Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exercising your 2nd Amendment right may get you on TV...

The internet is abuzz this morning with reports of the man carrying an AR-15 (loaded of course) to an anti-Obama rally in Phoenix, AZ.

Well, initially Iwa sof mixed emotions about the situation and I discussed this with my coworker a bit. I say Kudos to the gentleman who appeared on the news with an AR strapped to his back.

Even in an open-carry state like AZ it's kinda ballsy to attend a political event, especially one in which the president is in attendance.

But he didn't do anything wrong. That's the bottom line. In fact, what the leftists in this country need to understand is that the Healthcare "reform" bill is the last straw. We will not continue to be bullied by those who are there to serve our interests...that being liberty. Safeguarding or legal freedoms. We're done. we don't want anymore nanny-state nonsense. I watched the CNN coverage of this situation and it's obvious that these guys missed the whole point.

Rick Sanchez of CNN asks: "Just because you can do something, does that mean you should?"

Of course this was supposed to be a rhetorical question. One most are familiar with.

Well, I have to respond with this...Under the circumstances, I am quite sure we should.

This is way beyond a debate over Healthcare reform. We have very good reason not to trust the gov't, especially concerning this healthcare initiative, because let's face it folks, this isn't about healthcare reform. It quite simply isn't. If it were, there would have been a more open debate about this to begin with instead of them trying to ram some piece of garbage that only creates more gov't control over us. The people got pissed and made a big enough stink that the congresscritters and TOTUS realized, they were about to step on their pee-pee.

They made a pretense of holding townhalls in their respective districts to hear our grievances and questions...when really all they wanted to do was "sell" us on their plan. They had no intention of listening to us. And they haven't. In fact the sheer arrogance and condescension evidenced by our supposed representitives is appalling. They really honestly believe they know better. That they are somehow priveleged with superior wisdom and intellect than the the rest of us.

The people are pissed. And the damn state media, which is pretty much every major outlet besides FOX...and sometimes even they screw it up too, continues to obfuscate the issue.

You see, since it's healthcare, and who really wants to think there's some poor victim of private insurance that could have been saved if there were safeguards or checks and balances in place to keep an insurance company from dropping a patient with cancer halfway through treatment...resulting in a horrible death? Noone really wants that to happen. But we've already been shown...with evidence that TOTUS and his cronies want a single payer system...ala Gov't run health insurance. yeah...they now they can't get it done right away, but they need to put things in place so we can shift over to the system they want for us. Sorry, I'm not buying the lies they're cooking up now to defend their position.

I believe there needs to be reform yes. some of the stories I'm hearing are criminal. yet they happen. Something needs to give. But not a public insurance option. They've screwed up medicare/medicaid and now they want us to be ok with more gov't control? no thanks, I'd rather die a horrible death than deal with that freakin mess.

Well...I've gone off on a tangent, but ot entirely so... It's all about freedom people. it's not about healthcare. The TOTUS agenda isn't about taking care of you, it's about control. It's always been about control. When true Patriots stand up to wannabe tyrants, that is a good sign. When you exercise your rights, the ones guaranteed by our constitution especially in defiance of the agenda of those who wish to take away those freedoms...you're doin the right thing.

As an aside, the gentleman who was being interviewed by Rick Sanchez on CNN, he was a correspondent, mentioned he saw a different man with an AR-15 than the one on the video so at least 2 patriots showed their colors in Phoenix. There were at least a dozen that were openly carrying pistols as well. Kudos brothers!

Just for the record. The gentleman in the video with the AR-15 (not an assault weapon) was a black man. So much for the whole white, right and uptight stereotype. In your eye you darn leftists! We're all Americans regardless of color. And we know what freedom means. And we won't back down!

That's my rant.

Keep your powder dry Patriots!

And die with your boots on...


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