Monday, October 15, 2007

Richardson...pull your head out of your fourth point of contact...

This is kind of short notice here...but I was reading this article and it really got my blood boiling...
What is with the damn dhimmicrats anyway?
This from presidential hopeful Bill Richardson:

"Taking our troops out is the only way I believe that we can forge a diplomatic solution and political compromise," the New Mexico governor said. "The reason I believe we need to take all our troops out is because our kids have become targets. They're caught in the crossfire between al-Qaida and the insurgents."

WTF? over...

If these nutjobs would pay attention to guys like Michael Yon, they'd know that the Iraqi's respect our military far more than our politicians. In fact they have absolutely no faith in our government. And why should they? We've got politicians HOPING to make a bid for the power and all these yahoos trying to tell the Iraqis how they should run their government...we can't agree on the color of the daggum sky...why should they take our government seriously?
I think every American would like to see the troops come home. I really do, but under the right circumstances. Cut and Run is not the right circumstance. Let the folks over there do their job, support them, don't deny them the funds and the gear they need. And to that end, why all of the sudden a push to alienate our only Muslim member of NATO that also happens to be a logistical hub for our efforts in the ME? Damn Dhimmicrats know no limits.

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