Friday, May 21, 2010

There's alot more to the Illegal border crossings down here in AZ than most folks realize...

It seems it takes an intrepid news crew form Atlanta,GA to bring this story to light.
Not even our local news will cover this stuff...

Part 1

Part 2

And let's not forget our sister state of Texas.
A borderr lake in TX, Falcon Lake.

Threatened by pirates form Mexico?

I've posted the pictures of the human smugglers trashed camps before.
And I'm sure most of you know the name Bob Krentz by now. The Rancher here in AZ that was murdered by one of the cartel's hitmen for interfering in their drug business...that crossed his property.

The fokls down here that support this new Law aren't a bunch of racist inbreds. If you really think you know what goes on down here, try coming down and staying here. Better yet go traverse the border areas that aren't populated by much more than cattle and scrub and see how beautiful the Sonoran desert is. Don't be surprised if you end up being shot at by those pesky ranchers...errr...I mean drug runners. Y'see. Another thing you folks up north don't get is that Arizonans aren't afraid. We're pissed. We can't protect our property without getting a lawsuit by the ACLU for threatening tresspassers who just happen to be Mexicans. We can't trust the Feds to secure our border. So we, our State legislature, has passed alot of good laws that help us protect ourselves and give our local police the authority to do the job the Feds can't. And I'm not knocking the Border patrol either. they do a damned good job when they're allowed to.

You can agree or not. But anyone criticizing this as a racist or criminally discriminating law is basically calling every cop here that ISN'T a Fed a racist bastard. yep. Just keep that in mind. The law was amended to clarify for the idjits out there that racial profiling was prohibited. yep, go read the damn bill yourself if you don't believe me.

Oh and That F*&%$N hypocrite Calderon can go back to Mexico and pound sand. They have the same damn laws and enforce them the same way in southern Mexico. Only their not nearly as nice to the illegals they catch.

Before you go spouting off, maybe you should get informed and read the law...oh, and LA has the same damn law too.

Basically all the folks out there protesting this law are saying that all cops are racist (except the Feds of course) and that the 10th amendment is optional.


If you actually have a decent refutation, feel free to elighten us redneck right wing bastages down here. If not don't bother commenting. You'll be wasting your time. Y'see, this is MY space. yeah I made a pun, but I moderate my comments. I generally allow anyone with a different point of view to be seen here, when they happen...I get so few comments as it is. I moderate because of all the damn spammers trying to use my comments section to sell their viagra and electronics on my page. But I don't tolerate've been warned.

As always fellow Patriots...

Die with your boots on!

Scouts Out!



Rev. Paul said...

Thank you for speaking out on this crisis (and that's what it is). Too few Arizona folk have been heard - and you're the ones most directly affected.

Stick to your guns, sir - and I mean that in any sense you wish to take it. Give 'em hell!

Mjolnir said...

My friend, things have been out of control down here for waaayyy too many years. We're doin the best we can. And with any luck we'll get some more support. With Obama in the WH, not likely right away, but even McCain is actin like a hawk over this now. Don't be blindsided by JD Hayworth though, he's a snake oil salesman. I was disappointed to see him featured in the news cast, bbut he's making the barder issue a cornerstone of his campagn. there's a large percentage of folks looking to get Jim Deakins in the senate seat of McCain in this election, but because he's a "nobody" as far as the media is concerned, you probably won't see much from him. He got more signatures for the republican ballot for the primary than either of the 2 big names, but because he doesn't have big business supporting him, he's a relative unknown to the national media. Jim Deakins is a retired Navy enlisted guy that is running for McCain's seat. I hope he gets the nomination in the primaries.we need some new blood on Capitol Hill.

Brigid said...

I wrote a post about this over the weekend, but it won't go up in a day or two. I have friends in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas. Good friends and what is happening, what ISN'T reported in the media, is scary.

I'm the product of legal immigrants. They came, built, embraced our culture (while not forgetting their own), waved the American flag and raised a generation of kids that without exception are career military or law enforcement. We work, we serve and we protect. Doesn't mean I'm not proud of being part "Irish" or part "Norwegian" but if anyone asks what I am it's simple. I'm an American Citizen.

Mjolnir said...

Thanks for your comment Brigid.
I know plenty of legal immigrants many of them Mexican. And although I think most folks are proud of their heritage, they are still proud to call themselves Americans. Myself, I'm a heinz 57.
Mostly western European with some Native American thrown in the mix. But no matter how much I identify with any particular aspect of my ancestry, I am an American first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said M -