Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Injustice from the "justice dept"

Many of you are familiar with the injustice of the incarceration of 2 of our Border Patrol agents. Ramos and Compean. Their appeal was rejected.

This from grassfire:

After months and months of delays, today the 5th Circuit rejectedthe most important aspects of the appeal by imprisoned borderpatrol agents Ramos and Compean.

That means the court has sided with Johnny Sutton -- and Ramos and Compean now face at least 10 years in prison for attempting to apprehend an convicted illegal alien drug smuggler!

We have posted a link to the court's ruling in which the judges conclude that the trial "was conducted fairly and without reversible error" -- even though the court admitted to "exclusion of evidence"(i.e. suppression of evidence) regarding the drug smuggler!

The Scumbag that testified against our Border agents.

Go here to read it for yourself (all 45 pages):

Get involved. This is a travesty of justice. What kind of world is it when our law enforcement officals are incarcerated for doing their job on the word of an illegal drug smuggler...

Die with your boots on.


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