Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, I'm back in sunny AZ. I haven't had the time to blog or even peruse my normal reads for a while.

I'm busy looking for a job.

Y'see I am part of the 10% across the board defense spending cuts. Me and over half my division. We found out last Friday. I found out while I was waiting in the Billings airport to fly home. Not the best way to end my vacation, but at least I got to get away and enjoy myself for a week.

My last day with EPG is Thursday, September 30th. that's tomorrow.

So, when I have the time and ambition I'll be doing some posts about my vacation. In the meantime, say prayer and wish me luck.

I am a survivor and I've been down before. It just may be a bit rougher since I have more to lose now than I did in the past.

More later.



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