Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone You Should Know

This is SGT. Philip Shratwieser.

He is currently deployed to the sandbox with the 112th INF

I've just come into contact with SGT Shratwieser in the last couple of days. Our moms were good friends when we were just young uns' and we barely rememebred each other. But I was quite proud of the way ol' Philip turned out. God Bless you brother.

Here's an Anecdote from his Facebook:

We visited 5 schools and an empty "playground" today. Anyone who wants to send a package, now would be a good time. Thanks. Some of the schools were already dismissed. THe others had older boys not interested in candy and dolls. I walked past this one classroom and there didn't seem to be a teacher, however there was this one little girl standing up front pretending to be the teacher I think. She was lecturing the kids and pretending to be mean. I've seen several kids get wacked with a stick or in the back of the head with a book by teachers here. Anyway, I stepped in and they all started giggling. Made me think kids are the same the world over. I asked if she was the teacher. She said noooo and went to her seat. I asked if anyone spoke english. They all said no. So I walked up to the board and wrote 'hello' to which they all replied "Hello". I said "See, you know english." I wrote 'How are you' and they repeated it. I wrote 'I am fine'. That stumped them. So I wrote a 1 and they all yelled ONE. 2 -TWO, 3 - THREE... I skipped six and wrote 7 but they all yelled SIX. "Ah Gotcha" and they all laughed. I wrote "My name is Philip". I had to leave but came back later and told them it was a pleasure speaking to them and said 'zora?' which is picture. They all smiled.

So what he's trying to do is round up some "stuff" for the kids. "Anything small that can fit in my pocket like little stuffed animals, candy. Also I'd like to give paper, notebooks, pens and pencils."

If you're so inclined to help him out, here's the address where you can send your "stuff".

Sgt. Philip Schratwieser

HHC 2-112th IN


Camp Liberty

APO AE 09344-3005

His facebook is here if you might be interested in being his friend.

Hooah! Sgt.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Braveheart,

Thanks for posting this heartwarming story about one of our own brave soldiers. I loved the photo of the kids and how he spent some time talking to them. I'd love to see more firsthand stories like this one. Bravo!
Well done!