Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Achievements of the human heart

I just read this dispatch from Michael Yon.
I have to admit in reading the letter from LTC Crider I found myself missing my cavalry brothers more than ever. This letter was written to the families and friends of 1-4 CAV back here in the states, but ever American should read it. It is testimonials like these of the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make and the positive effects of their presence that is brushed aside in our Mainstream Media.

I am fully aware that the troopers or their families may never read my blog...I'm just a small fish in a really big pond, but I am still going to take the time to say:

To the families of those brave troopers, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

I was a member of the Ist cavalry regiment of dragoons out of Alaska many moons ago and our credo was "Animo et Fide"...Courage and Faith.
To the troopers of 1-4 CAV, reamin true to your comrades...and Scout's Out!

To the fallen; SPC Braden J. Long, SPC Rodney Johnson and SSG Courtney Hollinsworth...
May we meet someday at Fiddler's Green. Godspeed brothers.

In case the link to the dispatch doesn't work on the title, here it is:

Do yourself a favor and investigate the other side of what's going on in Iraq...and maybe you'll even be inspired by what our Army is capable of and is continuing to do.

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