Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote for the 2nd Amendment

With guns in our hands, we can NEVER be placed back into bondage. Our Founding Fathers knew this and so do our modern politicians.

McCain is no hero of gun owners and the Second Amendment.

However, Barack Hussein Obama and Joe “Assault Weapons Ban” Biden are notorious enemies of gun owners and the freedom a gun in your hand guarantees.

Anyone who owns a gun should understand this: Ultimately, your freedom and your ability to protect your family rests in keeping your gun in YOUR hands and not the hands of the government.

There are 80 million gun owners in this country. Collectively, if we voted the Litmus Test of Freedom, we could control America’s destiny.

For this reason and this reason alone, for ALL 80 million gun owners there is really only one choice on November 4 and that choice is Sarah Palin.

The full article can be found at Frontsight
Die with your boots on...

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