Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guitar Heroes

I Saw this Dispatch over at Michael Yon and I just had to post about it. The article is a grand tribute to the work of the 4/6 CAV over in Iraq.
And to my little brother Nathan who is over there providing Avionics support to those guys...This is an article you should read. I'm not sure if you really know what those pilots do, I know I had no idea the gritty dangerous combat situations these guys (and gals) do.

The entire article can be found here.

"The Predator peered down on the terrorists planting the bomb. There were too many targets for one Hellfire missile, and it’s better to conserve the weapon when possible, since the Predator must fly far to reload."

"A group of four Kiowa Warrior pilots were only a few minutes away from the enemy, but their helicopters were on the ground and the engines were cold, while the pilots were waiting in a building near the runway, playing Guitar Hero to pass the time."

"A soldier interrupted the Guitar Hero session, telling the pilots to get in the air. Orders would come over the radio. The pilots abandoned Guitar Hero and raced out the door into the cold night to their OH-58D Kiowa Warriors, economy-sized helicopters that would make a Ford Pinto seem spacious. The pilots crammed two each into the two helicopters, strapping in, cranking engines, while radio chatter had already started. The pilots learned that the Predator had identified a target, which it would laser-designate for a Hellfire shot from a Kiowa."
For those of you who read my blog...and I know there aren't a whole lot of you, Michael Yon is an independent journalist that specializes in reporting on the War on Terror. He has done a hell of a job getting in the dirt with the troops...both US and foreign to give as accurate of a prtrayal of this war from the soldier's perspective. His Blog is a must read if you even have half a care for the folks directly involved in this war.
Check it out Here.
The article is awesome, but then again most of his dispatches are.
Scout's Out!

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