Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the hells' going on in Alabama?

Posse Comitatus my ass. Listen, I am certainly not into Martial Law, but let's face it folks there is a WAR going on on the border. Mexico has deployed thousands of troops to combat the drug cartels. And is it any wonder the people seem to be happier with the cartels than the gov? Why? Cause the Gov can't keep them safe. we're sending MORE troops to Afghanistan...but we're afraid to send troops to defend our own borders from terrorist drug cartels that are using military hardware against the Mexican government...and even against our own border agents.

Yeah. well....whadda ya gonna do? Can't infringe on the drug dealers civil rights by actually shooting them. God forbid. What would La Raza think?

I'm sick of this shit. Truly disgusted. Y'know people down here on the AZ border aren't afraid of guns. most of us own several. We even know how to use them. But when a private citizen whose property actualy is on the international border with Mexico is constantly in court defending his civil rights for protecting his land and his property, what sort of message is the US justice system sending to our private citizens?

There will be an accounting before too long. Wait and see. The current administration wants open borders and yet wants to disarm the public. Using this civil unrest in Mexico as an excuse. Where do you think the guns come from that the cartels are using? Oh and the hand grenades and rockets? Not at your local gunshow or gun shop. In what world does htis make any sense? Disarming the populace because criminals are recieving stolen military hardware...from the US? Where do the damn guns come from? military armories maybe? Arms trafficking occurs all over the world and we are no exception. Just because customs and border patrol can't stop every shipment of illegal arms coming and going does not entitle the feds to take away more inherent rights of the people. And quite frankly I don't see most military that would be activated to patrol the border following an illegal order to sieze weapons from civilians. will it happen, probably in some instances, but most would refuse.

I would bet most Marines or Soldiers would rather have an armed veteran tipping them off or covering their ass if necessary. And there are plenty of us armed veterans on the border.

And if I am wrong...then just bear this in mind...and I'm sure most would agree with me:

"...from my cold dead hands..."

Die with your boots on...


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