Saturday, August 25, 2007


What does brotherhood mean?
I have alot of people in my life that I consider my brother. How did this come to be?
I’ve spent alot of time thinking about this and it has to do with a bond that transcends friendship.
Some of my “brothers” are family and many of them aren’t. I have a couple of stepbrothers that I don’t really know all that well. I don’t think of them as brothers in the sense of “brotherhood”, yet they are also my brothers.
I just got off the phone with my cousin. My cousin has been my “brother” for so many years now I don’t even really remember exactly when that bond formed. We spoke about self-realization and what it means to make certain choices in our lives and how they affect us. That is the sort of thing that makes he and I brothers.

I have a really good friend in New Jersey that is also like a brother to me. He is part of that bond of brotherhood as well. We don’t see each other often but that bond is there nevertheless. I have friends I’ve met in the Army and some I’ve met in the civilian sector as well that I consider my “brothers”. I’ve even met some people online through the blogosphere or on MySpace. These are my brothers in spirit as well.

I think that brotherhood has alot to do with honor. It has to do with understanding and loyalty.
Woud you take a bullet for them? I know I would. Without hesitation.

This is a subject I plan on returning to probably several times. I haven't nailed it all down yet myself. If you’ve got any insights, feel free to share them.

Have a great day and may you die with your boots on....

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