Monday, August 27, 2012

Die with your boots on....


I realize I haven't posted anythimg for quite some time...

And maybe i should post more frequently...but I am at a loss to really say anything meaningful.

I am disgusted with my government. I see corruption at every turn.

How is it that the attorney general can get away with being in contempt of congrewss and there's no shouts saying the guy is dirty? The MSM is givin this joker a free pass. absolutely disgusting.

I get regular emails from the white house telling me I need to donate money to Barak Obama and I'm wondering why I should send this joker any of my money, since I have so little.

Since the current Teleprompter in chief has taken office, I lost my job, worked for several months as a temp (with no benefits) and was lucky enough to land myself a full-tie position because of ny work ethic. I still only make about a third of what I made before, but somehow the econoy is iproving..... Yeah right.

I know people that are working for half or less their former wages in the same organization, because the alternative is "unemployment". I know of people that have worked at this organization for close to 20 years that are now making a pittance just to make sure their families are fed. The trend I see disturbs me.

Personally, I can say I've been screwed by the system, but I blame noone but myself for not seeing it coming.

I am a single white male....and even if I didn't blame myself, the government would anyway.
No big deal.

But when I see guys who have bled for this country and have busted their ass for this organization working from job to job as a temp after many years of honorable service, I have to ask myself, Why are they being punished for the mistakes of our "so-called leaders"?

We're constantly being told that the economy is iproving, and yet we see no evidence of this.

I may be painting a target on my back for saying this, and quite frankly, I no longer care. But we have been in a deep recession for quite sometime....and we're not coming out of it any time soon. I read recently that we're headed for another recession....

Another recession?! really?! We haven't even recovered yet!

I've endured a whole lot of loss in the last couple of years.....and I can tell you that the blinders have been lifted from my eyes.

We have been led to believe that we live in a free society....If this is true, explain to me how we have the highest incarceraction rate of any country in the world.

I also have to say....

What happened to Peace officers? Do they even exist anymore? We now have LEOs ( Law Enforcement Officers) Every alphabet organization has a SWAT team now. Along with all the bells and whistles. Tell me...why does the IRS need their own SWAT teams with weapons that civilians are not allowed to legally own.  Why does the FDA have a SWAT team? Why does the Social Security Administration have a SWAT team?

Why is it that every podunk township have a SWAT team? Does anyone actually know what SWAT stands for? What those letters actually mean?

SWAT: Special Weapons And Tactics.

Back in the 70's, when SWAT was young, they were a special Law enforcemant element that was used only in very special situations. Thes men were highly trained and very professional

In the last several years we've een the militarization of our law enforcement departments.

The problem is, we see untrained or undertrained personnel attempting to pass themselves off as legitamate SWAT teams Simply because they have the hardware.

Case in point: Jose Guerena.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, your a day late and a dollar short.

I'm composing this post in the wee hours of the morning, so initially I won't be linking any videos or supporting links for any of this.

However...I will be coming back to post thos links later for all you haters out there.

Good men have died protecting their families against the police state. Because the police are never wrong....even when they are.

We are quickly becoming a third world country. Corruption is the norm. Justice is seldom seen. And it's just getting worse.

I don't know hat the answr is. I used to think that we could change things via the ballot box...

I no longer believe that is the case.

All I can offer is advice:

Keep your powder dry friends...

And die with your boots on.

Scouts Out!


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