Friday, January 30, 2009

What It's All About

I read this over at DoubleTapper.

DoubleTapper is a reserve IDF Officer and although this was written about the citizen soldiers of Israel...I think that any one of us in the US Military can identify with this...If you don't, you never really understood soldiering.

Personally I am of the opinion that the IDF kicks serious ass. I am a proud supporter of Israel's right to exist and they have showed uncommon restraint. Even now that 'Cast Lead' is officially over...I believe they should have done more and have every right to. Israel's Sovereignty should not be questioned. Ever.

More than a bit of a nod to fact i salute you Sir.

Heading into Gaza

A slow line enters Gaza.
The brigade commander has a factory.
The regiment commander is an engineer.
The company commander is a science teacher.
The platoon commander is in the standing army.
The company sergeant sells holy books.
The sergeant is something of a carpenter.
The squad commander is presently unemployed.
The private is a retiree.
But they’re all excellent soldiers

Marching in a slow line, in the tranquil night.
Entering enemy territoryWithout fear.
To fight for their nationLike their parents did for them.
The brigade commander has a back-ache.
The regiment commander has high cholesterol.
The company commander has indigestion.
The platoon commander just doesn’t look good.
The company sergeant has eye problems.
The sergeant has insomnia.
The squad commander has the itchies.
The private has warts on his foot.
But they’re all excellent soldiers.

Sneaking through the gloom in a slow line.
Entering enemy territory.
Forgetting that they are spoiled and sensitive.
Bombarded each day with drops, creams and tablets.
Suddenly they’re healthy.

The same people who fear medical shots and dentists.
Are suddenly brave.
They know longer fear anything.
They just do what they have to.
For the sake of the Jewish People.
Because what you’ve got to do, you’ve got to do.

They’re no longer thinking about themselves.
But about the national mission.
Because we’ve shown more than enough restraint.
And this is just round one.

The brigade commander is a Leftist who opposes settlements.
The regiment commander is a settler who favors settlements.
The company commander votes for a centrist party.
The platoon commander is national religious
–Torn between two and a half parties.
The company sergeant is very Ultra-orthodox.
The sergeant is a socialist.
The squad commander has voted for everyone.
The private can never decide.
But they’re all excellent soldiers.

Marching in silence, in the dark of night.
Under the smiling moon.
With tense fortitude.
Those same people
Who on politics and religion
Can never agree on a single thing
Suddenly become brothers Comrade de Guerre, war buddies.
Devoted to each other With all their heart.

Suddenly all agree
That the best thing we have
Is our country
And our Defense Forces.
And they’re all ready
To smite the enemy hard
Once and for all
To leave us in peace.

Written by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner

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