Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Damn Dhimmicrats...

Y'know, I'm a bit worried about the next presidential election.

As most of us conservatives ought to be.

I get some emails from some organisations that are of a liberal bent and when i initially opted to get these emails, I was all about clicking a button to help raise money for endangered species and whatnot. General do-good, feel-good type stuff.

I've been noticing lately that the emails I've been getting from these organizations has been more radically liberal.

This disturbs me. I don't mind people voicing their opinions, don't get me wrong, but the tactics are pretty underhanded. You figure most people want to do good. But realizing that what someone in an organization is asking you to do is not necessarily a good thing when you associate them with do-good type stuff,...that's the issue I'm having. I know alot of people don't follow politics like they ought to, but that's their choice. the Libs are targeting those folks and I'm having a hard time reconciling that.

for example. I get an email from Care2. Now these folks are becoming much more blatant about their liberal bent when they are petitioning to get behind the democrats in '08. Because...

And I quote:

If you're getting by without health insurance, or facing foreclosure, or worried about your job or if you have a family member in Iraq, you know our country has gotten itself into a heap of a mess since Dubya took office.

- James Carville

Or as Natasha at Care2 quotes mr. Carville again...

As Democratic political pundit James Carville points out in his unique way, "The worst job at the circus is cleaning up after the elephants. The same goes for politics."

This is the same Mr. Carville that brought us the Clinton Years...

Oh, and also seen here:

That's Mr. Carville...the weasely looking bald guy, with Minnesota Congressmen Keith Ellison.
Congressman Ellison is the first MUSLIM congressman in the US ever. This was taken last year.
Yep, Dhimmicrats.
Ok, off my soapbox...just had to rant.

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