Friday, October 26, 2007

The problem with big government

I get really disgusted with bipartisan politics in this country.
Yeah, I know most of you all do as well. It's sickening that it's all about which party is power. Why is it we can't just focus on the things that we agree on and always on the things we disagree on...and why do we feel a need to disagree simply because we are of a different party membership?

I think that most people who claim to be liberals are in fact conservatives that just don't know any better. I think that the rank and file of our country espouse the same basic values...Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What it all comes down to is that the modern liberal politician is in fact socialist...not democratic. WHat does this mean exactly? Well, let's see if I can make some sense of this.

First of all, the role of Gov't in our domestic affairs is really the issue here. Alot of so-called liberals are for the gov't to control every aspect of our lives. They attack conservatives because we don't think the gov't should be filling alot of roles it is now. The individual power of the state has declined and the power of the national government has increased a hundred fold.

If people really shared the values they seem to think us conservatives don't share by not supporting new legislation mandating government funding for welfare programs and healthcare for kids, maybe the independent support groups and local governements should have more of a role. Why should my federal taxdollars go to a program that helps people not anywhere near me. Wouldn't my taxdollars be more appropriately spent on helping out my own suffering community? What has traditionally made America a great nation is the focus on individual liberties. Socialist programs only serve to reward those who won't contribute. The financial security and the general wellbeing of the lazy is paid for by those of us who work to better ourselves and it becomes increasingly more difficult when we shoulder the burden of supporting programs for those that should...and could be doing the same thing. I have to pay for my own home and all the bills associated with it. I also have to pay for my own benefits, albeit it is easier with my job that helps to ease the strai of providing it wholly on my own...but, I am working and as a result I earn them. It seems in our quest to leave no child behind and let no one be homeless, etc. the workking class citizen is increasingly burdened with the responsibility to provide for the lazy.
Now, let's quantify this properly. I'm not saying that I don't care about kids and homeless folks. i do in fact care very much about them. In fact I have and will continue to help good people in need sometimes by inviting them into my home and giving them a safe place to live while they get back on their feet. Alot of people think that I'm crazy for doing so. That's their opinion, but my point is this, if the individual would be more charitable, would it be as necessary for there to be so many federal programs?
Ok, I know some may try to use the argument that there are legitimate impoverished with no feasible way to make ends meet. This is true...there are also situations such as with the fires in southern california ... disasters that the individual has no control over. Bad things do happen to people. That's what insurance is for, that is when a community and in this case the nation bands together to help them get back on their feet. This is, of course, in the best interests of our nation as a whole to help out our comrades in other states. The idea is not to be indifferent, but to really examine the issue of where and how the needy should be helped. I rely on the federal government to protect the borders of my country and to keep us safe from foreign invaders. I rely on them to provide the oversight necessary when 2 states have a disagreement and in some cases to uphold the consitution that binds us together...I do not expect the federal government to pay for my healthcare or to ensure I have enough to eat.
each level of government in this country ahs a role and the federal governement has risen above it's role and has become to big to indefinitely sustain the rate new programs are created and funded and more beaureuctratic bull***t is added to our government, the more it costs us as taxpayers...the question this good for us as a people? is this good for our nation? In my humble it's not. What do we as a people do to fix this. The obvious rift between not only our government and our military that enforces the decisions of them, but also the ordinary citizen from the government is increasing at a rapid pace.
The biggest culprit is the Mainstream Media. Why is it more important to see stories on celebrities than to see stories about affairs that effect our nation and security of our people. What happened to the pride in our country and what it stands for? We are a nation of many races and colors and creeds, but the one universal creed we all share that is in fact the most important is our constitution. In our blind arrogance, we've committed atrocities to our own indigenous populations and to many of the immigrants coming here to make a better life. But.
Today, we've made great strides in actually living in a society where it doesn't truly matter what color, gender or religious background you have. And it's about to fall apart because the political elite don't seem to think it's citizens/constituents have the intelligence or the goodwill to do the right thing or to take care of themselves. they think we, the masses need to be shepherded and corralled. what arrogance!!!
If you've spent any time here on this blog at all, you know how I feel about that. I believe in being charitable and I believe in the rights of all people to enjoy freedom. But it must be earned.
There is no such thing as a free lunch, and any working class joe will tell you that.

