihadism and developing a strategy that will lead to a lasting solution to the Western conflict with it. Many Western policymakers fail to assess realistically why Arab and Islamic governments have been unable to improve the condition of their populations, especially in contrast to the West. This inability to grasp the root of Islamic jihadism is the result of a moral relativism prominent in modern Western liberal thought. For example, over the last few decades, it has become common to value diversity and multiculturalism above societal well-being and improvements in the human condition.

The entire essay can be found here...well worth a read..and extremely enlightening. Lots of good history lessons here.

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