Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Modoggie and living on your knees

I think I need to clarify my position on Islam and Muslims in general.
Fanfnir's Hangnail pointed out how the sacriligeous depictions of the prophet Muhammed only fan the flames of radical Islam.
I stand by my conviction that it is the Religious Authority in the Muslim world that needs to be put in check. Quite frankly, the average citizen of just about every country in the world wants the same things in life and despite religious and cultural differences, they just want to to be happy, feel safe and provide for their families.
The problem is that they are afraid of the religious authority.
My metaphorical punch in the face of Islam is meant to show that it is the Radical Islam and the totalitarian religious authority of Islam that needs to be dethroned.
I've read some comments that some Muslims, that actually reside in the ME, realize that the Modoggie illustrations so widely publicized now, are just images and that the self-righteous need to get over themselves...this coming form a Muslim.
Now I know alot of folks have done their homework on Islam and the life and times of the "Great Prophet".
I am not about to debate with anyone about the particulars.
Bear in mind, however, that there are plenty of law-abiding muslims that really don't want this senseless violence to continue. The Koran has alot of good wisdom in it, but there are many not so peaceful messages in it.
Muhammed was not a nice man, I think anyone that knows anything about his life would agree. The problem is that the culture of the ME is so intermixed into their religion that it becomes a religious issue whether we like it or not.
So I may actually get around to making some Muhammed drawings to give the religious Authority of Islam the proverbial "bird".
To quantify this, if it were any other religion perpetrating this attack on our way of life, I would do the same thing. I don't care by what name you call God. You have no right to undermine the society and culture of MY country.
So as an addendum to this, all of you MSM journalists and Hollywood commie pukes and socialist idiots, could you stop bashing our way of life and the men and women that defend your rights to do what you want in this country? Could you just wake up and smell the coffee? There is an ideological war being waged against the western culture not just a campaign of violence. there is a Jihad and a Dawa. We in the west are feeling the effects of the Dawa right now...if we weren't taking the Jihad to their front door you would be seeing it waged here as well.
Wake up people.

So for those of you out there that don't think Islamic radicals are a danger to us...follow the links.

And I will reiterate until I am blue in the face...maybe it will sink in.
It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
may you die with your boots on....


Fafnir's Hangnail said...

I think you are still off base a bit here. It isn�t the Islamic Religious authority that is to blame. That is like saying it is the Pope�s fault that America is pushing democracy all over the globe. It is a select group of radical Islamists that are pushing and preaching their message of hate. The bigger problem is that the rest of the Islamic world is not publicly denouncing the cycle of death and destruction. I went into this a bit in my responses in a previous blog. A simple comparison would be how the rest of the Christian world isn�t getting involved when the Catholics and Protestants blow each other up in England � the Presbyterians and Baptists just kinda shake their head and say it isn�t their problem � never mind that there are a ton of other political issues there�

And yes, the culture is so ingrained with the religion it is really very hard to separate the two. Not very many countries do it well, but I can point to Indonesia and Turkey as two examples that do, as do India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But, and I can�t stress this enough, at the present time there is no overarching Islamic Religious Authority. Iran has one, but it does not speak for all Muslims � and they have a very specific anti-American agenda, and for good reason too. The militants want to see a return of an Islamic Caliphate, but there isn�t an overarching religious authority like the Christians have in the Pope.

It is the radical Imams and militants that are preaching bile and twisting the words of the prophet Muhammed, the Hadith and the Koran to get the messages they want across. Not once in the Koran, or in the words of Muhammed, are there virgins promised for martyrdom. Yet, that is what is promised to those who go and strap a bomb to themselves and go to end their lives and as many others as they can take with them.

There are somewhere between 1.3 and 2 BILLION Muslims in the world today. The radicals make up less than 5% of this group. Do you really want to make that many people upset over a drawing because you don�t like the radicals and their way of thinking? It isn�t a RELIGION perpetuating this attack on our culture, it is a select group of individuals using religion as an excuse to cause havoc and bring destruction. The best attack you can make on these people in not an inflammatory picture or piece of art, but to hold open, honest dialog. Posting in the blogosphere (Gads how I hate that term!) as we are now does far more damage to their cause than a picture of Muhammed as a dog eating a bowl of pork.

Personally I think you are right in that they need to not take things as seriously. A good friend of mine once stated �The Middle East would be a much better place with a happy hour and a couple of strip joints.�

That being said, chew over this for a while: The Prophet Muhammed lived and died in the 7th Century after the birth of Christianity. That means that, if you do the math, Islam is right about where Christianity was in the 1400s. Are their attitudes and mindsets now much different that that of the mindsets and attitudes of the Christians in the Dark ages? I think not.

(As a side note - Muhammed was actually a pretty peaceful dude. Sure, he could lay the smack down with the best of them, but he actually practiced - and preached - peace more than he did war. His big push was to move away from polytheism and go back to the one true God of the Bible. This is the biggest problem that the radicals have with Christians and how they justify calling us infidels. According to Islam, Jesus is not divine � he was only and merely a prophet. The fact that Christians worship the �Holy Trinity� makes Christianity polytheistic, not monotheistic. )

Mjolnir said...

I am going to reply to your comment in a new Blog. I've been doing my research so I get my point clarified and I really don't feel I'm off base. Or if I am...not all that far.