Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Will you die with your boots on?

When I started this blog, I didn't really know where it was going, but there were a few major issues that I intended on focusing on. Of course, since it is MY blog, I post whatever the hell I want. Thank God for free speech.
I used to hate politics, mainly because I always hated politicians. I've grown a little older, and only slightly wiser, of course that's open to debate I'm sure, but I have come to understand that the things I grew up believing in were paid for by the blood of my betters. And as time goes on I've also come to the realization that despite the illusion of freedom we've got in this country, it's still the best damn country in the world. But we're on a road to enslavement. And we're going there willingly.
I spend more time reading what others have written than writing anything myself. It's easier to get a sense of the temperament of the people when you read the comments on various subjects, which, in itself is a learning experience.
I've seen a lot of unrest in the blogosphere of late, moreso even than during the presidential campaign. And it is quite understandable. What really pisses me off, and no matter how much I try not to let the trolls get to me, I can't help but get angered by anonymous posters that degrade and demonize without any valid critique of what's being posited. Although, one particular anonymous troll on one of the sites I was reading made me stop and think, which is why I'm writing this particular entry. The troll wanted to know where we dissenters have been all these years, and why now? Well, that was, of course, meant to be a condescending criticism of us as a group. But who are we all really? We are all individuals with a legitimate grievance who for the first time are able to find like minded individuals from all over the world, not just this nation. And we can communicate instantaneously. That is why, IMHO we are just now starting to rise up and speak with a somewhat unified voice, even if it is in it's infancy. Also, we're not all constitutional scholars, and although it would be nice to think we all should be, here in America, it just simply isn't the case. Many people are only now beginning to realize how much we really don't know about who we are supposed to be. We've been living in ignorance and the blinders are now off. We're making a concerted effort to educate ourselves and share information with our fellow patriots.

We're getting back to our roots.

Where do we go from here? That seems to be the overriding question of late. What are our options now? Some of us still have faith in a peaceful return to freedom. I'm not so sure that's gonna work. And a lot of folks seem sure that it will become a violent civil war. That's entirely possible. What's the problem? Our elected officials can't seem to grasp that what made America great was our self-reliance and our will to get things done despite the odds. It seems that half the country thinks the federal government can fix anything if you just throw enough money at a problem. Well, the rest of us don't buy that line. None of us alive today ever saw a small government influence. We can read about what Americans accomplished when government interference was relatively small, but none of us have actually ever experienced it. But we have experienced the major blunders of a large federal government, and students of history can point to where we're headed if we continue down the path…which we seem to be galloping down at this point.

Personal responsibility and a charitable spirit are the cornerstones of a successful America. Not a nanny-state.

Our family units have devolved and at best our loyalties for most of us are to a small nuclear family and/or our social circles. We are at appoint in our history where our loyalties need to be stronger than ever and our kinships strong. If not, we will fail. It's just that simple.

So, where are we going? What sort of American are you? And what are our options? These are very tough questions for most people, but they are questions that we absolutely must ask ourselves and decide where we stand. How long will you tolerate a tyrannical government before you say enough! Will you turn over your guns? Will you tolerate impostition on your rights to free speech? Will you tolerate being taxed to death? Where is the breaking point? For some it was reached long ago. For most, I think we're standing on that edge, just waiting to be pushed off…but will you be prepared for the inevitable? Or will you be a footnote of a footnote in the history books? If you're even mentioned at all. Even collectively.

Think about it.

And as always….Die with your boots on…


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You go, Braveheart! An eloquent speech!