Wednesday, March 5, 2008

S.2619 and H.R.5434

Ok folks...these 2 bills apparently are good thing. Seems our congreesmen and senators are going to vote on whether we citizens can carry loaded weapons in our national parks.

Now, I would never have known about this if I hadn't gotten an email from the NPCA. That's the National Parks Conservation Asociation. Yep, There's a closet treehugger in here somewhere...hahaha. No, seriously though. I love the outdoors and I'm all for conservation of our natural an extent.

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but real life has a tendency to put a dent in my blogging.

Anywho. The NPCA is actively opposing this legislature. I think those of us that value our rights need to pay attention.

Time permitting I will try to keep up on this legislature. Write your senators and congressmen and let them know we citizens support this legislation.

The opposition is claiming that allowing people to cary loaded weapons in National Parks will increase the level of poaching and crime. the folks commiting crimes give a shit about any bill passed in congress or the senate.

Die with your boots on my friends! protect your rights!

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