Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Violent Jihad...

Well, fellow infidels...and more pointedly, those of you who refuse to admit the truth about Islam.
PLEASE do some research, educate yourselves. The dream of world peace is just that...a dream. borne on the backs of those who stand firm against oppression. Without these warriors and proponents of freedom, the notion of world peace would've died out a long time ago.

I will refer you to India. India has been under siege for centuries by the Islamic Jihad. They are unrelenting. They refuse to accept that any other religion can hold sway in any civilization.
They really don't like those darn Hindus in India. no sir.

H/T Pam Gellar at Atlas Shrugs

...For centuries; Muslims have shown obsessive ferocity to destroy Hindu civilization and India by ideological, military and other violent means. The fact is that Jihad war is endemic and Muslims have been waging war against infidel Hindus for centuries. The real cause of the never-ending Jihadi terrorism is the unremitting desire of Muslims to annihilate infidel Hindus. The hatred and intolerance are fueled by fanaticism and intransigence and unwillingness to accept diversity in religion. Muslim extremists interpret Jihad primarily in terms of the use of force to impose Islam on others and to fight "infidels" to conquer the world. Muslims are united in their hatred against "infidel Hindus"...

So if you really value your multi-culti can you stand by and watch as a brutal, tyrranical religion attempt to destroy those self-same ideals? The idea of living blindly...thinking that Islam is not the cause of this is mind-boggling to those of us who have done the research and read the Koran. Personally I still have much to learn about these psychos, but there are plenty of studies done by extremely level-headed and competent scholars on this subject. I believe them. From what I ahve read, and what i've learned from other scholars as well as apostates from Islam. We should be worried about them and we should unite to defeat them.

They've gained footholds in Europe and even here in the Americas. But we still cling to this notion of "moderate" muslims and muslim reformation. Good Luck with that. While Al-Qaeda is kidnapping children in Iraq and indoctrinating them to their extremely over-zealous, jihadist beliefs, we wonder why we're in Iraq? They are efectively perpetuating their cause by targeting the children of the next generation. We should be doing the same. Educate these kids. Shoot, educate all those over there that simply don't know any different. We can decisively defeat them in any military operation, but we cannot beat them in the war for hearts and minds if we ignore the reality.

I implore you....educate yourself and see if your misguided belief in diplomacy with these nutjobs is founded in idealism or reality...I can assure you that it is merely a fantasy of our idealistic "feel-good" mentality here in the west. They have no such qualms about their tactics.


I will step off my soap box for now.

Think, ruminate, reflect...

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