Wednesday, January 21, 2009

George Washington: My President

H/T: Gunslinger

First of all, I'd like to thank my blogger buddy Gunslinger for pointing me to Sultan Knish blog...awesome. Must read stuff!

This is a great Post and I encourage you all to check it out...and read the rest of his stuff too. Gunslinger's too....she's got some really good posts herself.

So to whet your appetite a's a small excerpt:

George Washington's America was a bold declaration of human independence in the face of a world of monarchies, tyrannies and empires. It was not perfect, but then no human system ever is. This America embodied the principle that human freedom and national independence is supreme above empire and the state.

The principle of the Divine Rule of Kings, the idea that a nation's ruler was somehow superhuman, a messianic figure divinely endowed to rule over lesser men, was broken by Washington at Yorktown. And yet despite attempts by others to build a cult of personality around him, Washington rejected royal titles and a government salary, humbly served out two terms while turning the other cheek to the vicious smear campaigns from his "progressive" opponents and insisted on his retirement thereby setting a precedent that a President is not a monarch or a deity, but only a public servant.

King George III, the monarch whose rule over America he had broken, stated that if Washington would indeed leave power and retire to his farm, "If he does that, sir, he will be the greatest man in the world."

So, go read it all...and then some...

Die with your boots on...


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