Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Muslims Leaving Islam In Droves

Well, I am a bit skeptical of this, but I sure hope this is a continuing trend. If this is true, there may be hope for us yet =)

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Friday, 4 April 2008

Muslims Leaving Islam In Droves

Andrew Walden writes at Pajamas Media:

Pope Benedict’s choice to publicly baptize the most prominent Muslim in Italy, Egyptian-born Magdi Allam, highlights a quiet worldwide exodus from Islam. In recent years, millions have moved on. With this high-profile action, Pope Benedict demonstratively blesses this massive conversion from the highest levels of the Church.
Interviewed by
al-Jazeera in 2006, Ahmad al-Qataani, leader of the Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, explains the decline:

Islam used to represent … Africa’s main religion and there were 30 African

languages that used to be written in Arabic script. The number of Muslims in Africa has

diminished to 316 million, half of whom are Arabs in North Africa. So in the section of

Africa that we are talking about, the non-Arab section, the number of Muslims does not

exceed 150 million people. When we realize that the entire population of Africa is one

billion people, we see that the number of Muslims has diminished greatly from what it

was in the beginning of the last century.

On the other hand, the number of Catholics has increased from one million in 1902 to

329 million 882 thousand (329,882,000). Let us round off that number to 330 million in

the year 2000.

As to how that happened, well there are now 1.5 million churches whose congregations

account for 46 million people. In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity.

Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims

convert to Christianity. These numbers are very large indeed.

The whole article can be found here: New English Review

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