Saturday, December 22, 2012

F**k the statists...


Well, I have to say I am pretty well pissed off.

It normally takes alot for me, but really?

The UAW is set to get aroud 7-8k in bonuses this year. Seriously.

And since this is a leap year and Christmas is on a Tuesday....the POTUS has declered that Monday is a federal holiday and every gov't worker gets pid to not show up for work. I am a contractor and since the gov't isn't going to be there....I am not allowed to go to work on monday. This results in a net loss of 10 hours of work. I am not going to go into the details, but since whatever work I do is not designated as so important that it can't wait until the 26th, I lose 10 hours of work. I have no leave time. And not because I am a leave takin sonufabitch, I just happen to be in that category of folks that don't get any actual leave until the end of Februaury. So I have to take leave without pay.

Now since I am on a work schedule where I am supposed to work 4 10 hour days next week, I lose 10 hours, because I have to take leave without pay for Monday. And on top of that, despite that my schedule is 10 hour days, I only get paid for 8 hours of holiday pay for Christmas, I lose another 2 hours there...that's 12 hours of pay I have to lose in one week. I'm a bit po'd about that., but seriously, Once every 5-6 years I shouldn't be upset right? Except with the "fiscal cliff" looming, there was speculation that the gov't might not do this....yeash right. The current POTUS loves nothing more than to spend money we don't have...and God forbid he break tradition...jus' sayin. If he had, he may have taken some flak, but would have gained a little bit of cred from the people that hate him already...and not because he's some kind of partially black/arab/white guy....just sayin.

I expected it, but there were so many folks that didn't think it would happen, what with the precarious financial situation our gov't is in....I was right and they were wrong. Big fucking surprise there.

So in the meantime, I am wondering what is in store for me come Jan. 6th. Sequestration is likely to happen because that is EXACTLY what his holiness(BHO) wants. I can't believe that Americans turned out for this charlatan again in the numbers they did unless they want the same BS commie state he does. And that saddens me.

I know that our public school system has failed in teaching the important concepts that made us who we used to be. I no longer cling to the idea of statism in any form, but for those that do even a little bit...for the constitutionalists out there...For the rugged individualists out there, do you really want to to be ruled? George Washington gave up that opportunity because he believed in what this nation of individuals could achieve...and look where we are now....disgraceful.

I could go on until the cows come home but I won't. I doubt anyone even peruses my blog anymore, but I needed to vent this, and if there are any truly liberty minded idividuals out there that wish to have a conversation...leave a comment and I promise you I will respond.

In the meantime, Keep your powder dry and die with your boots on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scouts out!


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