Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties...Patriot's Day...What is this all coming to?

I've been reading alot today..the weather has kept me from my normal duties so I've been trying to keep up with events today.

April 15th. It's a deadline most of us day. Where Uncle Sam reaches out and touches us in one of our most sensitive areas...our wallets.

In response to the multitudes of outraged citizens over the horrendous fiscal policies of the current administration, and I'm not just talking about the executive branch, but the legislative one too, the kool-aid drinking leftists have denounced us as traitors. It's our patriotic duty to pay our "fair share" of taxes don't you know. While I have to admit, taxes are a necessary evil, are we not already taxed on everything we do, buy or sell? Everything is taxed. Everything. On top of this, our incomes are taxed as well. And the rates are not only variable, but the tax code is impossible. So even after having the maximum tax witholding taken out of your paycheck, somehow, you end up owing the gov't money. It is so illogical. It's a freaking nightmare.

Our leftist apologist friends are so keen on reminding us that the Boston Tea party, which is the inspiration for this 'Tea Party' movement was about "Taxation without Representation". And...they point out that as a democracy (which we aren't). We are represented by those we've elected. And we, read conservatives, lost. We a re actually a representative republic.

Well, I might remind our leftist friends that we are not being represented fairly by our governement.

And have not been for years.

Many, many years. Decades in fact.

The fact is, when the governement becomes a one party power, and I might add, not even remotely close to the party it used to be, in fact it's actions are totally antithetical to the constitution, then we, and I mean regular freedom loving folks, not republicans or democrats, just regular folks that believe in what America is supposed to stand for, what it was meant to be, have great cause for unrest and when you have a government that is making a point to label anyone that isn't a Kool-Aid drinking socialist/marxist a possible terrorist, then you have reason to strike us at our heart, to awaken that sleeping giant.

We are a peace-loving people, but when our backs are up against the wall, we will protect our constitution and our inherent rights as if our lives depended on it, in fact, not only our own lives, but those of our family and friends and neighbors. The lives of our children and grandchildren.

These buffoons that have the balls to call us extremists and lecture us on history lessons would do well to study their history as well. Tyranny does not come only from monarchs and dictators. Instead of one tyrant, we have 545 that control the policies that the rest of us must live by, making themselves richer and blaming increased deficit spending on "the economy" or "the war" or one political party versus the other. Folks, Congress has the final word. They can make a difference. But they won't, because they're a bunch of greedy, power-hungry animals that think we, the people exist to serve them.

Last time I checked, they were supposed to be serving us and our best interests as a free people. A free and independent people. They have failed miserable at the task we've hired them for.

And what do they do? They continue to divide us, incite class warfare, race warfare...

because a divided populace is easier to control.

So where are we now? Today is an important day. Today will determine the will of the people.

I suspect, the coverage of the Tea Parties will be next to non-existent. Of course FOX news will cover it, since it's in their best interests as the self-proclaimed sole voice of Conservatives in the Television Media. But remember, it's not about republicans versus democrats people. It's about an increasing tyranny, gun control advocates know all about the theory of incrementalism. This has been the case for many years through administrations of BOTH major parties. It is coming to a head becasue of the current sweeping attacks on the Americans that believe in freedom and independence. Personal responsibility. We don't want to lose our rights to a bunch of elite politicians that have become the de facto royalty of America. Our voices weren't heard and continue to not be heard. Only the lobbyists with the money get their agendas heard.

At some point, we will reach a turning point. Today will be an indicator of which way the winds will go. Will they continue down this destructive path, or will they shift? We all hope they will shift. The Left is missing the point of the protests. These protests are a last ditch effort to be heard without resorting to drastic measures that very few want to see happen. I for one love my country and would not ever want to have to participate in anything resembling a war on my own homeland's soil.

The more the socialists push us, the harder they push us, the more devastating the consequences will be for us all.

As Jefferson once said:

"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are notwarned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

--Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787.

And perhaps my favorite Jefferson quote:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

--Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Die with your boots on....

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