Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...Of the People, By the People, For the People...

Howdy folks. A little bit of an Op-Ed piece here…

I spoke with a close cousin of mine on the phone this morning. We hadn't talked in over a month…mostly being he's married with 2 kids and lives on the other side of the country. The purpose of the call was to remind me that his daughter's Birthday was tomorrow and to remember to call and wish her Happy Birthday tomorrow evening. I should know these things without needing to be reminded, but it's a good thing he did cause I generally am really bad at remembering birthdays. So it was a welcomed reminder.

As usual, when we start talking, our conversation turns towards books, movies philosophy, politics, etc. And since we haven't spoken since the election results came in, we talked a bit about what our country has in store for us in the next few years. Naturally I had very little positive to say about the prospect of an Obama presidency. My cousin, to his credit is a very well-read, educated critical thinker. He doesn't often get to discuss with like minded individuals due to family and work obligations. Since I've been so far away from most of my family (geographically speaking) for so many years, I sometimes am not sure where he stands on some issues. I am generally confident that whatever stance he takes is a well reasoned one. And today I was pleasantly surprised that he agreed with most of what I had to say. We will continue the discussion I am sure at some point in the near future, but the gist of it is this; we are a failed state.

Let me explain. The concept of the republic. The democratic processes involved in the maintaining of a free republic are predicated on free and fair election by an informed public. What we have is a breakdown in what it means to be an informed public. We no longer are as a whole people, informed. I won't even go into the whitewash the media gave to Biden and Obama. That isn't really the issue. It is way deeper than that.
The seeds of socialism were planted around 90 years ago. And they failed then and they have continued to fail, while at the same time lulling the complacent public into believing they're good policies. When the Pledge of Allegiance is no longer uttered in American classrooms and openly communist educators become revered in the establishment…what does that say about how far we've come? We've fallen so far I wonder sometimes if I may have to make a choice that I would not wish on anyone, to take up arms against my fellow Americans to preserve the freedom our ancestors struggled and fought and died to preserve. I don't want to have to make that choice. I don't want to see bloodshed, but what to do? We have people voting that don't even know anything about the campaign conduct of the campaigners. When a cross section of Obama supporters were asked a slew of questions that any informed voter should know the answer to…they were either clueless or guessed wrong. Somehow they didn't know squat about their own candidates yet they all…every one of them, knew about the $150,000 wardrobe of Governor Palin. They also knew she had a pregnant teenage daughter. But they didn't know which candidate was kicked off a prior campaign trail for plagiarizing his speech (Biden). The were not aware which candidate got elected by bumping off the other party members of his own ballot…yeah (Obama). And yet, ironically they all were favorable to spreading the wealth around….ummm…that is blatantly un-american. And yet they have no idea that the one thing that kept us free was that we kept the gov't in line, not the other way around. That the government was there for a very specific purpose, of which voting to give themselves money from the public trust was not one of those. The very basic ideas that this country was founded on have been forgotten because they are no longer given proper emphasis in school. Our kids should be learning about the constitution and the foundation of this country and why it was founded. Why did we rebel against the Crown of England and declare our independence? Taxes. Taxation without representation. Supposedly we're not in the same boat now, but when the public overwhelmingly tells their congressmen not to pass a bailout and they allocate 700 billion dollars from the treasury…umm that stinks of the same issues that cause the revolution in the colonies. We're rolling over and allowing our government to fuck us and we care so little now that we rationalizing why we like being fucked in the first place. Hey! It's not so bad, you see if the government fucks me a little harder, then the poor guy down the block, well he won't be fucked so hard…he may actually get a reach around since they took out all their aggression on me. That's charity man.

The point is, the people are no longer well-informed. In order to be well informed, you have to care. You have to understand what it means to be a free person. And to love that with everything you have. You think you're free now..and you're not. We have more rights than anyone else, but we aren't free. Because we voluntarily put on the collar and allowed ourselves to be led to the slaughter. We've lost focus and direction as a people and we desperately need to find that passion for freedom again.

We need to go out and educate our children and our fellow citizens about what this country is founded on and what made it such a desirable place to immigrate to. Why did so many chase the American Dream? Because here we had freedom and if you wanted it bad enough and you worked hard, you could. Now look at us. We're trying to be like Europe. Welfare states. People should come here that want to succeed, not because we are giving out free lunches and housing. Responsible individuals that want to better themselves and believe in what we do. This great experiment called America has been failing for decades right under our noses it has begun to rot, but we just keep lighting incense to cover up the smell. We need to revitalize our spirit, not just cover up the stench with platitudes. We were a proud people once. And we had every reason to be. If we are not proud now, it is because we've been beaten.

I say we need to take back the country. And I am hearing and reading it all over the conservative kingdom. Let's do this thing. Let's show the leftists why we are right and why they are not. It's not enough to just talk to each other, we need to act show them what is good and right about the America we cherish so much. The first thing we need to do is every one of us needs to support any conservative legislation. We can't allow the leftists to continue their agendas unopposed.

Fight the good fight fellow patriots!

Die with your boots on!

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