Monday, July 28, 2008



I have some left leaning friends.

Yep. I sure do. And they're good people.

They are intelligent and well read and researched people.

Through them I've come to know, in the virtual sense, a fellow liberal friend of theirs.

They have a website and a forum. I frequent it mainly because I enjoy the discourse and they are my friends.

This particular individual and many of the the others that frequent their site are constantly harping about how the military industrial corporate machine controls the GW and his administration control the media...most of the time I just chuckle.

I am now going to issue the challenge here that Senor Obama...the Democratic Presidential hopeful who seems to think he's already POTUS, has more control over the media than the evil conservative corporate machine.

His record breaking performance in Oregon according to WaPo. Oh and let's see what had to say. Well, that farce has been exposed. The fact that he used a free rock concert to stage his appearance had nothing to do with the record numbers I'm sure...

Now his infamous German speech has been exposed as well. Of course, for the folks who don't scour the internet for the real news, they'll never know of course because Obama is leading the top news agencies around like the pied piper. Lets see what the NYT had to say. While we're at it..let's see what WaPo had to say. How about CNN. While his republican know the all powerful controllers of the media gets a couple of reporters to cover his campaign...interesting.

You know. If I knew there was a free concert going on with free brats and free beer...not to mention free pizza...I would definitely be beer...mmmm.


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