Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why We Choose Us

This is a must read...

Another gem from Sultan Knish.


It is the right of every nation to defend itself against enemies at home and abroad. That right of self-defense will not be abridged because the left has decided that Israel has less right to exist than an Iranian backed theocracy that just brought back crucifixion. When Al Queda attacked America, the left chose the Taliban. When Hamas bombed Israel, the left chose Hamas. So be it. We are under no obligation to bow our heads to the moral judgment of the ideological grandchildren of Marx, Lenin and Noam Chomsky. To hell with them and to hell with all their progeny. We choose us.

It is the right of every people to refuse to be slaughtered, to care about their own first, and to defend their own first. You may call this selfish, we call it survival. A nation exists because it chooses not to be conquered, instead choosing the deaths of the enemy over slavery and genocide. A family exists because a man chooses to protect his family from all those who would harm them. All morality must have a base. Yours is in class warfare, ours is in the family. We choose our family, we choose their lives over the intruders who would slaughter us in the name of greed and the maddened fanaticism that turned the once thriving Middle East, cradle of the world's civilizations, into dusty deserts, hovels and torture chambers. We choose us.

We did not force Hamas to barrage our towns and villages with rockets. We did not force them to begin this war, but we are nonetheless determined to end it in the way that all wars end, with the destruction of the aggressor.

I canproudly declare that although the new Messiah in Chief may not support them, I stand with Israel. It's easy to be misled by a biased media, but the truth is, Israel is a literal 'diamond in the rough' The stark contrast between the countries that surround it and Israel itself is unbelievable. They have literally carved out a paradise in a wasteland. None of their neighbors have...and likely never will. In fact if their neighbors have their way, beautiful Israel will return to the wasteland it used to be before they bacame a nation.

Die with your boots on...

And send Hamas back to the hell that spawned them.


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