Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, despite the fact McCain won the senate primary, at least my man won the republican primary for CD8. Jesse Kelly.

I don't think I need to go into Jesse's background, I think anyone that reads this blog knows who he is. For those of you who don't know his Democrat opponent, she is one Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords.

Giffords went blitzkrieg on Jesse pretty much immediately after the primaries. Standard dirty truth twisting TV commercials that really hammered on the guy. Of course everything in those commercials was twisted to reflect poorly on him. Privatizing Social Security? I dunno, somehow the leftists think that's a bad thing, and rather than accept the fact that unless something like this happens, folks my age who've paid into the damn thing our whole lives won't have anything to draw on by the time we retire. Somehow it's ok to ignore us and target the already retired folks sensibilites thinking they're a bunch of ignorant rubes.

Jesse has fired back rather well, so hopefully those initial ads won't be too damaging.

I learned today that the Democrats are pulling national support for a few of the campaigns they think are strong enough that they don't need to get involved in, AZ CD8 happens to be one of them. Good for us, naive of them. So that's a bit of good news for us.

Also, my colleague pointed out to me recently that the youtube videos of Gabby's ads have all ratings and comments turned off...LOL. However, Jesse's are active so everyone can see what the people think of him. I think the fact her campaign is afraid to turn on comments and ratings of her videos just goes to show how "strong" her standing really is here.

She played the moderate "blue-dog" here for a few years and we tolerated her, mainly because she was pro-2nd amendment at least. And the wife of a veteran.

Well, she blew it big time. She held a town hall here in SV that I attended about the Health Care bill. She basically tried (unsuccessfully) to convince us it was ok, danced around the facts. The pro-healthcare bill folks were very organized and all had pre-printed signs and t-shirts and they all sat together in large groups which they made a point to occupy certain key areas of the auditorium. Astro-turf by any other name. Well, after the majority of us pretty much told her emphatically NO. She turns around and bad mouths us at a Biden fund-raiser in DE. We all now know what she thinks of her constituents.

And she voted for it.

She's done.

Now Jesse, when we elect you to represent us in November, don't let us down because we WILL be watching you. I am confident he'll do his best. But every politician has been warned. We've seen alot of upsets and if they don't take heed, we'll kill their careers as well.


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