Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Get Your Guns

Hat tip to Iggy over at Pat Dollard...

Iggy's initial post was addressing the media coverage of alleged Terrorists attempting to attack Ft. Huachuca, AZ. I happen to work at Ft. Huachuca and although the media story was debunked, the threat is actually there. Our borders are wide open because our government refuses to grant the Border patrol the ability to properly do their job.

Also we seem to be extremely reluctant, as a nation, to confront the reality that our border is a combat zone down here. Seems we have no problem with helping the Iraqi citizens exercise their right to protect themselves, but we as Americans are not allowed to do that. See what happens if some "poor" illegal drug smuggler gets shot by an American citizen protecting his property...I refer you to the Barnetts who own a ranch down on the border here...they didn't even shoot anyone, just threatened trespassers and were taken to court by the ACLU and had to pay damages to these folks...ridiculous.

Although the initial post caused alot of kneejerk reactions of the frightened, "we gotta do something!" variety. Maybe we need to do just that just to wake people up. The only problem I see is that most of the commenters I've seen over at Pat Dollard are right wing conservative like myself and we're preaching to the choir. My hope is that someone actually reads the post by Iggy that NEEDS to see it.

I stand by my conviction that there are plenty of conservatives on the border that will take action if necessary. Contrary to some of the opinions of people that don't live here that just see the results of an open border and all the debate over illegals.

If you've followed any of my blogs on illegal immigration, you know my stance already. I won't reiterate myself here.

However the even bigger threat tour open borders is the related Video that Iggy posted concerning LP/OPs that the drug cartels set up in this country as lookouts for their trafficking and smuggling of drugs, guns and people into...and out of the country.

For those of you out there that haven't a clue about what I'm talking about...and for some of you who do, pick up a copy of The Reaper's Line by Lee Morgan, a former border officer. It may open your eyes a bit. Also check out American Freedom Riders for more information about illegal immigration and the cases of Ramos and Compean, Border patrol agents that were imprisoned for doing their job. Also the story of Gary Brugman, a Veteran and former border patrol agent sthat lost everything, wife, kids and his job, went to prison for 2 years and is trying to survive...because he did his job...just like Ramos and Compean. I urge you to go to this site and do some exploring there is a wealth of information here regarding the injustices perpetrated by our own gov't against our border agents. Truly appalling stuff.

The fact is folks...the border is a warzone and the public doesn't even realize it.

So...I'm with Iggy....Get your guns!

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