Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sierra Vista, Arizona Tea Party at Veteran's Park

I was a bit reluctant to attend, but once I got there today, I realized it was definitely a worthwhile event. I was not expecting the turnout we had. When I arrived it was just getting into full swing and there were easily 1000 people in attendance. Being that most were there to hear some rallying speeches and sign the petitions, once things calmed down, peole started to filter out. Kinda like going to see a concert and after seeing the main show and listening to random tunes until the next show comes on, leaving cause you got what you came for.

People are starting to filter in
There were several Gadsen Flags as well as the Stars and Stripes
At first we thought this guy was leading a small horse...
There were alot of veterans in attendance and even some active duty soldiers. Our state representative had a few words, we'll see if he lives up to them.
All in all it was a good turnout and it was encouraging to see so many in support even in our little town.
Hooah! Way to go Sierra Vista!
Die with your boots on...

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Awesome coverage!