Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fiddler's Green

I haven't really found my muse yet...I have a hard time putting something down in writing until I am sure of how I feel about it. I spend alot of time reading various blogs...and books. And I comment only occasionally on the blogs because I can't bring myself to voice an uninformed opinion. Maybe it's just my silly pride...I don't know. But I feel that before I go shouting my displeasure or voicing support for a postion, I ought to know what in the hell I'm talking about.

This entry is actually about a poem that among U.S. Cavalry troopers is a part of our history and heritage. The author is unknown.


Halfway down the trail to Hell in a shady meadow green
Are the souls of all dead troopers camped near a good old time canteen
and this eternal resting place is known as Fiddler's Green

Marching past straight through to Hell the Infantry are seen
Accompanied by the Engineers, Artillery and Marine
For none but the shades of Cavalrymen dismount at Fiddler's Green

Though some go curving down the trail to seek a warmer scene
No Cavalryman ever gets to Hell ere he's emptied his canteen
And so rides back to drink again with friends at Fiddler's Green

And so when man and horse go down beneath a sabre keen
Or in a roaring charge of fierce melee you stop a bullet clean
And the hostiles come to get you scalp just empty your canteen
And put your pistol to your head
And go to Fiddler's Green

I spent little more than 3 years as a Cavalry Trooper. They were, bar none, the happiest most rewarding years of my life.
I truly believe that being a trooper is a state of mind. It defined me. I was a Trooper and very proud of it. I pushed myself harder and accomplished more than I ever had before. I'm not going to go into the circumstances surrounding my transferring into the signal corps...
In a nutshell, I suddenly realized I had a family and putting myself behind enemy lines wasn't exactly a good way to support a family. The irony is, of course, that I no longer have a family...well I am not married and I have no kids. My ex-wife and I never got that far.

I've been out of the Army for 4 years now and I've worked a variety of less than pleasant jobs prior to getting my foot in the door at the local Fort. I have been here about a year and a half now and I'm glad to be serving albeit in a different role. I worked for a couple of years as a bouncer and a Bartender at a local bar here and since we're close to post, I saw alot of soldiers come through the doors. I've even met quite a few guys that did some time in the Cav. And, as a trooper myself, I always ask them the same thing.
"Can you recite Fiddler's Green?"
None of them could except one guy knew a verse and some change....
Seems to me things are changing for the Cav, the Army has been trying to do away with the proud cav tradition for quite some time. When you look at how they changed the Army headgear to the Black Beret...so everyone would feel special...sickening.
Although I miss being a Scout Trooper, I am glad I left the service when I did, while I still had pride in myself and my unit and my Army.

I was/am proud of having served as a trooper. I hear all the time people saying "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" I believe the same holds true for the Cav. I will always be a trooper in my heart.

Scouts Out!

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