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I came across a very touching story from the father of an Australian Soldier who is deployed to Iraq. H/T:Pam Gellar at Atlas Shrugs.

There is probably no other nation on this earth that is closer to us than Australia and for good reason. We have very similar histories and a common ancestry.

God bless them all.

From an Australian whose son is in Iraq (hat tip Dave)


I am an Australian and my son is an Australian - as far as we are concerned there is not place on God's earth better than Australia , and there are no people better than Australians.
That was until the past week or so.
My son is in the Australian Army and he is currently on deployment in Iraq . I can not go into his duties in great depth, but shall we say that he and his fellow army buddies are on a glorified guard duty looking after the Australian Embassy. They don't go out looking for "action", though it is a different story in Afghanistan , there the Aussie troops chase the baddies over the hills and into the valleys..
My son and I just ended a long 'phone conversation and here are some of his comments, believe me this is what he said. We have all seen the bullshit emails written by some clown in his lounge room pretending to be at the coal face, but this is what was said.:

"Before I came over here I thought we (the Australian Army) were pretty shit hot..... was I ever wrong!....The Yanks (I hope you don't mind me using that word) are so professional from the top to the bottom that it is almost embarrassing to be in their company, and to call yourself a soldier....don't get me wrong, we are good at what we do but the Yanks are so much better.....they are complete at what they do, how they do it and their attitude is awesome....they don't complain they just get on with the job and they do it right.....I carry a Minimi (SAW) so I am not real worried about a confrontation but I tell you I feel safer just knowing that the US Army is close by....If we got into trouble I know that our boys would come running and we could deal with it but they would probably be passed by a load of Hummers. No questions asked, no glory sought, the Americans would just fight with us and for us because that is their nature, to protect those in need of protection.....We use the American Mess so you could say that we are fed by the Americans.....they have every right to be pissed at that but they don't bitch about that they just make us feel as welcome as possible....what gets to me is that the Yanks don't walk around with a "we are better than you attitude" and they could because they are, they treat us as equals and as brothers in arms. If nothing else, coming here has taught me that the Americans are a truly great Nation and a truly great bunch of people.....Let's face it they don't HAVE to be here, they could stay in America and beat the shit out of anyone who threatened them, BUT THEY ARE HERE because they believe they should be here, and the Iraqis would be screwed if they weren't here.....When I come home, you and I we are going to the US, we will buy some bikes and we are going riding...."

The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I realize that you (as a nation) must get pretty pissed with all the criticism you receive by the so-called "know it alls" who are sitting at home - safe. The reality is that they are safe, just as I am, because of America . If the world went arse up tomorrow there is f**k all we ( Australia ) could do about it, but I know that the Americans would be there putting themselves on the line for others. That to me is the sign of greatness.
The most precious thing in my life is my son, I look at him and I thank God that I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time in his company. We laugh, we discuss, we argue, we dummy spit, we have the same blood. I am not happy that he is where he is but that is his duty. He joined the Army to protect and to defend, not to play games. I mightn't like it but I accept it. My reasons for not liking it are selfish and self centered. I felt assured that he would be safe because he is in a well trained army with an excellent record, BUT NOW, I feel a whole lot better knowing that he is with your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.
Whilst he was growing up. I was always there to look after him, I would not let harm befall him and I would always put myself before him to protect him. I can't do that now. When it comes to looking after him now he and his mates will do the job, but also THANK GOD FOR AMERICA.
Gentlemen, I have rambled on for too long. but as I finish I say to you, as a foreigner and outsider, a nation is only a collection of its people and its attitude is the attitude of its people, collectively and as individuals. I am really glad you are here on this Earth and I respect you as a nation and as people.
Stand up and feel proud because you deserve it, there is no one else who will do what America does without question. The next time someone howls you down, take some comfort in the fact that America is defending their right to act like an idiot.
Finally, thank you for looking after my son.
Peter Turner


Natalie Rosen said...

I would be glad to comment on your comment to me. I must think about things for a bit and then write a cogent reply after that. Just perusing things quickly, your posts seem rather agressive and militaristic. I am not a pacifist by any means so let me read a few of your posts more in depth and I can form a better reply and respond as to the nature of my philosophy which is always a work in progress!

Joanne said...

