Thursday, August 23, 2007

Die with your boots on.

Well, I've been reading quite a bit about the UN and teh SPP here in North America. The EU and how we're headed towards a globalized government and our nations will no longer be sovereign nations...well, for the record I have to say...this is basically enslavement. Yeah. They're gonna reduce us to completely subservient people. No pride in our culture or heritage. Fluid borders that really are no longer borders. And of course built on the backs of the average working class citizen. yep.

The problem, folks isn't the EU or the SPP or even the UN. The problem is US, "we the people". We have allowed this to happen to ourselves. What do we do about it? Not much so far since most of us don't have the time to devote to digging beneath the veneer of lies fed to us by the MSM. Why is that? Because we have jobs and we have domestic responsibilities that in this day and age constitute survival. At least for those of us left that have some semblance of pride and a work ethic. We provide the unemployed and the illegal imigrant with health care and services that we have to pay for ourselves. Yep. Don't spin this the wrong way though. If we had people willing to work for lesser wages...yep I said it willing to do what is necessary to survive...namely get their ass of the couch and get a job, however menial it might be, instead of living off the system, maybe we wouldn't have quite the problem with illegals. maybe we would, I'm not an expert and will never claim to be. But the problems we face are of our own making. The Media plays a large part into this...actually it is probably the biggest enemy of the people in my opinion. They bombard us with news coverage of Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith and other trivial BS. If you're lucky you'll get a passing comment about the important issues and even then they're spun in such a way as to deceive you into believing whatever they want you to believe. yep.
I had a discussion about this this morning with a co-worker of mine. And he pointed out several things to me that although I really already knew, I hadn't scrutinized enough. The main thing being the way the media distracts us from the Liberal NWO agenda they have. Another point is this; I generally avoid the leftist media because they piss me off so bad I don't want to even listen to their drivel.
Yet I should be.
As a concerned defender of freedom, I should be paying attention to the "enemy". Not just the enemies at the gates, but the enemy from within. Our whole problem in the west has been one of ignorance. We focus on the things we want to hear or see and what we need to do is pay closer attention to what our enemies are saying and actually work to bebunk the BS.
When I was a young and idealistic fool back in the ol' college days. I was a proponent of peace and all that, but I would never devalue the lives of those that went before me to defend our country and our way of life. I believe that if you want to protest declaring war...sure go for it. But once we, as a country do declare it, we should support our leaders and the servicemembers who sacrifice so much on our behalf. Anything less is treason. Just my 2 cents there. I bet you're wondering where this tangency is leading...
Well, I used to be a more left leaning individual as are many wannabe artists and intellectuals. But I was brought up a bit different from alot of the people I met in college. First of all I am and always will be a "country boy" at heart. I have a bit of redneck in me that try as might to suppress it...I really can't. And through being a soldier and travelling to foreign nations and meeting and interacting with other peoples besides the pseudo-intellectuals I met in college, I came to see the world in a different light.
A more practical, realistic view of the world.
As a result, I have continued to lean further and further to the right politically as as I grow older. For one, I actually look at what happens rather than allow one reporter or journalists views as the absolute truth on any matter. There is alot of truth to the saying, "You can't believe everything you read."
People need a cause. People need something to believe in. All of us do. Sometimes it's as simple as doing all you can for your family. Or for some foks it's staying true to a set of beliefs like Christianity or Islam. To some it is loyalty to their political party, whether it's right or wrong. Everyone needs something to "believe" in. Where I'm going with this is that to think of our society and culture as being intolerant and subject to change to fit the global view is being intolerant of what we, the proletariat really want.
We, the workers, the breadwinners.
I love my country and what it stands for. Period. I don't give a damn where immigrants come from, but DO NOT expect me to speak another language while in my AO. This is my turf and they are the guest. If they want to join us, great. That's what we're all about, but it's not about me changing my ways to fit theirs. If their ways were so much better, they should have stayed put instead of coming here. America is about the freedom of all. But we also have a heritage and a culture all our own. They want to come here and take advantage of our freedom and then do all they can to make America Mexico or the middle east or wherever these folks come from.
When do we say "Enough is enough!?" Wake up America, you're on your way to serfdom. Stop walking around pretending you have a pair, act like it. Show the powers that be that "We the people" are a force to be reckoned with. That we won't bow down to this.
I for one will die with my boots on. I hope you all choose to do the same.

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