Saturday, October 25, 2008

On Dying With Your Boots On....a little rant.

I've come to the conclusion, I'm no good at this writing thing. I try sometimes…I spend more time reading what others have written and not enough time speaking about my own positions on the issues. Usually no more than a few lines.

Perhaps it is because I am reluctant to throw something out there without first examining all the angles. I try to be informed about my opinions to the best of my ability…and with the plethora of stories and information I come across in any given day, reading through all this and processing all that information leaves me little time to compose anything worthwhile.. I generally just try to pass on information to my extremely small readership. I know you guys are out there…even though I haven't had a comment in a very long time.

When I started this blog, I wanted to get involved and try and make a difference. Even in a small way. I wanted to share my concerns and some of the knowledge I've gained from my studies and research. I have no idea if anyone really bothers to read any of this…or if those who do take anything away from here that is useful or has enlightened them at all.
If anything I hope the folks that read this blog will go do some of their own research on the issues.

That said, I'm not done yet. I may take some breaks from time to time, but I am far from out of the fight.

There a lot of things going on in this country right now that really bother me. They bother me on a deep level. The more I learn about how this country was formed and what our founding fathers stood for, the more depressed I become when I observe the way our government is run…and that we've allowed it to become this way. Not only have we allowed it, but our education system and our media have pushed this on us for decades. Where is the pride we used to have as a nation? Where are the citizens who believed in hard work? At what point did we lose sight of the danger of big government? It seems that the original reason for a central government has been forgotten. Now when we are at war, the people scream how we waste so much money fighting wars and not enough on domestic issues…wait a minute, that was never the intent. Central Government was responsible for maintaining a standing Navy and Army and to represent the nation of United States to the rest of the world. Not to provide welfare or relief. That was the role of States. The States were responsible for governing their territories, not the central government. The central government was meant to insure our rights, not grant us rights, but insure our inalienable rights. A lot has changed in the last couple of hundred years. We are about to possibly destroy the system of checks and balances in our government with the election of a Democrat president and a majority of democrats in the house and senate. This alone should preclude anyone from voting for the democratic candidate this year. But the Republican party has screwed the pooch so bad that we are going to see some real change…and not the kind I or most patriots of this great nation want to see and certainly don't believe in.

We've seen a lot of negative coverage of both candidates…at least those of us who've been paying attention to places besides NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, et al.
The Media is in the bag for Obama with the sole exception it seems of FOX news. I am not a Republican. Although I like them far better than the Democrats. I am a closet Libertarian. I believe that the world is not a fair place, but we could at least get a fair shake in this country we had the means and the way to do so until the gov't decided it knew better than the unwashed masses. And the unwashed masses contain many critical and well educated people I might add…Washington does not have the monopoly on intelligence. Far from it. We are about to see some of our most basic rights put in danger if Obama wins this election. I hear all the time…"Obama's not gonna take away your guns…" He doesn't have to…all he has to do is appoint liberal judges to the supreme court and let the anti-gun lobbies do the rest. What about free speech? Well, it seems that as long as you say what the libs want to hear…your safe. Criticize or point out facts that run contrary to their doctrine and you have threats of litigation if not outright harassment. Those of us that truly believe in free speech understand how precious it is and there are a great many of us who have put our lives on the line for this seemingly unappreciated document called the Constitution of the United States of America. I took an oath to defend her against all enemies foreign AND domestic. Yep…go back there and reread…domestic. That means right here boys and girls. Guys like Bill Ayers should have been put to death. It's one thing to talk about communism and say all the ice things you want about it, but when you commit violence against the citizens and servant of this country…multiple times, then say you wish you'd done more, then sit with the rest of your cronies and plan how you're gonna 'eliminate' 25million Americans that won't convert to your ideology…well, that's seditious friends…downright treasonous. That is the blatant abuse of the freedoms we have here in this country. The common misconception about Bill Ayers, is that he was some 60's radical anti-war freak. Well, they're half-right. This guy had no problem with war, just not the one we were in…and not for the same reasons and most of the protesters were. Y'see. Bill is a Communist…with a big C. He was opposed to us fighting the commies in N Vietnam cause they were his 'comrades'. He wanted to make this country communist and was willing to kill innocent people to do so. The fact that he has still after almost 40 years remained unrepentant for his actions says an awful lot about this man. He is now a 'respected' education reformer…umm…wait a minute here…reformer? A guy who believes in Marxism and communism…is teaching our best and brightest and working on new teaching techniques and actually has stature in the education community…I don't know about you all, but that scares the bejeezus out of me.

I am not surprised, since when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, there were people that said communism wasn't all bad…read the doctrine, it sounds like a nice utopian society, everyone works and everyone reaps the benefits…yeah…not quite how it works folks. Ask an immigrant form one of the old soviet states…or China…or North Korea… or …Cuba. They'll tell you how it works…in a time of crisis, a new social party arises that promises what the people in their panic and uncertainty want to hear…and then the hammer drops.

