Tuesday, June 10, 2008

”Packing in Public: Owners not gun-shy”

This story really made me miss my pistol. I used to have a .44 Ruger Redhawk. I actually bought it to carry while I was in Alaska. Anything less than a .44 is a waste of time against bears, so I bought one. I loved that pistol....
I also was a bit apprehensive at first wearing it in public, but in Alaska, seems noone even batted an eye. It was very liberating. So I definitely can empathize with this guy.
Also, if you're interested in open carry check out this site OpenCarry.org

PROVO, Utah — For years, Kevin Jensen carried a pistol everywhere he went, tucked in a shoulder holster beneath his clothes.
In hot weather, the holster was almost unbearable. Pressed against his skin, the firearm was heavy and uncomfortable. Hiding the weapon made him feel like a criminal.
One evening he stumbled across a site that urged gun owners to do something revolutionary: Carry your gun openly for the world to see as you go about your business.
In most states, there's no law against that.
Jensen, 28, decided to give it a try. A few days later, his gun was visible, dangling from a black holster strapped around his hip as he walked into a Costco. His heart raced as he ordered a Polish dog at the counter. No one called police. No one stopped him.

The story from the Seattle Times is here.
Die with your boots on....

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Anonymous said...

This is too cool! Looks like the people of Alaska and Utah understand that the person who carries a gun is not a killer. I don't see anything wrong with the open carry law. I also don't see anything wrong with teaching your kids early how to handle a gun.
Great article.

Wow, it's a sad state when the average citizen is better informed about the law then they are.

Isn't it amazing that the police is "Law enforcement" but they have no clue about the law?