I posted a link to your blog over at Iraq the Model - this letter is much appreciated. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I know that the vast majority of US military men and women serving in Iraq will be grateful to know of your son's comments. Having served in the US Air Force during the War Games of South East Asia (known formally as the Viet Nam War) where the US "leadership" (johnson and mcnamara) refused to allow the US military to fight that as a war and to win, it is gratifying to know that President Bush, once he sent those brave souls into combat, allows them to take the actions necessary to win.

I hope it will continue to be the aim of the US military personnel to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and if it proves to be superior to that of others, that they refrain from any comparison of abilities and where they are able, to pass on what skills and abilities that they see lacking in others. NOT so they can claim any recognition, but so that such additional information passed on to their comrades in arms may benefit them both and the objective of their mission.

We see far too much in the MSM (mainstream media) that is a total distortion of the reality of the situation in Iraq that it becomes amazing that those men and women who's lives are constantly in danger can face yet another day. The, US political party, democrats are constantly whining about "bring the troops home". Their whine has a two fold purpose. To cause the efforts, in Iraq, of President Bush to fail, and to create enough deaths of US personnel that the US public will demand an end to the war. They have no concern that their real purposes will be brought to the attention of the US public, as the MSM is in bed with the democrats and other leftist groups.

The islamofascists want an unstable Iraq so they, with the aide of Iran, build a home base for more terrorist attacks across the world. If the MSM would provide to the US public and hopefully it would be spread world wide, the aim of the group, the muslim brotherhood, the coddling and constant bowing to islamic cult gripes would cease immediately.

The aim of the islamic cult via the muslim brotherhood is basically world conquest. To force the islamic cult onto every human on the planet. Of course, they do allow an "out", you can die. The islamic cult claims that any land previously under the control of the islamic cult remains their domain.

Last week a saudi cleric gave the most revealing comment about why the muslim cult is dead set against democracy and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech, and thus thought, could cause people to question the basis of the islamic cult and thus seek other religions. It's ironic that this fool didn't realize the core fact that he put forth, there is so much hollowness to the islamic cult that when one begins to question the truthfulness of what is contained in the koran, they will see that there is much that has no basis im fact. The one that the islamic cult fears being questioned the most is murdering in the name of Allah. Christians have learned and believe that GOD does not wish man to kill and claim that as a right into HEAVEN. Killing by man is a last resort to Christians, to muslims it is almost an obligation.

The civilized world MUST wake up to this very real and ongoing threat to our civilization posed by the muslimc cult. A strong military which can eliminate the bases of the islamofascists is absolutely essential. Presidents Reagan and both Bushs recognized the requirement. Following the debacle of the attempt to rescue the US hostages in Iran in 1980 under the peanut brain's occupancy of the White House, the US military began to restructure and rebuild under Reagan. What most liberals and all anti_Americans ignore is the fact that the vast majority of military personnel do NOT want to fight. What they want is to present the image of a military that is so strong, efficient and effective that any reasonable man/government will choose to cease its hostile ways instead of continuing to provoke the US. This is what your son has seen. The effects of the training, the equipment and the will to fight for what is right. As long as these are kept at the top, the US will be able, with the courageous aide of nations such as Australia, to continue on in this endeavor. it cannot and should not be done alone. It is the duty of all freedom loving, and not mouthing, but in actions, people to stand up and reject the efforts of tyrants such as hussein, gadafhi, chavez, castro, il, ahmadinejad and these lunatic "mullahs" of the islamic cult, to control the world in the name of communism or the islamic cult, etc.

When the nation's media stands WITH the nation's military in such efforts and not against and in support of such terrorists and terrorist groups, we will have taken a significant step in the right direction. But when the media works at odds to the efforts of the military, for purely partisan political reasons, they place not only the lives of the military personnel, but their own lives and the survival of their nation at risk. Most are simply too stupid to comprehend this fact.


Kenneth C. Harrell
North Carolina, USA

Anonymous said...

Followed a link from ITM and Just wanted to say thanks for the letter. I intend to forward it to my son, USA INF, just back from east Bagdad a couple months ago. Thank your son for HIS service and support


Mjolnir said...

To all of you out there, thank you for visiting my blog and showing suport for all of our troops...even our Aussie cousins.
I have posted a link to ITM in my links area.
Come back anytime!