Monday, March 2, 2009

Where are we going? And why am I in this Handbasket?

I'm feeling kind of lost right now.
I'm not sure how to explain it, but a lot of my fellow bloggers have been feeling a similar way to me. And some of my non-blogger friends as well. Something is brewing, something big is happening and I can feel it.

I find myself becoming more and more secretive and less open about what is bothering me in this country. I know I am probably on the watch list for my pro-American views.
So, although I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, but I am becoming more wary.

Recently three soldiers; a 1st LT, a SPC and a retired General have become plaintiffs on a case to force our new president to prove his citizenship status. I recently posted a video that I saw over at Sipsey Street Irregulars by a Marine who has had to go anonymous for fear of being punished that basically is saying there is a resistance brewing within the military itself. I am not surprised. What surprises me is that more have not spoken up. Why have only 3 soldiers stepped up to the plate? I can tell you why. Most fear persecution or are flat out snowballed. How is it we've gone so far down the rabbit hole? Why is it that even our loyal soldiers don't even know the constitution? The document they've sworn to defend with their lives.

How do we nip this revolution in the butt before it becomes something worse? How do we convince the domestic enemies of our great nation that they have it wrong? How do we make them see the light? At what point did we decide to exchange our freedom and liberty for security? Americans have historically been self-reliant and beholden to none. Our constitution is our declaration of the inherent rights of all free men. It does not grant us rights, it guarantees the God-given rights we all have as human beings. At what point did we forget this? Why does it seem to me that the further along we go, the more rights we give up. Our citizens have been dumbed down and kept ignorant. We've been distracted by entertainment, movies, sports, video games, TV. We're constantly being guilted into believing things by the leftist establishment. They appeal to our emotions rather than to reason. They tell us we need to act on things without telling us the real story. Our congress passed the largest spending bill in history recently without anyone even reading the document because we are in such a crisis that action not deliberation is needed. I just can't believe that our people allowed this to happen. As I recall, most citizens did not want the bill to go through. Not because we don't want our country to prosper, but delaying the inevitable at the expense of our grandchildren is not acceptable to us. There have been a multitude of factors that contributed to our recent economic recession. There is no one culprit. But at the root of it all is unbridled greed coupled with government interference. Why must we, the people, tighten our belts while the government lavishes itself in luxury? These ridiculous 'tax cuts' for the majority of us is offensive. They imply that I am ignorant. It shows a snobbery of our 'elected officials' that we the unwashed masses don't know what's best for ourselves, our kith and kin.

As if they had any clue themselves. They're playing with real money. This isn't Sim City or Sim Nation. This is real people's lives and existence. But they think they can spend without repercussion? Right now we're looking at an increasing control of government over the economy. Our march toward socialism just picked up a double-time. The lack of confidence of the private sector in our government is quite telling. I have never personally seen times such as these. When there is a possibility of the only shopping mall for 70 miles shutting down, that disturbs me. If it weren't for the military post next door, Sierra Vista would already be a ghost town. And perhaps it will be in a few years, if we continue down this path.

Suffice to say I am less than thrilled about the way things are going.

How telling is it that 10 states have introduced or passed bills asserting their sovereignty according to the 10th amendment to the constitution? What about Idaho being even more specific and singling out the 2nd amendment? During the Heller vs. DC case, the Montana Lawyers Association declared that any decision by the SCOTUS that restricted the 2nd amendment would nullify their treaty with the Federal Government and they threatened secession over this. Need I remind our fellow citizens that are ignorant of their own history, that the Revolution that founded this country was waged by men who saw the dangers and acted peremptorily to insure that they would not become slaves? And these are men that everyone seems to admire, yet their actions, when compared to what us so-called 'gun-nuts' and 'fringe conservatives' are saying are worlds apart and the actions of our forefathers would today breed contempt from the leftist majority in this country.

I have had a lot of things running through my mind the last month or so…basically since the administration was ushered in with so much fanfare. As time goes on, my thoughts have become even darker than before. For many of us, our fears are being realized much sooner than even we anticipated. At what point to we stand up and say "enough is enough"?

You know it's bad when I go to Gallery of Guns to shop for a new pistol or shotgun...heck even a hunting rifle, and there are none in stock. Out of the thousands of models to choose from, maybe one in a hundred are in stock, and usually only one or two at that. Good luck trying to find anything affordable. And good luck finding exactly what you're looking for.

I've been looking for a good pistol grip shotgun for home defense. Something that is maneuverable. I have a beautiful Beretta 12 gauge Over/Under. But it's a hunting gun, in particular a bird gun, and it has a very long barrel…not easy to maneuver in close spaces, such as my home. I don't even own a pistol anymore, so I have been shopping for a .45ACP that I can afford. Something concealable. Even on the low end, price-wise, there is nothing available. I can't afford to fork over $1000-$2000 for a pistol. I'm just not that wealthy. And ammo…there's one store in town that manages to keep a lot of ammo of the most sought after calibers in stock, but again, it is becoming prohibitively expensive. And it's due entirely to a mass demand that can't seem to be met. I have to console myself with buying a few boxes on payday and hope it'll be enough when I actually need to use it. Notice I said when, not if.

Things are getting kinda scary folks. Let's hope we can keep the beast at bay before we have to resort to violence to regain all we've lost, just like our forefathers did.
Keep your powder dry and Die with your boots on...

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