Sunday, October 14, 2007

HMABC Fall 3D Shoot

Well, it's a week after the fact, but I'm finally gonna give a report on the 2-day shoot that the Bow club hosted last weekend.
My neighbor Mike and our friend John and myself went out last Friday and set up camp in Gardener canyon in Sonoita, AZ. The shoot didn't start til Saturday morning, but we wanted to go camp out and be able to just get up and start hiking and shooting. It was a good time.

Mike taking aim....

John trying to show us how it's done...

Just me trying desperately not to break any more arrows...

Well, we ended up spending Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning camped was awesome. It really helped that I got no cell phone service so it was a nice quiet weekend.
John's wife came out and kept score for us. Manuela was a real trooper since she doesn't really do the archery thing, but she stuck it out and was a real help. She also made some great Quesadillas!
Anywho, none of us did real spectacular as far as our scores went, but then again, we just went to have fun. I broke 2 arrows and lost 3....kind of expensive for me, but maybe if I actually practiced more often these things wouldn't happen. I think I'm actually ok as far as aiming and so are we all, but the judging distance thing is difficult...sometimes I just misjudge a distance enough that I totally shoot over or under a target...usually over. Seems they rarely look closer than they are but more often seem farther than they are...maybe that's just me.
Well, that's it. Just wanted to share.

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