Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phoenix AR SNAFU Update

H/T: Ace of Spades HQ

Meet Chris B.

A group of Gunny-folks decided to show their patriotism by showing up armed. Peaceful of course. But armed. They called the Phoenix PD the night before and arrived with a Phoenix PD Liason, just to cover their butt. The Guy with the AR had a loaded magazine in his back pocket, but the AR was actually not loaded during the event. The group contained 6 people. 5 were packing pistols that were loaded, but the guy with the AR was unloaded. The reason being, they were worried some anti-gunny nitwit might try and grab the rifle from them and get themselves or someone else hurt. Sounds reasonable enough, especially since they were simply making a statement, not intending to go on a damn shooting spree as the media might like you to think.

You can see the comment thread at AZshooting.com here.

make sure you follow the thread down so you can read what the folks that were actually there and carrying have to say. You can also see some good pics from the event, of which the one above was taken. These guys deserve our support. Patriots all.

Keep your powder dry...

...and die with your boots on...

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