Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Keep your powder dry...

Ok...so, we have been inundated with reports concerning the shooting in CT.

I mourn for the families who lost their loved ones. I think this is a serious tragedy. Serious.

A whole lot of innocent people died for no good reason. A madman ended their existance. I can now call him a kid as he was about 20 years old, but he acted as an adult. He even killed himself .

The kid was mentally screwed up. There's no doubt about it. He was an introvert with some serious anger managemnet pronblems. Apparently, his mom was trying to see him through this and didn'y get him the help he actually needed. As a result, he murdered his mom....putting almost a dozen rounds in her head and adfter stealing her weapons, committing murder and stealing her car, he headed for an elementary school, where he forced his way in and murdered 26-27 people, adults and children, for what purpose? We still don't know. We may never know.

The media and our politicians think that banning weapons is the answer...actually they don't, it just fits into their agenda. The mass of people that are buying this line of bull is far too high for me to believe these are American citizens.

What happened to rugged individuality? What happened to us blaming the perpetrator and not society at large?

Facts be damned, it is factual that anywhere that draconian gun control has been implemetnted, massive casualties are the result. In areas where trained gunowners are carrying legally, crime...including this sort of nonsense are almost non-existent.

So why are we punishing normal, law abiding citizens for a massacre perpetrated by a madman? Because it plays into the hands of the communists. and I realize that may be a bold statement, but there are kids in this country now that don't even know the definition of communism.

There are voting age people who don't remember the fall of the iron curtain.

And they aren't teaching any of this to the kids in school now. They not only don't remember it, but they haven't been taught it. They are completely clueless.

Communism used to be a very dirty word, now...well, alot of people don't even really know what communism has done to those that adopted it in history. And they think that it is ok, because they haven't seen or been educated to it's outcome...EVERY SINGLE TIME IT HAS BEEN TRIED.

So, as I see it, we don't have many options. for one, when they do declare martial law and try to take our guns, there will be resistance. As well, there ought to be. We are not England, or any other European country. We are America. And what this country was founded on has been displaced by a creeping socialism brought on by political correctness and a desire to be more like the "enlightened" Europeans.

This country is/was the last best hope for freedom, and what our founders left us with was a recipe for that. They warned us of the dangers and we ignored it. We have as a populace embraced the socialist ideal and now we freedom lovers are in the minority.

When the gov't comes for our arms and we refuse, we will be labeled as terrorists and enemies of the state. When those who choose to fight do so, they will also be labeled enemies of the state. And the vast majority will agree because they are sheep. What we face now is far worse than our founders faced when they declared independence and faced down the greatest military on earth. We have allowed ourselves to become pussified to the extent that there is no possible way for a true revolution to succeed. And there is no place left on earth for us to turn. There is no frontier to make our own destiny on. Nowhere in the world does such a place exist.

Unless, we discover some way to colonize another planet, we are doomed. And I'm pretty well sure the technology isn't there for us to move away and stake our claim as free men/women.

So waht lies ahead for us? I can say this much...there will be bloodshed when they come after us. They will use all the power of the state to try and subjugate us. The only possible thing we have going for us is a true, SHTF scenario where all the infrastructure breaks down, and even then, there is no definite positive outcome.

I will leave you all with one last thought. And that is...as long as we maintain a spark of freedom and the concept of it in our offspring, the idea will not die. We may have to go underground for awhile, but as long as we can educate our children properly, the spark will not die and no matter the outcome of martial law/civil war, as long as there is one person left with that spark...there is always hope.

In the meantime, keep your powder dry and die with your boots on my friends!

Scouts out!


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