Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, I've been seeing alot more news about the Modoggies. The illustrations by Lars Vilks have really created an uproar in the world community.
The Muslim nations, Iran in particular, have called on the Swedish Government to punish the newspaper that published the illustrations and also the artist himself.
At least the Swedes have finally stood up and said "no". It's about time.
Thomas the Wraith has decided to make some drawings of his own and publish them on his blog
It can be found here http://rantwraith.blogspot.com/
Or you can just use the link at the bottom of my page.
Gates of Vienna has been covering the Modoggie chronicles quite extensively so you should take a look over there at Baron Bodissey and Dymphna's blog. They've got alot of great posts.

Oh, and I am going to make a few Modoggie drawings myself and post them here...
The more they scream like spoiled brats, the more I will take pleasure in being the infidel they love to hate.



Fafnir's Hangnail said...

So, the intent is to be as obnoxious as possible to another religious group because you think it is funny? Is there a point to the cartoons other than trying to be a jackass?

You realize that it is sacrilegious in the Muslim faith to depict Muhammad? They view it as idolatry. It would be akin to someone in Islam drawing a picture of a roman soldier sodomizing Christ before the crucifixion. That would piss you off as a Christian, right?

Sure, they have a right to make a drawing like that, just as you have the right to depict Muhammed as a dog. What is the fucking point though? Is there a deeper political message you are trying to prove, or are you just trying be an asshole because you can? Fucking brilliant.

Mjolnir said...

To Fafnir's hangnail.
What is the point?
Well, let's see, Art is art. Freedom of speech is exactly that. You can be offended or not, it's your choice. When Christian symbols are desecrated a handful of people raise a stink, but essentially it is the right of anyone in the free world to voice their opinions. Or to make a statement.
It is also your right to not look at it or just throw it away..or burn it if it offends you.
I support the rights of free peoples in all nations. And I do not support someone being forced to apologize for expressing themselves. Noone was beheaded or blown up or raped. It was a damn drawing. That is all it is.
And if I am an infidel for expressing my support for free speech, then so be it.
I have published your comment although I would prefer that you tone down the profanity if you care to bash me in the future. It is, after all, my blog.
But I welcome your criticism and if you have something constructive to add, I wholeheartedly welcome it.

Fafnir's Hangnail said...

Ah, but my point is that this was not art for art’s sake. You made the comment that stated your intent was to create art for the purpose of insulting or annoying people (that would be that last paragraph of your blog). That isn’t art, it is antagonizing a select group of people. Though, I do have to say that there is an art to being antagonizing…

Freedom of speech – and religion - is a great and wonderful thing. However, just because you have that freedom doesn’t give you the right to step all over other people’s beliefs. Should the Swedes and the Danes be made to apologize? Personally, I don’t think so. But I also don’t think that the papers should be fanning the flames either. There is a personal responsibility to act appropriately. There are plenty of outlets available on the internet for them to post these without having to drag papers, courts and governments into this.

Here is a great example: You are preaching freedom of speech, yet asked me to tone down my language. I capitulated. Why? Because I respect the differences we have as people (it also helps that deep down I am a good guy). If I were to take the approach you and others have advocated in the blogs, I would have done my best Sam Kinison impersonation with this response because I knew it would offend and annoy you.

At any rate, put a little thought into why you want to do something. Art should be a thing of beauty, not a petty incitment. I had expected better of you.

Mjolnir said...

Thank you for your comment.
Let's get straight to the point then shall we?
I believe that just as it is the right of Muslims to bash our society and issue fatwas as they see fit. It's Our right to punch back metaphorically as well.
We can sit and argue all day about the evils that have been perpetrated by every nation in the world. Which one is the bigger evil?
Honestly, I believe there are alot of good people that adhere to some form of islam. Fine.
I don't and I don't like how they take advantage of our society to infiltrate ours and try to make the world Islam. I don't condone proselytizing of any faith that is done at the end of a gun barrel or a sword. Period.
If we are to overcome the sins of the past, we need to be able to look past harmless images and move on. I cruise around the blogs quite frequently and I see and read alot of opinions being voiced from many different viewpoints. Some leftist, some rightist and some religiously oriented. I was brought up in a Christian family and attended church into my teens. When I was around 12 years old, my folks told me that church was optional and I could go or not, my choice. I continued to go for a few years later. I became disillusioned with the Christian faith and I studied other religions...to include Islam. And quite frankly, I just don't agree with it. There are plenty of good things in most religions and their books have timeless wisdom. I will agree. But if you take one book and say that this is the only way and live by the rule of the book...in it's entirety, well, sorry noone has the monopoly on wisdom.
As a Westerner and someone who values the lives of all people, I cannot stand to see the Muslim world openly dancing in the streets adter 9/11. Celebrating senseless death and destruction is something I just cannot forget. If they wanted forgiveness for their actions, then they need to step up and the Good Muslims out there need to publicly denounce terrorism and back up their stance instead of saying one thing and then funneling money to terrorist organizations.
There are a large number of radical islamists in this world and the only ones that seem to want to do anything about it are the Westerners. If the Muslims really cared about how we felt, they'd do something.
Am I being a tad bit antagonistic, sure. But I'm not killing anyone and I'm not issuing a fatwa against anyone. So since this is my blog, I am perfectly within my right to voice my feelings.
Am I being an asshole? Some folks may actually think that, but they're entitled to their opinion.
I am not a hatemonger, but I am angry. This is meant to be an act of defiance in the face of what i consider to be an enemy of my way of life that I value very highly. If I use a little colorful language or show a bit of pleasure at voicing my opinion is that so wrong?
Being an infidel is meant to be an insult to us non-muslims. I am an infidel in their eyes whether I draw pictures or not. I will wear the badge of the infidel with honor and yes, I consider them a bunch of whiners. No, they aren't the only ones.
And just because I was brought up in a Christian household does not make me a Christian. I think that there are a whole lot of mis-labeled Christians out there. I know what Jesus taught and I think it's an honorable path, but not mine. I made the choice to not be a hypocrite. If that sends me to hell then I guess I better bring the suntan lotion.
I know in my heart and in my soul that I am an inherently good person and i try to be a good person, but I am not a religious person.
I am making a statement here.
And quite frankly, if you feel I'm pissing in your cheerios, tough.
I don't think I am, but well, maybe you're offended. you seem to be. or are you just playing devil's advocate? Either way, I welcome your criticism and if I haven't clarified my position well enough or if you still think my motivation is to "be an asshole" because I can, well, that's your opinion.

