Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now for some thought from Mjolnir...it's been awhile

I haven't been doing much posting for quite a while. A lot of what I do post is basically recycled material…or links to other stuff. Kind of defeats the purpose of maintaining one's own blog when all you do is act like a bulletin board for others.

I have no good excuse, other than I just haven't been able to find the words. Or managed to focus on a subject or idea long enough to compose anything.

Between work and life in general, I've quite simply burned out. I am going to attempt to fix that, but it is proving difficult. I would also add, that since I've come across some fantastic blogs, such as Brigid's "Home on the Range", my compositional skills seem well below even amateurish, it can be a bit disheartening. I think perhaps, not holding myself up to such a high standard of skill is in order, lest I give it up completely...hahaha.

There are so many subjects, that are so interconnected, I find it difficult at times to focus on one. The issue with Islamists, is interconnected with global, and national politics. Socialists declaring us "right-wing extremists" in official Law Enforcement literature.

It's a lot to digest. Now we've got Jimmah Carter part deux in the white house, and we're turning our backs on Israel. What a shame, it's embarrassing the way we've betrayed one of our closest allies in just a few months.

I know a lot of civilians that seem to buy into the idea that the Palestinians are being oppressed by Israel. If they only knew the truth, but our lovely Leftists in this country that control the MSM don't want the unwashed masses to know the truth. Is it common knowledge that Jordan is the Palestinian state? Obviously not. And yet the tiny sliver of territory that is the literal Jewel of the middle east, made so from a barren wasteland by the Israeli people, is being cut up and sliced up to make way for the "Palestinians". The PA, Fatah, Hamas….all jihadi groups that refuse to recognize that Israel has a right to exist. There can never be a two-state solution. And yet the international community has put relentless pressure on Israel to make more and more concessions. The Jihadis will never stop. Never. I say let the Israelis take care of business and everyone else keep the fuck out of it. What other country would endure years of rocket attacks and suicide bombers from a neighboring country before they would demand action to quell the violence? Only the naïve idiots that live in fantasyland and have no idea what it's like to live under those conditions. Why is it everyone seems to love to hate Israel, including Jews that don't live there? I'll never understand. It defies reason.

I think a really good illustration for helping illustrate what the international community is trying to do to Israel is one that shows a direct correlation to what the US would have to do if they were held to the same expectations as Israel.

The cartoon, H/T: Doubletapper

Y'know I grew up thinking that the most precious thing a man had was freedom. Liberty.

And that the preservation of those things was the most important thing to strive for. The problem I guess is that to achieve these things, man must be morally sound and loyal to these principles. He must take responsibility for his actions and for good or ill, live up to his own standards. Being independent requires one to be responsible for oneself. For to not take responsibility you've already surrendered free will and laid your destiny and responsibility at the feet of another. If someone makes a mistake and fails, the object is that they should learn from it. To prop an individual, or company, up artificially provides an illusion of stability. Bad mistakes left unanswered for breed further mistakes.

This is where the principles of the US republic come in. Central Gov't should not have control over your existence. They should serve you in the capacity they were meant to. To protect us and our economy from foreign aggression. They should be representing our interests to the world at large, not interfering in the day to day life of the individual.

Which brings to mind the first foreign expedition of the US Marine Corps. Tripoli.

Here is a bit of history that is deliberately downplayed and subdued because of the truth in it. What we are experiencing today is the same type of aggression we received at the birth of our nation. The Barbary Pirates. The name may be a bit confusing to a lot of folks…since it sounds awfully close to "barbaric". Which they were, but who were they? They were Islamist raiders. Yes, fanatical adherents to the Islamic religion. Back then they were called Mohammedans. After the founding prophet of Islam.

But Islam is the Religion of Peace? Hardly. In fact, that's an emphatic Hell no it ain't!

Why do you think they were called Mohammedans? They emulated there revered prophet, the only man to speak the truth of Allah in the earthly realm. He was a bandit and a murderer. And that's exactly why the Barbary pirates continued to prey on our merchant ships in the Mediteranean. There is something called a jizya. In Islam, it is the religious tax for infidels, or unbelievers. To pay the jizya meant they would leave you alone…mostly. Our founding fathers wondered why the pirates only attacked American vessels, and come to find out, it was because the Europeans had started paying the pirates not to attack and pillage their ships. In otherwords, the jizya. So now we've got the pirates in Somalia. Same thing.

That's all for now....
Die with your boots on...

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Thank you for the mention. In my line of work, I have to sort of keep a low profile, but sometimes the words need be said.

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