I don't have all the answers, in fact far from it. Anyone who says they do is full of s**t.
But there are some who have an answer or a few and together maybe we can make sense out of this. But the reality is our Federal gov't is broken. It needs an overhaul. Let's go back to the constitution and the bill of rights. there are so may ridiculous laws on the books that are unconstitutional. repeal them and start from scratch.
Can't we agree on one thing at least?
my 2 cents.


Fafnir's Hangnail said...

Hold on to your hats, as I am not going to argue with you on this one. However, I do think there are some other points that need to be addressed that you missed or just glazed over.

We no longer live in a true democracy. It is arguable if we ever did. What we ARE living in is a plutocratic republic. Let me explain for those who do not understand. In a constitutional republic, the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over its citizens. So far so good. However, all of our representatives are rich. Every single one of them. Mjolnir or I wouldn’t stand a chance in an election for the presidential bid because we do not have the cash to finance, or buy, an election. So, our elected officials are plutocrats, down to the last junior rep in the House. I won’t dwell here, but here is a link with some more info for those who want to dig a little more…

What I think would do the USA some good would be to set term limits to the House and Senate similar to what we have for the Presidency. Get some fresh blood in there instead of people trying to build bigger empires and fiefdoms than what they already have. Of course, re-writing the books would also be nice, but I think we have a better chance of setting term limits than going back to square one.

On to your point about socialism. It isn’t a bad thing that the Gov’t wants to make sure that all children get the same basic education, or vaccinations, or that they all have basic heath rights. Some of these things should be standard across the board as basic privileges as citizens. When people start to abuse these privileges (like those who insist on living on welfare or unemployment for years on end), take them away.

Some of the things we should expect big Gov’t to do is: solidify and secure our borders; ensure that States do not enact laws that infringe on the rights of their citizens; ensure that you don’t need to take out a second mortgage just to go see a doctor, have an operation or to get a prescription; provide a well trained and equipped armed forces to protect the nation; provide a quality education through basic college or technical school. However, Big Gov’t is too busy lining it’s pockets with pork to work real issues. They are just as bad as some of the very serious and dangerous issues facing the nation.

We are already a welfare state, and our civil liberties are slowly being taken away. There are many reasons for this, however let me present one you haven’t covered: Our freedom to sue everyone for anything. Part of the reason the “political elite”, as you call them, feel we don’t have the intelligence to go forth and do good things is that, well, we don’t. Oh, I’m not defending them, but think about all the frivolous lawsuits that are tossed around. Sue this fast food joint because I burned my mouth on coffee, sue these people because I broke a leg breaking into their house, sue this company because they didn’t tell me not to use the blow-dryer and toaster while taking a bath. If we could rein this in and make the system exert some personal responsibility – part of what the Constitution is supposed to provide for – then maybe we would have more freedoms. However, until we no longer have to live at the level of the irresponsible masses, that isn’t going to happen.

As for the media….Well I’m not going to get started with this one today. Let’s just suffice to say I firmly believe they focus on all the wrong things.

Anonymous said...

To you both - we NEVER were a democracy. That is a myth. We are a "Federated Republic" with democratic processes, hence the Electoral College, States Rights, et al.

I recommend reading The Heritage Foundation's First Principals articles or reading the Federalist Papers - you know the articles Madison, Jay and Hamilton wrote to promote and gain acceptance of the Constitution.

Truly, though, we are headed toward socialism everyday in the country – every time we give up a liberty for a larger good. Helmet laws, seatbelt laws, DWI laws, … when some government “official” sitting in some cubicle has say over my life – I am not free. Life Liberty and Happiness are our only “rights” as defined in the constitution. The “right” to education, healthcare, abortions…those words are NOT in the document – I assure you.

We can decide to change. The '08 election is that opportunity. And, making a difference locally is an opportunity. I appreciate the anger and frustration in your words - I feel it too sometimes. So, turn it around and make your voice heard by others. I am sure your town has council meetings, or there is a conservative group in your area. Contact the Heritage Foundation and they will point you to resources.

God Bless America, Land That I Love. HHS-VLW :)