Fafnir's Hangnail said...

The good Muslims don’t go out and say anything because their families are murdered if they do. All of them. To include the distant relatives. There is a growing movement in the west that allows the “good muslim” to make an outcry. Personally, I think the global media is repressing some of the outcry, but they have an agenda that warrants it’s own blog entry.

Most of the people practicing Islam are good people. It is that small, less than 5%, that are taking the spotlight right now. Our society is to blame for allowing them to infiltrate and try and change it to suit their wants and needs. And because we are such a soft and PC based culture, we are giving it to them on a platter. But I digress.

Proselytizing of faith at the end of a gun barrel or a sword. That describes so many religions. Christianity is no better in that respect – just look at the Crusades, the founding of the Americas, and the expansion of the American West.

The thing is, in the Koran, it describes Jews and Christian not as infidels but as people to be respected because they worship the same God. Really, they do. It is a select few that have decided that Christians have lost their way and that it falls upon the Muslims to bring them back into the fold. Being an infidel is not an insult per se, but the person or group in question does not believe in God and needs to be converted. Not an ideal I subscribe to, but many faiths out there do.

By that definition, you and I are both infidels, an quite honestly I am ok with that.

Are there harsh things under Sharia law? Absolutely. There is a lot of outdated, backwards, and blatantly misquoted Christian laws. “An Eye for an Eye” from the Surmon on the Mount speech by JC is supposed to be only applied in the case of pregnant women.

You mentioned trying to move past the sins of the past. How can we do that if we are continually inciting and inflaming everyone on the planet? That doesn’t sound very progressive to me. Which leads back to the original intent of my post, is there a better reason for creating these images than to merely incite the muslim community and justify/legitimize (in their eyes) the reason for the fatwahs and killings?

And yes, I have been playing the Advocate.

Mjolnir said...

fafnir, you mentioned the blood on everyone's hands...I thought I brought that up already. Yes you are correct and I agree with you on pretty much everything.
I have to say In response to our society allowing the infiltration by totalitarian Islamic ideology. You are correct, why is this so...because we're afraid to say no to them. We are afraid to stand up and say hey, "enough already!"
The point is that although I don't necessarily see eye to eye with everyone on alot of these issues, I do believe that at some point we have to fight in whatever way we are able to defend our rights and our liberties. And quite frankly, for another nation...ours is no altarboy either, to say you will do as we say, or else...umm. No. I won't do as they say because the moment I do, they've stripped me of my credibility. I've allowed them to steal my honor and there's no getting it back without a fight. period. It's all they understand.
And I am maybe doing something offensive to some good folks, but I will say this much, The religious authority of Islam is pushing this on us and their own people.
So when I make an attack on Islam, it's on the religious authority that is calling for dawa and jihad against our satanic ways.
Sorry, I'm not living on my knees.
And I will never submit to their will. I would rather die defending my freedom than live on my knees.
When the yoke comes off of the good folks, many of which I am sure are no more offended by it than by dipping a crucifix in urine.
An artist can make a statement and if you don't like it, tough, don't look at it.
The object is to satire...something we as westerners understand and value even if we disagree with the message.
I've read some great posts and some comments by Muslims that really want things to change, but they're considered heretics if they speak out...the fact that they fear for their lives is an indication, is it not? If we don't stand up, who will?

I am going to post a new blog about this soon, but I need some time to get everything right.
I will reply more in depth in that as this is turning into a blog all by itself in the comment section.

Thomas the Wraith said...

fafnir - I'll just be perfectly clear so there is no misunderstanding. I don't care what you think and more importantly I don't care what Muslims think. I don't care what actions are or are not blasphemy to Muslims. I am NOT a Muslim. These cartoons are not blasphemous to me. They're bloody cartoons. Lighten up, pal.

As for anti-Christians cartoons, the Internet is full of them and many other images I find offensive. But I don't go searching for them. People are free to insult Christianity. Knock yourself out. Who cares?

Are we supposed to reorganize our culture and redefine our rights because of members of a foreign religion get their precious little feelings hurt? Do Muslim concepts of right and wrong apply to all people everywhere? No, of course not. There is no right not to be offended.

The point is that this amuses me and it demonstrates my utter disdain to attempts to make me conform to some vague notions of trying not to offend people. And I think it's funny. If you don't, well, to each his own.

I am not sending these cartoons to Muslims or publishing them in a Muslim nation. My blog has no advertising. It is completely obscure. Yet Muslims search out these cartoons, looking to be offended. What kind of people spend their time looking to be offended? The answer: people who are trying to impose their alien ways onto me and my culture.

I am not a Muslim therefore Muslim customs and religious laws mean nothing to me. Zero. You may call me a jackass or worse. Yawn. But I will continue to exercise my right to draw what I choose, to write what I choose, to mock and ridicule who I choose. If Muslims don't like it then they can avoid my blog or grow some thinker freaking skin.