Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Is America Doomed?

I've been doing alot of reading over at Islam Watch
I came across this piece written recently by Iranian Born Amil Imani. It sums up for me alot of what I've been thinking myself recently and it seems many others out here in the blogosphere as well. This is a great site for those of you that want to see Islam throught the eyes of Apostates. From the people who were born into the "Religion of Peace".

So...why is America doomed?...
Some excerpts from Amil Imani's essay...

Because we are our own worst enemy. Because it is going to take more than 9/11 to wake us up. Because our politicians don’t have the stomach to tell the truth. Because we have lost our will to call a spade a spade. Because we are ignoring the most important element of intelligence ― understanding the mindset and dedication of our enemies ― and because being politically correct has become our norm.

America is doomed to failure in this war of ideology, an ideology that would turn a loving mother into a “launching pad of death.” We are doomed unless we stand up and identify the real enemy: Islam itself.
History has shown time and again that you can kick the truth, bend the truth, gag the truth, hide the truth, but you can never kill the truth. Truth has a bad habit of hanging around until everyone can see it.

It is urgent that we confront Islamism on all fronts. All free people must demand that their governments, at all levels, abandon the practice of political correctness and act to safeguard liberty against the truly deadly assault of Islamism on the rest of the World.

Amil Imani is an Iranian born, pro-democracy activist who resides in the United States of America. He is a poet, writer, literary translator, novelist and an essayist who has been writing and speaking out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran. Amil Imani's Home Page:

I encourage you to investigate this site. There are many articles by many authors here and so far what I've read myself has been quite eye-opening.


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