Let me qualify a couple of things right now. I do not allow charisma to deceive me anymore. Obama is chock full of charisma, and says all those nice wonderful things like Hope and Change. He tells us that we can make it happen… he is a cunning manipulator, I'll give him that. But what seems to me to be some serious issues with his ideology or the roots of it anyway, since he has taken great pains to hide his true leanings during this election. He was brought up by a communist…that's right folks, his mentor in his most impressionable years was a bona fide communist. An American communist at that. Look up Frank Marshall Davis when you get a chance. He learned his "community Organizing" skills form the Saul Alinsky playbook…look that guy up too while your at it. Then we have the Bill Ayers connection. People, you have to wake up and smell the coffee. If McCain were known to pal around with Timothy McVeigh and David Duke and was brought up by A fascist and was a student of Mein Kampf…how well do you think that would go over with ANYONE in this country?

Ok, let's let the communist link drop for a bit.

How about Reverend Phleger and Reverend Wright. Well, since the issue is race related, noone wants to touch it for fear of being labeled a racist..or if you're a black conservative, uncle tom. C'mon folks. Lets get real here. You don't have to say anything, the simple fact is that if you were born white, you're automatically a racist to these jokers. The Church that obama has attended for the last 20 or so years…that he has been forced to distance himself from for political gain is a black racist church. Period. It is not even what anyone would consider a Christian church. Don't believe me, look up James Cone and Black Liberation Theology. That is the doctrine that Rev. Wright follows and that the Obamas have been hearing for years in church. Looks like the descendants of the black slaves in this country are gonna get some reparation, whether we know it or not…95% tax break…yep and who is gonna be getting a check? A large number of the black minority that have been duped into not having respect for themselves. To have a victim mentality. The entitlement thing…they deserve it…whatever. Noone in my family has ever owned a slave of any color and I never have either. But because I'm white, I still owe black folks money and property that I've worked for? Doesn't seem right somehow does it? Well, common sense doesn't even enter the picture. I have a lot of respect for anyone of any color that stands up and takes responsibility for themselves and succeeds in this country. Last time I checked, the American Way is not a racial issue…it's an ideological one. It took us a long time to get to the point where we could put racial prejudices aside for the most part, but now we're seeing the so-called party of unity playing the race card for their own political gain...and what good is it going to do the rest of the country…none at all, it's gonna set us back decades. Y'know most conservatives I know aren't even remotely racist…but it seems there's a whole lot of democrats that are. And I'm not just talking Black and White here. We've got Black Panthers supporting Obama, La Raza (that's 'The Race' in Spanish for those of you who don't know) Can you imagine if a group of white Europeans called themselves that in this country? Yeah…not happenin. Why is it we let others do this then? Because we've lost our pride in who we are as a nation. We've allowed the splintering of our nation into racial groups and the white man is the bad guy….utter nonsense. We should be standing up to our enemies as one…one nation of Americans…not African-Americans or Mexican- Americans or Irish- Americans or any other hyphenated group. We're all Americans in this country, but a large number of us are too ashamed of what that means for all the wrong reasons. I love this country. I believe in what this country once stood for and with any luck will again.
I'm sure most of you have heard this quote before…it's quite famous.
"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it."
That is a promise made by a defender of liberty that is a mantra of what we in America stand for. If you are unwilling to lay your life down for what is right, then you deserve to be a slave. I will not stand idly by while this country is corrupted from within by the enemies of everything we hold dear. It saddens me to overhear conversations by federal employees on a military post discussing how communism has it's merits and it's not so bad…in reference to Obama. They can see the spectre and think it's the holy spirit… And they welcome it into their lives, their society as if it should be welcomed instead of reviled for the evil that it is. It is disheartening.

As a point of contrast, I regularly read Gunslinger's Journal. She is a former liberal like myself and lives in extremely close proximity to one of the major liberal breeding grounds…imagine how strange it is for me to be surrounded by liberals on a military post…yeah…that's quite unnerving. Now don't get me wrong, most of the folks I work with are conservatives…a few aren't , but most are…in fact most of the folks I work with are either retired or former military. But to be out and about and hear the talk and see the bumper stickers of the proud lefties on this post, is disheartening. I don't mind a little intellectual debating about things but when the basic ideology is perverted to the point of being almost unrecognizable, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

We need to educate our kids in the US gov't . The Constitution should be not only required reading, but should include in depth discussion about each amendment and what it means for us and our liberty. These are things that are vitally important to the future of our nation and we've allowed ourselves and our children to become pawns.

I'm done for now cause my head hurts. Do yourselves a favor, and if you really think Obama is better than McCain, do some research into who these men really are, not just reading their campaign websites. Voting records. Political associations, and other associations. Their willingness to be open about themselves should be your first clue, any candidate that doesn't want to release information has something to hide. What is it and why do they want to hide it? And think very strongly on what being American means to you, do you truly believe in America or do you truly believe we need to forget the past and start fresh? If you are a socialist, admit it. If you're a communist admit it. If you're not, and you believe in the United States, admit that too and make your vote count where it should. If you're reading this and admit you're a communist or a socialist…please go fuck yourself because I am a patriot and you need to go find another already communist government to live under. Quit fucking with mine.

For you patriots ( the Dollard Nation, Argghhh! and many others) out there…I raise my glass and salute you!

Die with your boots on!


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